Why Chik-Fil-A breakfast is the best thing to ever happen

cfa-fb-mainBeing from New York and going to school where there are two Chik-Fil-A’s within a few minutes has honestly changed my life. Not that I eat Chik-Fil-A everyday, or even eat fast food that often. There’s just something about having real chicken and sweet tea on a Saturday after shopping for a few hours that you don’t have in New York. One of my best friends from Alabama told me, you have to try Chik-Fil-A breakfast, it will triumph every other kind of breakfast you could order out. So 9 am on a random Saturday, we piled in the car and got breakfast. Undoubtedly, the best thing to ever happen. It’s super cheap and probably the best hangover food I’ve ever had.

10. If you order a “breakfast meal,” they give you hash browns and a small coffee.

I’m sorry but their hash browns are so addicting. They only give you a small container so you have to savor them but oh my gosh so worth it. And their coffee is actually really good. It may not be Starbucks, but when you’ve had a long night out and need it ASAP, it does the trick.


9. It’s super cheap. Something every college student wants to hear.

Seriously I got a spicy chicken biscuit with hash browns and a small coffee for $3.41. The coffee I would have ordered at Starbucks would have been more expensive than my entire breakfast. You can’t spend over 6.00 on their entire breakfast menu, which is great news for all of us poor college students.


8. There’s anything on the menu from a breakfast burrito to the infamous chicken biscuits.

I had my first chicken and biscuit when I was in Texas a few years ago, and never went back. I can’t even tell you how many places I’ve tried with traveling across the South, and honestly Chik-Fil-A has the best breakfast chicken and biscuits. They even have tiny packets of honey if you’re trying to be real authentic.


7. You can still order waffle fries at 9 am if you wanted.

You cannot go to Chik-Fil-A and not order their waffle fries with a meal. If you can’t get enough carbs from the hash browns, you can always order fries!

chik fil a menu

6. You can still order whatever you feel like at 9 am if you wanted.

Not only can you just order waffle fries, but you can order anything off the regular menu as well! That chicken tortilla soup might not be calling your name that early, but the chicken nuggets might be…

drive thru



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