Awesome Recipes for When You’re Broke

Inevitably, at one point or another in your college career, you will be broke or tight on cash. Sad yet true, students usually end up staying in or skipping out on meals because they have to skimp! Fortunately, there are ways to create awesome meals out of what little you may have in your dorm room! Here are some delicious recipes so you can stay ballin’ on a budget!

Cacio e Pepe Ramen

From the photo above, it may be hard to believe that those noodles came out of a plastic wrapper and costed less than fifty cents. Ramen noodles have always been a staple in a college student’s diet, and now chefs all over have been transforming these salty noodles into delicious meals!

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Granola Bowls

Think of all of your favorite breakfast items: granola, fruits, yogurt, peanutbutter, etc. When possible, buy the largest size for the smallest price, and throw any combo of these foods into a bowl! Not only will you save by buying bulk all while eating healthy, but you will also be able to have delicious breakfast for several days! Many drug stores carry granola and yogurt at extremely low prices, so give it a try!

Awesome Recipes

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Canned Soups

Usually canned soup isn’t the first thing on your mind when thinking about what to eat for dinner, but get this: Canned soup is extremely cheap, hearty, easy to store, and if you buy wisely can be low in calories! Next time you’re at the store, check out the soup isle just in case times get really tight!

Awesome Recipes

Be a “souper” you!

Whole Wheat Pita, Cheese, Pre-packaged Lunch Meats, and Sauces

These three items are essential! These items all pair well with many different types of foods and are a cheap and important staple to keep around. Mix up these items into any combo to make a variety of meals! Some things you can make are:

-Whole Wheat Pita Pizza
-Ham and Cheese wraps
-Pita with: Hummus, bean dip, greek yogurt, queso dip, and other dips
-PB&J Pita sandwich

Awesome Recipes

Whole Grain Rice, Bread, and Pasta

These grainy items are essential to a healthy diet. They also are very versatile and can be prepared many different ways so you don’t get bored! Mix any items you want into a bowl of rice or pasta, pour on some sauce and voila! A quick and healthy dinner for one.
Use bread to create any type of sandwich, make croutons and breading for other meals, or find a yummy spread to make something delicious in the morning, like French toast! If stored properly, these items will last a while and are all reusable.

Awesome Recipes

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Frozen Veggies

It’s hard to store fresh fruits and veggies in your dorm without them spoiling. Rotten foods are a waste of money! Try buying large bags of frozen vegetables. You can store them easily and they are cheap too! The best part about them is that you can use as much as you want and then save the rest for later, so nothing goes to waste.

Awesome Recipes

Yogurt, frozen fruit, and ice

These three items are easy to obtain and are very beneficial for anyone. Simply keep them in the freezer for easy storage. Whenever you’re hungry, pop some frozen fruits out of the bag, grab some yogurt and ice, and pop them all in the blender. This easy and fast snack is a great pick me up for when you’re feeling worn out and tired. All three items are easily kept in the fridge and freezer, and can be found in large quantities at low prices!

Awesome Recipes

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Eating right is important for everyone, especially college students! Everyone needs fuel to preform the best they can. Feed your brain so you can be in a great mood and have ultimate concentration!

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