11 Things To Keep In Your Wardrobe


Your Wardrobe
11. A Letters Shirt
A nice, stitched letters shirt is one of the most essential things in a sorority girl’s wardrobe. Whether it be one, two, or three letters, you should have them proudly displayed. You will wear your letters at least once a week, and you should want to! Easy PR, and bonus points if it is Comfort Colors!

Your Wardrobe
10. Pearls
Every girl, whether she’s Greek or not, should have a set of pearls. That means earrings and a necklace. Add a bracelet, and you’ve got the whole shebang. Pearls can go with practically everything. Tee shirt and shorts? Pearls. Badge attire? Pearls. Supporting your school at a tailgate before the big game? Pearls. They are universal, and always make you feel a little classier!

Your Wardrobe
9. Little Black Dress
Whether you wear it to chapter when you want to feel a little sassy, or if you wear it while going out with your girls. A little black dress is another thing that any girl should have in her wardrobe. There are millions of options to choose from. From a gorgeous 00 to a stunning plus sized woman, there will always be a dress out there that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident!

Your Wardrobe
8. Nike Shorts
This is one of those circumstances where you either love norts or hate norts. These shorts are usually paired with a tee shirt that is 3 sizes bigger than your size. But when you are looking for something comfortable, norts are the way to go. On the plus side, they’re great for working out!

Your Wardrobe
7. Comfortable Heels
This one is something that cannot be stressed enough. Get you a nice pair of comfy heels. The places to wear heels are endless. When you are going out and walking downtown in heels, you’ll want comfortable shoes that won’t give you blisters. Have a sorority event that requires long hours of standing and heels are in the dress code? You’ll be kicking yourself without them.

6. Leggings/Tights
Leggings and Nike shorts are practically twins. They are both hated and loved at the same time. While leggings and tights ARE NOT pants, they can be very useful. They can be paired with a dress that’s a little too short for chapter or a cute Piko tunic and heels. Add several color options to your wardrobe, and you are set!

5. An Awesome Bra
Bras are like best friends. Giving you the support you need, while being close to your heart. A good strapless will have your back (or front) with your dress for formal. A push up will help with that v-neck. Don’t forget about that sports bra while you’re at the gym.

4. Jeans
An old timer in the game, jeans are found in every wardrobe. Easy to wear, goes with everything, and extremely comfortable. A nice pair of jeans will always be a go to when nothing else is working that day. There are different colors and shades. You can get skinny, fit and flare, straight, and always the classic mom jeans! It’s good to keep more than one pair in your wardrobe, for good measure.

3. Boots
Combat, riding, or ankle. There are a plethora of boots out there, and you should have at least one type. Boots can be paired with really anything. If its spring, ankle boots look cute with your favorite sundress. Or riding boots in fall with a vest and ball cap. And if you hate the rain as much as everyone else, rain boots will be your best friend!

small purse
2. A Small Purse
Don’t feel like carrying around something the size of a small child? A small clutch or cross cross body will be your saving grace. It’s perfect for the essentials. A small wallet, lipstick, tictacs, and your phone all in one place.

1. A Smile
Because a smile can go a lot further than any shoes or jewelry can!

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A Letter to my Little Black Dress

Dear little black dress,

From the one shoulder, size 0, tight fighting version, to the strapless, body-con, size 3, to the current, lacy, long sleeve, size 5, you’ve been through it all with me LBD. You took me to my first homecoming dance freshmen year of high school, to my senior photos, to my first frat party, to my sexy frat formal. You’ve changed with my body over the years, and with my maturity level. All I want to say is thank you.


Thank you for being the perfect color for those days I was a little bloated. You never cared. You hid all my imperfections flawlessly, and showed off exactly what I wanted you to. You made my legs longer, my booty more defined, and my face the center of attention.We always got the guys staring in just the right ways.

Thank you for being perfect for both my classy silver flats to my obnoxious pink sparkly pumps. I went through many different stages of fashion, and you followed me every step of the way. You were always the perfect canvas for any color, any degree of sparkle, or any occasion. You were the one who made those chunky necklaces really pop. The one who complimented my crazy shoe collection.



Thank you for wearing me even better than I wore you.