Shopping in Bath and Body Works: A Play-By-Play

Bath and Body Works is the mega-hub for all things fragrant.

Candles? Body wash? Perfume? Body spray? Want to make your wall smell like a garden? Want to add a vanilla to your pre-scented lilac loofa?

Do you fancy yourself in a 20-candle bubble bath, complete with Country-Apple bath bombs and soothing Sparkling Champagne lotion? Whatever you’re looking for, they have it; it’s like aromatherapy for the Gods in here.

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As any true Bath and Body Works lover will know, the addiction is real and can get a bit out of control. Better prepare yourself for the onslaught of tantalizing scents while you still have the chance.

You walk into the store because HELLO, SEMI-ANNUAL SALE. They send those little notices in the mail, as if you didn’t know what time of year it was.

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Immediately, you take a deep breath. *inhaaaaaalllleeeee*. Ooohhh, what IS that?









You quickly make your way over to the new fragrances because who DOESN’T want to check out this year’s new scents?!

…as if you don’t already have the release dates memorized, though.


You see they’ve released your favorite Summer fragrance in a three-wick candle and send up a silent prayer to the scent Gods.

Thank you

Adding two to the giant tote bag you grabbed on the way in (because DUH, 2 for $22 means you can buy DOUBLE THE CANDLES!), you mosey over towards the next display of colorful enticement.

That’s when you spot it: the vanilla cupcake candle.


How does something even smell this good?! Your mind is wandering to all the possibilities… it can’t actually not be real… right?

Maybe I’ll just…


No, no that’s a bad idea. 

Quickly, you pull yourself together and move towards the scent portables.

Hmmmm… but do I want my car to smell like honey suckles or apples?









Grabbing all you can, your bag is getting full. You turn to head towards the register when the shower gel jumps out of nowhere. One little sniff won’t hurt…


You’re completely distracted with the enticing fragrance that is the Bath and Body Works Season Collection. As time passes, you’re lost to the world of aromatic distraction; Japanese Cherry Blossom has you reminiscing of a different time, long summers and and warm days.

When suddenly your fantasy is interrupted by your boyfriend walking up behind you.


 Nothing! Just moving towards the register.

Quickly, you go to check out when this rude woman pushes in front of you to grab $2 hand-sanitizer from the check-out stand near the counter. A quick glance in her bag shows that she has no idea which scents to take advantage of! WHO MIXES VANILLA AND MARSHMALLOW FIRESIDE?!

smell like a baby prostitute

Judgment kept in your own mind, you move through the line and ignore the pang of guilt you feel as your total rings up at the register.

But wait?! The cashier has a discount code for you to use!


They are always so helpful in here.

You grab your bag and head towards the doors, glancing back at the massacre in your wake. With a turn on your heel, you happily leave the store, feeling completely revitalized with aromatic bliss.

smell ya later

Jena Stephens

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