Underrated Things in College We Take for Granted

Let’s all admit this: there are a lot of things in college we find that are boring or useless, sooo we just take them for granted and don’t think they’re that important. Little do we know that the things we find “boring” or “useless” while in campus may actually be beneficial to us in a way. Hear me out.


10. Extra Credit: it’s your best friend.

That extra credit could possibly rise your B- to a B+–who knows?


9. Office Hours: utilize them.

Just go see your professor. Seriously, make time to go visit their office. If you have a question then obviously they would have the answer. Plus, it makes you stick out from the crowd–brownie points!


8. Raise your damn hand: your professor will like you.

Don’t raise your hand like ALL the time, just some of the time should do you some good.


7. Break time in-between classes: DO YOUR DAMN HW YOU DIDN’T DO LAST NIGHT.

Sorry if my caps lock frightened you. But anyways, yeah, just do your homework you decided to skip out on last night and stop socializing with friends.


6. Campus-held events: just go see what’s up!

You could be missing out on some serious fun. Maybe the event will be snapstory-worthy?




Realizations You Get During College

There comes a time when you start to realize a few things while you’re attending college. They could be good things you realize orrrrr bad things. Here is a list of what a few of them are:


10. You are not a child anymore.

Time to step it up, kiddo. Adult life is slowly approaching and it ain’t going to be easy.


9. You are not going to look like Beyoncé everyday.

Didn’t you just love dressing up and looking good all the time in high school? NEWSFLASH: you will not have time to do that in college. The amount of f**ks will start to slowly disappear when it comes to picking out your outfits.


8. You will become super tired. Like all the freaking time.

College is very tiring. You’re always walking around from place to place, have a tight schedule, blah, blah, you get the idea. Just know that your comfy bed is awaiting for your arrival at the end of the day.


7. You will hate the campus food. But you need to survive sooo..

Just chow it down, man. Just chow it all down.


6. You will be broke.

No, like, really broke. College is super expensive.




Signs of A Toxic Friend

Ahhh, friends. We all have them. We all love them…But what if one of them is actually toxic, and you don’t even know it? If you don’t know how to detect a possible toxic friend, here are just a few signs of what they are like:


10. They make you feel uncomfortable at times.

Friends are meant to make you feel comfortable in situations..Not the opposite.


9. They argue with you about the littlest things.

They always seem to have an issue about something that has to do with you. They just always seem to have a problem. You should not have to deal with their constant drama.



8. They always bring negativity wherever they go.

You guys could be at the happiest place in the ENTIRE world…Yet, they bring up how un-happy they are. Or, how they just want to leave and go do something that’s like..Super boring or dumb, I don’t know. They just look super upset all the freaking time.


7. They are involved in activities that may actually be dangerously illegal.

If you feel as if they do dangerous illegal activities, then maybe it’s time you to..Uhmm..I don’t know? Run? Just run far away. You don’t want to get yourself involved in that mess, nope.


6. They don’t like to listen to what you have to say.

Everything always has to be about them and them only. They don’t seem to care about your opinions or thoughts at all.




What is Wrong With Our Generation Today

Out of every article you read online, it is always important to know whether or not you can learn from it. Luckily, this is one of those articles. For today, we’re about to go over the list of things that are wrong with our modern world. Maybe you’ll agree with me?


10. We are more focused on our phones rather than being focused on the things around us.

This is actually sad if you really think about it. You could miss out on something amazing or even miss running into a special someone, all because you’re way too focused on that tiny device in your hand.


9. We are soaked up in media/ reality TV shows

We focus more on Keeping Up With the Kardashians than being focused with our own lives.


8. We follow or are friends with people on social media who we don’t even talk to.

No. Seriously. Why not actually make the effort to go talk to them in person? There are even moments where you only talk to that person through social media, but when it comes to meeting or seeing them in person things just get awkward. What’s the point of that? I don’t understand.


7. Global Warming–Yes, we are the cause of it.

We ARE the last generation to help prevent global warming. This should not be a shocker. Why aren’t we all doing something about it?


