This is Greekend at Belmont University

Belmont University, a place where greek life is a small part of the school but a huge part of the lives of those in it. Greekend, kind of like homecoming week for state schools, is when we shine and show our greek life pride. This is Greekend.

1.We all wear matching tshirts 6357598391045902211689534432_tumblr_noj66jug2t1ssjkcoo1_400

2. We’re all in this together, literally it’s all (60%) or nothing so show up tumblr_inline_n23gt9ecqx1rwuhf3

3. Those friends in other sororities that you maybe see once a month, you’ll see them every single day for hours on end 6953624

4. The Beaman is the place to be, even more so than it usually is black-friday-mob-gif

5. Winning tug o’ war is the main goal of greek olympicsnicole-tug-1409870118

6. If a greek lady is the only one left in dodgeball against the boys every woman in the gym will be screaming her name no matter what color shirt we’re wearing tumblr_inline_nn39tyighv1sstmc7_500

7. We’re all tired because 3 and 4 hour greek sing practices everyday will be the death of us872641517631608613

8. Living off of Chick-fil-a and McCalisters 635898045880815683-550781300_635782184403629949-1957172903_44755660-fb30-11e4-8489-854a22107f44_chicken-nuggets-gif

9. If greek sing practice is in Patton Basement be prepared to be squished anigif_optimized-11290-1421297186-39

10. You’ll appreciate Gabhart and the space but not the fact that it hasn’t been swept since the Johnson Center opened tumblr_lskeuxlsju1r097czo1_400

11. Homework is completed before greekend begins, if not it’s probably not getting doneezgif-com-gif-maker-4

12. Posting in your sorority/fraternity page about coming to events because attendance = points large

13. Panhellenic love is strong and the support we give each other is stronger 6355358892852596821918671119_anigif_enhanced-14367-1406833386-2

14. You’re going to make a lot of new friends 58a81089d2e3a5979b6f6d62f9e7e221

15. Your declining points are going to take a hit from the food and coffee bought this week1_gif

16. and if you haven’t used a bunch of them already, buy the whole line at chick-fil-a their food, don’t waste that moneydemfailsmoney

17. Greeks don’t let other greeks miss out on events, you come, you come, you come go-down

18. If you can help with greek sing sets then you help, no questions askedlarge1

19. Don’t tell your greek sing theme, hide it at all costschandler-shutup-friends

20. Soak it up, you only get four of them  10428053


10 Things That Are So Belmont

Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee is definitely a unique school. We are not the typical private university by any means. To demonstrate, here are just a few of the things that make Belmont, so very Belmont.

10. Buying a ton of expensive clothes that look like they came from goodwill because it is hipster, duh. tumblr_inline_nzpn81qk7e1qfuiaz_500

9. Razor scooters

8. Flannels

7. Bongo Java instalatte1

6. Chago’s




If Sam Hunt was a Sorority Girl

If Sam Hunt was a sorority girl I see him doing all of the following things. The gifs are mainly just for the fact that it’s Sam Hunt and who doesn’t want to look at gifs of Sam Hunt, he is pretty great to look at. So here we go!

10. He’d be the go-to for details on every house party or any party in general


9. He’d take your time into consideration when planning committee meetings or socials because you’re probably trying to get out of that planning stuff anyways 


8. Bragging on the rest of the chapter would be his specialty, constantly telling all the frat boys “I met a girl…” 

7. He’s the go-to when it comes to getting your ex to see just how great you’re doing without him


6. A few discipline meetings may come about due to the fact that he’s a bit of a vandalizer and just a little destructive in general 




A Letter from the Good Girls gone Normal

‘Good girls’ you know the type, the girls who seem to never do anything wrong. The ones who never make a mistake and never hurt anyone’s feelings and if they do they apologize and fix the situation right away. Well I have been categorized as a good girl for some time now and have a few things to say on behalf of myself and the rest of us who are no longer able to live up to the ‘good girl’ standard that we are held to. So here’s a little message from all the good girls who have made their way into the normal girl routine at some point or another and have been judged for doing so.

