10 Reasons Why It’s Great to Have a Boyfriend Who’s Greek

Greek life doesn’t just turn a boy into a man – he becomes a man you can date. Here’s 10 reasons why having a boyfriend who’s Greek makes everything better.

At the start of every fall and spring semester, you look around and see fraternity rush in full swing. Why does this matter? Because at the end, we know those fraternities will turn boys into men, men that make GREAT boyfriend material. Here’s a few reasons why having a boyfriend who’s Greek is awesome:

10. He’s way more likely to understand your sorority obsessions. Lilly Pulitzer, everything and anything with your letters on it, Vineyard Vines, your love for your line, crafting, and how great he looks in a bow-tie. He gets it, he’s experienced that Greek life has it’s own culture and if you’re lucky, he likes a lot of those things too.


9. He’s smart. Statistics show that Greek GPAs are better than those of their independent counterparts. Most fraternities even have some form of “study hours” to keep grades up to par.

Smart is Hot


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2015 Top Colleges With The Nicest Sorority Girls (Con’t) Is The Premiere Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

20. University of Alabama

19. West Virginia University

18. UMass Dartmouth

17. University of Delaware

16. University of Denver

15. California State University Long Beach

14. University Of Minnesota

13. University of Michigan

12. University of Rhode Island

11. University of Pittsburgh




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Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back because you, my friend, have survived. Yes, you’re a survivor of your first time getting a C in a…

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The Struggle of Being a Commuter in a Sorority

SOTD: Morgan Paige Bentley From Indiana University Southeast Alpha Phi

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10 Ways to De-Stress When You’re a Busy College Student

Tips on How to De-Stress as Busy College Student Balancing your schedule and being a busy college student is tough. Learn how to relax with these easy ways to de-stress when you know it’s time for a break.

There’s no denying it – college is stressful, especially when midterms and finals come around. As a busy college student your schedule is jam packed with lectures, discussions, and assignments all while trying to balance a social life at the same time. Though your life may seem a little hectic at times, make sure you make time to decompress, or else you’ll burn yourself out too quickly. Check out these 10 ways to de-stress when you feel like you’re going to implode.

10. Go for a 10 Minute Walk

Get the blood flowing. A quick walk, or even just stepping outside, can boost your mood and is a great healthy habit. Taking a break can help you relax and clear your mind.

9. Breath Deeply


Deep breaths help lower your heart rate, lower or stabilize your blood pressure, and can help ease any anxiety you may be feeling. College is stressful and it’s important to sometimes take a moment to simply just release. Remember, deep low breaths are better than shallow breaths from your diaphragm – fill your lungs, let that belly rise as you breathe, and exhale slowly. Repeat until you feel better about life.

8. Buy Yourself a Plant

A little color in your life won’t hurt. Take a trip to the store and pick up a plant to help brighten up your room. From ferns, lucky bamboo, cactuses and other succulents, having a plant in your environment helps you destress.

According to Green Plants for Green Buildings,

“Respected research done by Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University, Helen Russell, Surrey University, England as well as those conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University verify that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhance worker productivity…Participants working in an environment with plants present were 12 percent more productive and less stressed than those who worked in an environment without plants.”



A native Scrantonian who can’t survive without her Starbucks, Lauren is finding her way through the city of Philadelphia and enjoying every second of it. She would love to one day meet her style icon, Kate Middleton, and the rest of the Royal family when she studies abroad in Europe next year.

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27 New Year’s Resolutions Sorority Girls Have For 2015


We recently did a poll asking our Brand Ambassadors what their New Year’s Resolutions were for 2015, and these are the results we received. Enjoy reading, and make sure to check out the rest of the content on SororityLyfe.com! To become a Brand Ambassador, please email us at [email protected]


27. To have a great school year

26. To end up somewhere warm for spring break

25. To be on the dean’s list

24. To have a boyfriend

23. To score a bikini bod

22. To land a summer internship/job

21. To be less of a snob

20. To eat Chipotle at least once a month

19. To be a better friend to those around me


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15 Times Cookie Dough is the Heart’s Band Aid

Making homemade chocolate chip cookies. Making homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Cookie dough. It’s one of the many foods that has the potential to make us extremely sick, yet we still eat it in mass quantities because, well, it’s cookie dough! It is a great way to make the heart feel just a little bit better for a short period of time. These are just a few of the many times when it is acceptable to grab a roll or a bowl and just do what you gotta do.

