My Boyfriend’s Fraternity Doesn’t do Sweethearts, And I’m Glad

Women are vicious. They can be dramatic, crazy, irrational, and down right mean sometimes. Throw in the ability to call yourself the sweetheart of a fraternity, and there is nothing that can stand in a woman’s way. Fraternities all over the country have to deal with the fighting, and normally they use the girl’s willingness to do literally anything for entertainment purposes. These can range from convincing them to bake, to an all out Miss America pageant. I know when I learned about sweethearting I was ready to do anything to get those letters. And then I learned that the Fraternity that my boyfriend joined didn’t do sweethearts.

While that was hard to come to terms with at the beginning, now I realize it was a blessing in disguise. There is a sense of peace between the girlfriends and girls that hang around the house, in a weird sort of way it is relaxing. There is no point in the year when suddenly everyone is against each other, or people are trying to manipulate each other, and the house is torn apart by which girl they support.

My freshmen year, there was a ton of tension between girlfriends and girl friends. While I didn’t know a ton about the feud, I could still feel that it was there, and I was scared to commit to being friends with either group. While that fighting has lessened over the years, there is still a few girls that come into the house that stir up that fighting spirit. And those girls are completely despised.



Kelley Slabinski

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