News flash, we are regular people too. I say this to explain that whatever high standards you think you can hold us to may not always be reasonable, which means you cannot be more upset with us over things other girls do all the time. So what if we want to go out on the weekends and have a good time, so what if we make a poor decision here and there? Are we not allowed because of the label other people have placed on us? If I, a single college student, want to go out on the weekend and dance with someone I don’t know all that well I can. Why? Because I am a normal girl, I have my own boundaries but I am just like everyone else when it comes to making some decisions. I can make great decisions and I can make poor decisions but that is my choice, not the decision of anyone else.

No matter how much you’d like to think you do, you don’t have the right to judge us. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Throwing a little Jesus at you on this one! Don’t judge if you done the same or worse, its just hypocritical and no one wants to be a hypocrite. So what if a good girl wants to do something crazy instead of her usual Saturday night in with the girls, not your life, not your problem.

So while we may have been or maybe still are a good girl in some aspects, we are also normal and looking to live our lives just like everyone else is. So from the girls who are sick of being reprimanded for letting their good girl crown slip a little every now and then, thank you in advance for not judging us when we fall into the same things you continuously stick to.


Why having a Small Greek Community has been a Blessing

I attend Belmont University and at Belmont we have a whopping four sororities and two fraternities. Compared to all the other universities I have grown up knowing about, ours has a really small greek community. I have grown to love this close-knit family I have here, here are just a few of the many reasons why.

When I first got to Belmont I was extremely nervous and questioning whether I should actually go greek or not, because of the fact that there were so few sororities. Thankfully I had so many people tell me that I had to at least go through recruitment and see if I liked it or not. I remember coming home after going to all four sororities and being so in love with the thought of having a group of women standing with me for the rest of my life. Needless to say, I went greek at Belmont and it was the best decision of my life. Not only was it a great decision because I joined Phi Mu, my home away from home, but I gained a whole new community inside the community I was already experiencing at Belmont. I gained two families on bid day, one in Phi Mu and one within the rest of greek life.

Something I realized immediately after beginning to wear my letters around campus was that people would stop and say hello to me and strike up a conversation because they were also wearing letters, sometimes the same letters but often times different letters! What an amazing thing to experience as a freshmen, people I had never met or seen in my life wanted to strike up a conversation with me because we had something in common, greek life. This has been true ever since and I find myself doing the same thing with other people on campus.

There aren’t many people in our greek community that we aren’t all at least somewhat familiar with. It is almost like a high school, which can be good and bad, but mainly good so far. You know of people even though you don’t know them personally and once you finally do meet them it’s not long before you’re chatting them up on the way to class or sitting with them in the caf for lunch.

The small greek community that I have become a part of has been the best thing for me. I cannot imagine walking through sorority village and only knowing one person in each house, or walking down frat row and not knowing anyone from that one out there fraternity. I enjoy the fact that with our small greek community we get to know one another and we don’t just know the ‘house’ so to say. I have made so many great friends here and the majority of those friendships would not have happened if there were many more of us.

My small greek community is one of my favorite things about college and it holds some of my closest friends and some of the friends that I have yet to become close friends with. Thankful for the fact that I can see people from other sororities and fraternities and we act just like we would if there was nothing different about us. We’re all one big happy family, for the most part. 


Why The People Talking Down To You Aren’t Important

We’ve all been in that situation, either once or multiple times, where someone is giving you an earful for something you’ve done wrong or for no apparent reason at all. It happens a lot more often than it should and if you’re being honest with yourself you’ve probably been the person giving the earful once or twice as well. Sadly, it’s easier than we might hope to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and imagine how we would be reacting if we were feeling the way they are. But here’s the thing we need to realize, whether we’re receiving or giving the earful, it will not do any good to or for anyone. Here’s why the people making the rude remarks and giving you the cold shoulder aren’t important and if you’re the one giving it, here’s why it is not important that you do what you’re doing.


