Why Choosing TAMUC Is the Greatest Decision You’ll Ever Make

TAMUC better known as Texas A&M University-Commerce to the outer public. yet to the students here in Commerce we like to refer to it as “The Dirty Merce”, “Merce Vegas”, and “No Mercy Texas”. Well if these cool nicknames aren’t enough to convience you that choosing TAMUC will be the greatest decision that you will probably ever make, I have a couple more things that you would like to know about this East Texas school.


In college, sports is kind of a big deal especially in Texas. Here at A&M Commerce we are proud to say that our football team is Back-to-back Conference Champions with the intention of making this title 3-Time conference champions on their way to the National Championship for Division II schools. Yet football isn’t the only team that has some bling to show off. Our men’s track team just came back from Colorado with a new title of back-to-back champions as well. Oh let me not forget our women’s soccer team also has two rings of their very own. So I guess that you could say owning two rings is kind of contagious around here.

football champs

Greek Life

Though it may be small it is mighty. Our Greek life that is. Even though we only have four Panhellenic sororities, four IFC fraternities, five NPHC sororities, and four NPHC fraternities, as well as one Multicultural council sorority and one Multicultural fraternity. On paper we seem small yet next to athletics, we show up and show out. We travel deep in all school functions and we are open with everybody on campus, Greek or non, our Greek community supports everyone. Being a part of any one of our frats or sorority is a great decision that you could possibly make once you come to Commerce. Greek life gets you involved in intramurals, campus organizations, and leadership roles just to name a few.

greek lifeCampus Life

Being a small campus actually makes a life a little bit more simple for the college student attending A&M Commerce. Since the campus is relatively small you can walk to your class in a matter a five minutes at the most no matter where you are coming from. When I started my freshman year in 2013 Commerce was the definition of a small school yet three years later word has gotten out about how we are the most affordable university in the A&M school system and of course our athletics. But back to campus life! Since Commerce is basically a walking campus you are able to see what is going on as you walk through campus. Whether is music on the yard at the student center, an organization giving out free t-shirts and snacks in the cross-roads or the library giving out something free, you are able to be a part of that.


Student Unity

I feel like any college is going to help you find people that you will grow closer to over time, yet that is just you and those select people not the whole campus. In the past two years I have seen this campus become closer over one sad tragedy. A couple of summers ago our school lost two valuable players of the women’s basketball team. They also left their mark in the personal lives of the students and staff here in Commerce. As soon as we were able to make it back to campus a candle light vigil was held in Devin and Aubrey’s honor. But the honoring didn’t stop there, in the athletic tutoring center two rooms were dedicated to each athlete and their jerseys were retired at the beginning of  basketball season. A movement like this will be remembered for years to come.

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Angie Carmouche

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