6. Body Shaming.

This happens everywhere, and it’s been worse than ever. Body shaming is on the TV, the radio, magazines, and it even happens in your circle of friends. Why bring each other down when we can all respect the fact that no one is perfect? Everyone has their imperfections and that is what makes them unique.




Weird Things We Are All Guilty of Doing

Let’s face it, we’re all weird. What’s even more weird is that we all do the same, old weird things. You think you’re the only one? Think again!


10. We sign our names multiple times in a fancy way in preparation for Hollywood.

Who knows, you might get famous some day! At least you know your signature will be on point.


9. We self-diagnose ourselves.

You start coughing like a mad person. What do you do? You Google the symptoms, treatments, and cures for that s***.


8. We see how many tasks we can get done within one microwave meal.

*sets the microwave for 30 seconds* *starts running around like a maniac to see what you can accomplish before the time runs out*


7. We wait for a specific amount of time before texting back our crush.

“Well, yeah he’s hot–but I can’t look too desperate. I have to wait, so it will look like I’m busy and have a life ya know?”


6. We keeping checking the refrigerator as if something new is going to show.

“Nope. Nothing new. I’ll just check again in like…5 minutes.”




Huge Turn Offs (Told by Guys)

Aren’t we all curious every now and then about what may turn a guy off? Don’t lie. I am pretty sure most of you would Google search for the answers and then try to see if you unfortunately fit one of those turn offs. Well, search no more! I had a few guys answer, with all honesty, in what they find as turn offs and well, here is what they said:


13. When you try to change his personality or lifestyle.


12. When you expect him to buy anything and everything. (Relationships are a two-way street–both partners must contribute because it is only fair.)


11. When you’re already in a relationship but flirt around with other people. (This is just wrong in so many levels. The amount of respect is lost.)


10. We know you love make-up…But chill. (Some guys, correction: MEN, are actually honest when they say less is more.)


9. Of course a little sass is fine, but careful on over-doing it. (You could literally come off as a total b**** and not realize it.)


8. Poor hygiene….




15 Life Lessons Brought to Us by Toy Story

I am pretty sure most of us have seen at least one of the Toy Story movies. If not, then YOU DID NOT HAVE A CHILDHOOD…I’m just kidding! Psh, it’s not like the Toy Story movies were one of the best childhood movies in life or anything..Maybe..Anyways, here is a fun list of life lessons that the Toy Story movies want to teach us:


15. Always remember to not be TOO annoying to people.


14. Always remember to have a little fun in your life–be goofy while you’re still young!


13. Save some time in your life to work out–get fit!


12. Stick up for yourself when needed. Don’t let others push you around. 


11. Try to live under the “look good, feel good” lifestyle.




The Benefits of Being A Single Lady

Everyone you know seems to be in a relationship. You begin to wonder, “Am I forever alone?” Fear not my super sexy, independent lady! There’s no rush to find that cute significant other. You should feel great being single because here are the benefits:


10. You can focus on yourself.

You don’t have to worry about anyone else BUT yourself. Enjoy this feeling while you still have it.


9. You save some “moolah baby.”

Being single means you don’t have to worry about buying something for your significant other when it comes to anniversaries and birthday’s, because that relationship is non-existent! You can save your money and spend it the way you want to.


8. You are able to go out and have fun!

No boyfriend/girlfriend? No problem! You are completely free from the “guilt” feeling.


7. No “Checking in.”

Wow. How annoying must that be? Just think about it…”Hey, how’s the night out?” “What time are you going to be back?” “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” “Who are you with?” No, thank you.


6. You can be flirtacious without feeling guilty.

You are a free woman. I repeat: A FREE WOMAN. Go flirt with whoever you want! Heck, you can even flirt with a tree. You’ll be gucci sweetie because there is no guy or girl holding you back.




Typical Holiday Gifts That Girls Get

“It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS.” Are you ready? Are you ready to give and get? Are you wondering about what you may be getting this year? Maybe it’s going to be one of these gifts on the list below! Check out the typical holiday gifts that girls usually end up always getting:

10. A Bath Set.

Who doesn’t love a bath set?? They are only one the greatest, basic gifts ever. Plus, you’ll end up smelling super nice.

