College as Told by Young and Hungry

Not only is the show hilarious, but the name in itself describes lives of college students.  As college students we struggle to stay fed, keep a job or find one, and find the love of our lives.

10.  When you go out with friends and one guy convinces another one to go to the bar so you can have your chance with her.


9. We love to give friends and others advice even though it may not always be welcomed.


8. Jam out session with friends while cooking.


7. When you see the man of your dreams and he doesn’t notice you.


6. When theres a guy that likes you but catches you kissing someone else.

YOUNG & HUNGRY - "Young & Thirty (and Getting Married)" - Josh and Caroline's wedding is unexpectedly moved up and everyone is freaking out for very different reasons in the summer finale episode of ABC Family's original comedy "Young & Hungry," airing on Wednesday, August 27th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. (ABC FAMILY/Adam Taylor) JONATHAN SADOSWKI


Sarah Dawidowicz

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