15. when you fail a test

14. when you forgot you had a test

13. when you like a boy but can’t manage to say “hello” or any words at all 

12. when said boy ignores all attempts at flirting, or talking once that finally happens 

11. when a boy breaks your heart



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10 Reasons I’m Proud to Be an ALPHA PHI


I have been a sister of Alpha Phi International Fraternity since October 14, 2014. Every day, I am more and more proud to be a part of a truly astonishing sisterhood. Here are just a few reasons that Alpha Phi is amazing:

10. Alpha Phi is beginning to gear up for a big birthday; we’ll be hitting 150 years soon! Founded in 1872, Alpha is one of the oldest Women’s fraternities in existence.


9. We have over 150 collegiate chapters! We are still continuing to expand our fraternity and add new chapters.


8. We’re international! This happened in 1906, when the Xi chapter was chartered at the University of Toronto.





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30 Thoughts A Sorority Girl Has When Missing Out On Her PC’s Spring Break Trip


Seriously, though, why am I in my west suburban hometown writing articles and wearing a pair of flannel pants like it is the only article of clothing I own?

There are a few reasons. One is that I am lame and I want to save money. The other is that I am lame and I, apparently, love my family more than I love blacking out and getting tan. So, to review, I am lame and I decided to come home for spring break. I am sure there are a lot of other lame-o’s out there who are feeling the same way as I am right now. Rock on, lame-o’s. I’m  not even half way through my break and I have already had all of these thoughts regarding my absence from my PC’s spring break vacation.

30.) “The fear of missing out is all too real.”

Betches Love This

29.) “At least I am not consuming the calories they are drinking.”


28.) “But I am consuming the same amount of calories they are drinking by eating all the food in my house.”

Huffington Post

27.) “I wonder if I got a spray tan if they would even notice that I didn’t go to Frat Laudy with them.”

The Odyssey Online

26.) “Is it bad that I am kind of praying they all get a totally treatable but all too real STI?”


25.) “Not that I want them to be infected, I just want them to have fond memories of their break.”


24.) “Wow, I think I am a bitch for wishing STI’s on my sisters.”


23.) “I still have time to buy a ticket and surprise them down there.”


22.) “I’m not going to though, because my Mom said we could order Chinese food on Friday.”


21.) “At least I am getting ahead on all of my homework.”


20.) “But then that just means I am going to be free when we get back to school while they are doing all the work they didn’t do over break.”

Pop Sugar

19.) “If they keep Instagramming and Snapchatting pictures of how much fun they are having, I am going to have to deactivate.”

Project Machinery

18.) “Seriously, I am just about ready to throw my phone into a pool.”


17.) “Oh wait a minute, I am home and do not have a pool…$&%*”


16.) “The joke is on them, really, I am getting my doctor’s appointments out of the way and I am getting my hair cut later this week, I’m basically being an adult while they are partaking in juvenile antics.”


15.) “No, the joke is on me, because I am considering a hair cut and a trip to the gynecologist as exciting Spring Break activities.”

E! Online

14.) “At least I am not spending a ton of money doing what we do every weekend (aka getting drunk and hanging out.)


13.) “But they are getting drunk and hanging out on a beautiful beach…”

Xclusive Touch

12.) “They win, they totally win.”


11.) “I hope they are being safe.”


10.) “Although I am jealous as f***, I cannot wait to hear all the stories they have when they get back.”


9.) “I wonder if Spring Break is anything like the way it was depicted in ‘From Justin To Kelly.’”


8.) “God I hope they all come back together in one piece.”


7.) “I take back the thing I said about the STI’s…I was just in a dark place when I said that.”

Image Server

6.) “When I say a dark place I mean boring-ass suburbia.”

Surviving College

5.) “It’s not my PC’s fault that they are fun and adventurous and I am frugal and boring.”


4.) “At least I know I won’t be having sex with anybody this week, so that reduces my chances of any pregnancy scares in the weeks to come.”


3.) “And Mom offered to take me to Target, so life here is actually really, really good.”


2.) “Oh, who am I kidding Target does not beat hanging out with my beautiful and crazy pledge class.”


1.) “I miss them all so so much.”



