Why I Choose Not To Go Out In Public With My Family

Every young person believes that they have the most embarrassing family known to man. In my opinion, my family is fun and completely easy going only when they are behind closed doors. Take them out in public, and you will understand why I choose not to tag along on our family outings. It is not when we are all together in public. My family members only act up so to say when it is just me and that one family member.

Mommy Dearest

My mom is the cutest old lady with the sassiest mouth. She loves her music and her favorite dance move is when she tries to attempt the signature chest pump that Beyonce does in her Crazy In Love video. Say we are out at the store and the store just happens to have music playing and my mom decides that she likes the song that is playing over the intercom. WATCH OUT EVERYBODY because she will then turn the isles of the store into soul train and she will dance down them until I bring her back to reality because my mom doesn’t care if people are watching her. Then if the phone rings is when I quickly find a section of the store that happens to be very far away from mommy dearest. When my mom gets on a phone call she is so loud I just can’t even. It is equivalent to her speaking into a mega phone so everyone can hear her. Don’t even allow her to laugh because people overseas will know that Angie’s mom is laughing all the way in Texas. I mean you could literally record her and she could fill in for a live studio audience.

mom emb


If my dad wants me to go run errands with him, that’s his way of us spending quality time together. You can easily spot us because we will be the father-daughter pair where good ole dad has either his arm around my shoulder or his arm is interlocked with me. Either way we are bound so the chance of an extra hot guy approaching me while we are at the mall is a negative eleven on a scale from zero to ten. God forbid that he loses track of me in the store that we are in. Instead of simply calling me on my phone he prefers to yell ” Angie Baby!!” across the store. Like can you not? In that moment I can either decide to walk directly out of the store, ignore him until he either stops or finds me, or answer him immediately.  All in all, I mix all three together. I quickly find my dad and tell him that we are leaving now while continuing to keep my head down so I don’t see anybody that I know.

dad emb


Angie Carmouche

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