9. Candles.

Ahhh, yes. Who wouldn’t mind getting a candle this year? It keeps your room smelling fresh while giving that calm vibe.

8. Fuzzy Socks.

Yes. Just..Yes. Fuzzy socks are LIIIIIIFE.

2015-12-16 14.37.33

7. PJ Set.

What girl wouldn’t mind getting a new PJ set at this time of the year? Only the spawn of Satan!

6. Slippers.

They’re nice to have on your feet when your toes are cold.



The 10 Types of Guys to Avoid

Ahh, boys. There are good ones and then there are the bad ones. For those that are bad, they’re not ENTIRELY bad. They just have certain aspects of them that need a little… tweaking. Before you start hardcore falling for a guy and start creeping on his Facebook photos, make sure he doesn’t turn out to be one of these ten types of guys to avoid:

10. The Pretty Boy.

This guy will care about his looks way more than you. He may even stare at the mirror longer than you do. Although his style is on point with his preppy colored Chubbies, he will most likely be more prettier than you. Soo… no thank you.

9. The Bad Boy.

Yesss, this guy is insanely hot. His personality? Maybe not so hot. This guy may be involved in activities that are typically not in your zone of comfort, so just stay clear of this one.

8. The “Can’t Hang.”

This dude just can’t control himself at parties. One beer. Or maybe two, and then he is out. He gets drunk way too many times to the point where it becomes unattractive. #swerve

7. The Creep.

This dude sends you a friend request. Once you accept, he starts messaging you to the extent where it gets CAH-REEPY. But wait, this is not all. He then stares at you whenever you walk past him. Or maybe he even tries to follow you wherever you go. Uhh…RED ALERT.

6. The B**ch.

He is just plain rude. He shows no consideration for the feelings of others. There are those who are mean, but then there are those who are just plain rude for no apparent reason. This is just plain unattractive overall.




Top Holiday Gifts for a Typical Frat Boy

Have a boyfriend that’s in a fraternity? Maybe have a brother that’s in one? Well, Christmas is slowly approaching so you better have some holiday ideas for them! Wait? You’re unsure of what to get them? No worries! Here is a list of top holiday gifts for a typical frat boy.


10. A Watch

Every man in his right mind would want one, and every typical frat guy would want one too. It’s a classy, finishing piece to any outfit.


2015-12-03 13.21.45


9. An American flag printed shorts.

Why not? It can come in handy for him to wear at parties (and of course, the 4th of July!)


2015-12-03 13.25.48


8. A YETI cooler.

You can’t go wrong with a YETI cooler. They’ll be able to store their booze in it with style for social events and or gatherings.


2015-12-03 13.29.17


7. A Beer Helmet.

Every frat guy wants a beer helmet. It is a fact. That is all.



6. Ties.

Ties. Just because. It is perfect for anything that needs a touch of “classy.” Let’s not forget about formals! Obviously, ties become super useful for formals.




Fun Things to do During Winter Break

Winter Break is right around the corner! Wait?…Are you telling me you don’t have any plans? Or anything fun to do? Wow, sounds like you have a problem. But not for long! Here are just some fun things to do during Winter Break that will keep your petootie busy.


10. Have a holiday movie marathon.

Duh. Call your friends up to see if they want to join you–the more the merrier!


9. Outdoor Activities.

This is a fun one. Winter Break is a perfect time for sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating! If you’ve never tried any of those before then you’re pretty much LIVING UNDER A ROCK.



8. Spa Night.

Get all your girlies together and have a spa night! If they’re too lazy and cold to step outside to come over then just have a spa night on your own. Treat yo face, girl. Treat it.


7. Hit the Gym.

Yes, this is Winter Break. No, this does not mean you can’t prepare yourself for the summer. Do not fall under the winter-ready body, you need to work on the summer-ready body because it will come sooner than you think..



6. Make your New Year’s Resolution.

Okay, I know that most of the time this does not work. You end up making this list each year, and each time you do…You just never end up actually completing those goals. But hey, at least it’s something to think about and do over break!