Top 100 Colleges With Most Attractive Sororities (Con’t)

59. Southern Methodist University

58. Oregon State University

57. Sonoma State University

56. Texas A&M

55. Texas Christian University

54. University of Cincinnati

53. Chico State

52. University of Kentucky

51. University of Kansas

50. University of New Hampshire (UNH)

49. Northern Arizona University

48. University of Oklahoma

47. University at Buffalo

46. University of Pittsburgh

45. University of Miami, FL

44. University of Tampa

43. University of Tennessee

42. Kent State

41. Saint Louis

40. CU Boulder


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TweetTweetThese girls know how to make a beautiful video that is short and sweet! Way to go ladies! Email us at [email protected] to have your chapter featured on SororityLyfe.com!…

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Great article Little!! Im so proud of you. (:…

You hit another one out of the park, Megan. …

One time I was walking around campus with my …

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21 Reasons Why You Won’t Meet Your Husband At A Fraternity Party

Husband At A Fraternity Party


You’ve finally managed to curl your hair into those effortlessly soft waves that perfectly frame the makeup on your face that only took an hour to do. The leggings that make you butt look incredible have been slipped on along with your favorite piko-fur vest combination and booties with a three-inch heel that say, “I try but I don’t try too hard.” You’ve been dancing and singing to the blaring pump up music with your sisters and the combination of that and the bottle of wine in your hand make you feel invincible. Boyswatch out. But when you get to the party and realize that the Theta Chi you’ve been dancing with didn’t ask you for your name or when the SAE you’ve been talking to all night didn’t get your number or when you see the Beta you used to have thing with making out with one of your sisters, you seriously question whether or not you will ever get lavaliered. So, here are 21 reasons why you will most likely not meet your husband at a fraternity party.



21. The amount of seconds it takes for him to shotgun a beer is probably equal to his GPA.

20. His dancing skills only seem good because you’re drunk.

19. Jell-O shots are not an excusable reason for cheating on you.


It’s All We Really Want: 10 Reasons Why Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Is The Premier Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

When Cyndi Lauper released the epic dance ballad “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” I was still 11 years away from being created. I danced to the song in my first grade talent show with a group of girl friends. We dressed up in our favorite outfits and pathetically danced around on our elementary school stage. Despite the lack of talent (which is not uncommon in elementary school talent shows) I had the time of my life dancing to what continues to be my anthem.

Lauper put it plain and simple: girls just wanna have fun. But why is that the case? Allow me to elaborate.


Ego Trip Land

We Heart It

The Odyssey Online

Elite Daily

The Frisky



Gif Finder

Panda Whale


20 Things Only Saint Joseph’s Students Would Understand


20. The Wind Tunnel

Nothing compares to the wind vortex you are thrown into walking to class in the winter, especially the Villiger Vortex.

19. BLD

BLD, BLD, BLD! The BLD, or Black Light Dance, is a freshman right of passage and one of our favorite parts of orientation.

18. #THWND

The Hawk Will Never Die

17. The Campion Scent

Campion, we love to hate it. Nothing quite compares to the Campion Scent stuck on you and all your clothes long after leaving Campion for dinner.

16. Hawk Wrap

What’s in Hawk Sauce?? We may never know, but we will love our Hawk Wraps until the Hawk dies….which is never.

15. The Perch

“The Perch is the coolest place to be on a Saturday night”…said no one ever.


A native Scrantonian who can’t survive without her Starbucks, Lauren is finding her way through the city of Philadelphia and enjoying every second of it. She would love to one day meet her style icon, Kate Middleton, and the rest of the Royal family when she studies abroad in Europe next year.

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A freshman’s guide to their first year of college


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No matter what age you are, your first year of college might be one of the scariest experiences ever, especially if you are new to the area, without many friends, and not knowing how to act, it can lead to many situations that you are just unsure about all together. Based on my experience, in no specific order I have put together some tips on how to survive your freshman year of college.

The dreaded “Freshman Fifteen”

Yes, this is actually a thing. You may hear stories of people even gaining a freshman 5 or 10, but the “15” is the most common one. With all the stress of trying to get acquainted with things you can really gain a few pounds without even noticing. My advice would be to just accept it. Although, I should mention that there are a lot of people who do not gain the 15, and they are considered to be lucky. I was one of those people who insisted that I would not be one to gain the extra 15 pounds my freshman year, but I did gain it, I definitely did.

Your procrastination may get worse

Oh yes, my friend, this is something to be VERY careful of. If you thought typing that 3 page, double spaced essay on a book you never read, the night before it was due was easy in high school, and think you can do the same in college, you are in for a reality check. Professors at this level know very well to give you an essay topic that would require you to do the actual readings. So maybe now is a good time to try and make sure that your procrastination does not get worse.

A college student’s favorite word: FREE.

Take advantage of anything free… unless of course it’s a foam beard to represent your school’s mascot.

Sleep is so important

A sister said that this should be at the top of the list, and I could not agree more. There will be times where you are trying to finish your homework by the time the clock strikes 10, this way you can get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s 8am class, but when you finally look at the clock, you realize it is already 3am and you have to get up for class in a few hours. Get as much sleep as you can, and cherish every second of it. Believe me when I say that you will not be judged if you take a nap or two (or three?) during the day, to be honest you might actually be praised for having the opportunity. Also don’t feel bad if you find yourself waking up at noon on a weekend, unless you were supposed to go into work that morning, then that might be a problem.  

Home is just a phone call away

Home-sickness is a big thing in college. A lot more people have it than you would think. If you’re going school at a place that is not near home, it can be very hard to adjust to the idea of being away for long periods of time before you are home again. I have a close bond with my family, so being away from them was hard, especially in the beginning. I am not lying when I say that I texted my mom every day, throughout the day. Being home sick is not something to be embarrassed of because it happens no matter who you are. The great thing is that with today’s technology it makes it a thousand times easier to be home without really being home.

Keep track of your money

There’s nothing worse than asking your friend to pay for a meal that comes out to $2.96.   Take advantage of your library resources This is another advice from a friend, if you’re living on campus, dorms can get pretty noisy especially during the week. If you have a hall that actually follows the “quiet hours” rules, consider yourself lucky. The library is there for a reason and you can always expect it to be a nice and quiet place to work. In relation the library online database really does help when it comes to those crazy research papers. The library is there for a reason, use it!

Don’t be scared to try new things

I understand, you’re not used to this whole, being out on your own thing and all the wonderful things that come with it. (Yes, that was a little bit of sarcasm.) It is a new way of living that you need to get used to. Go out and explore the area that your school is in, see what they have to offer around and outside of campus. Take your roommate along for the adventure as a bonding experience. Or go with a group of friends! Don’t the best stories come from you and your friends exploring anyway?

No, you do not need every single thing on the college’s dorm room checklist.

If you do that, you will end up with a lot of pointless things that you truly have no use for. You should get the “basics” then go from there on what else you may need. I can honestly say that I learned this from experience

No distractions. Stay on task

This is where those college stereotypes come into play. Parties, drugs, alcohol, hookups etc. Although I can’t speak from experience, I’ve seen it happen to other people. They get a little too wrapped up in the “party scene” and suddenly forget why they are really there. I don’t know about you, but I would not put my education, and the money invested into it, in danger because of too much partying. Sure it’s great to go out every once in a while, but don’t go crazy with that idea. College is a lot more serious than high school, staying on task and focusing on the big picture is very important. There are actually a lot of people that choose not to go out at all, and it is completely okay! As long as you have a good group of friends to keep you on track, you will be fine.

Stay away from peer pressure

This is normal thing that everyone deals with in their daily lives. I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. College isn’t a place for distractions, if you don’t feel comfortable with doing something, but you feel like your friends are pressuring you, don’t do it!

Attendance isn’t always mandatory, BUT sometimes it is in freshman level classes

You need to be very careful. A lot of classes give points for daily attendance, and even though those small points may not seem like a lot, it definitely adds up and could end up being the difference between an A and a B. Be careful with this. You should still only really be missing classes for sicknesses. I know that there was almost a week of classes I had missed because I couldn’t even get out from bed. College is hard and brings a lot of stress, don’t be skipping class just so you can lay in bed all day. I’m not kidding when I say that it will come back and kick your butt later.

Write things down.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good, even photographic, memory, good for you. You will use it a lot in college. If you don’t have this awesome super power, writing things down is CRUCIAL. I had a student planner where I wrote everything down at, with post-it notes to remind me of due date, times, etc. I used the calendar on my phone as well as had post-it notes on my desk and laptop screens. Sadly there were still things I forgot to do, but I was still able to get them done on time. Just begin by using a student planner, it really does make a difference.

Looks are not that important

People will show up to class in just about anything. Don’t waste your time trying to impress people with new fancy clothes, and hair and makeup done. It’s not as big of a deal you would think. Sleep in, go to class in your pajamas. You will thank yourself later for getting that extra hour of sleep.

Have fun

Don’t live your college life cooped up in our room all the time. Go out, see a movie, go shopping, get a meal, sit in your room, but do it WITH FRIENDS. If the only time you’re leaving your dorm is to go to class and (or?) go grocery shopping, you’re doing it wrong. You deserve a break every once in a while, so use it! If you didn’t take the chance, you may regret it later.

*On a side note, I think that joining a club, going Greek, or getting involved in any other way helps with the college experience. I made the decision to go Greek my second semester of my first year, and it one of the greatest decisions I have made. I have made memorable friendships since I joined Alpha Delta Pi; inside and outside of the sorority. If you are unsure about going Greek, I would recommend at least rushing and seeing if you have any interest. Greek life is not for everyone, but there are other options out there! If you find a place where you are happy and comfortable then that is where you belong!

College student who loves her family, friends, food, Netflix, and ADPi sisters<3

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