Negativity Does No Good

Think about it, when you hear hurtful words directed towards you or anyone else there is no sense of positivity. No one ever hears the words “I hate you” and feels happiness afterwards, it isn’t how we are wired, it isn’t how our brains work. Hearing hurtful words make it harder to see yourself in a positive light, however, they should encourage you to try a little bit harder. Why? Because usually the negativity coming from others isn’t all a reflection of your actions or you in general, sometimes it is the one giving the negative feelings, feeling that particular way about themselves. This is a difficult task to do but my best advice is to brush it off.


Mediocre Memories Fade

Unless you are hearing things that will scar you for the rest of your life, you most likely wont remember exactly what was said to hurt your feelings in one particular moment. Which is a good thing! You will probably remember whoever it is was mad at you at one particular time about something in particular but I hardly doubt you will remember every hurtful thing they texted/said/messaged to you. Negative words should not impact how you see yourself in the mirror, so just don’t let them.


The Bigger Person Wins

I say this implying that the person who takes the high road really comes out on top. Yelling at someone isn’t going to make anyone see you as a better person. Same goes for if someone is yelling at you, just don’t feed the flame. Often times it is so easy to get caught up in an argument and say whatever comes to mind as soon as it gets there, however, this is how you stoop to their level. One thing you never want to do is stoop to their level. It gives them more power and proves that whatever they are saying about you could, in fact, be true.


The best way to handle a situation in which you are being ridiculed for unknown or known circumstances is to take the high road and realize that all of this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day and I promise you that person and this conversation will mean a whole lot of nothing in a few years, maybe even a few days. So do not listen to the negativity and do not let people talking down to you get in your head, they are not important people in your life if they have nothing good to say to you.


To Mom: Thank you for being my Best Friend

You may not know this, Mom, but you are my best friend. Here’s a little thank you for being that and so much more.

Dear Mom,

I know you don’t hear it enough so I wanted to say thank you. There are so many different things I could be saying thank you for, but the one I want to thank you for today is for being my best friend. When I was younger we fought like cats and dogs and even today we can push each others’ buttons but now that I am off at school you are the person I tell just about everything to. You are the one I call everyday to catch up with and tell you what my plans are for the day and see what everyone else’s plans are. I call you when something funny happens and I tell you when I did something good in school, you hear from me at least once a day if not twice. When I came to college I didn’t have any clue that I would talk to you as much as I do or about everything that is going on in my life. Honestly, my moving to school has brought us closer than I think we have ever been.

Thank you for listening to whatever I have to say. Whether it’s talking about what my best friend and I did last night or what some girl said to me thinking it would hurt my feelings. You always listen so intently, give me advice when I ask for it, and laugh when I talk about how silly some people have been lately. I love being able to come home and tell stories and you know the names because I have said them so much, or being able to send you pictures and show you what I am doing with these people that you’ve heard so much about.

I could thank you for a million things that you’ve done for me, things from when I was little, getting me through high school and always teaching me the best ways to live and love. But I wanted to focus on the fact that you have become my best friend and I don’t think I have ever told you that. So thank you, Mom, for being my best friend and my support system. You mean the world to me, I love you.


A Letter To The Baby Faces Of The World

Some are blessed with physical maturity at a young age and most just seem to fit with their age. For the select few who are not either of those things, life can be a little more difficult.

I like to call it a ‘baby face’ and this what I was blessed with, according to my mother, but cursed with according to myself. One day those of us with youthful looking faces may be thankful if the rest of our generation looks like Benjamin Button when he was born (scary wrinkly) but for right now, it is just a hassle to be the one who looks too young. I am constantly getting strange looks and being questioned how old I am. You have no clue how many drive through workers have taken bets on how old I am and I know I am not the only one.

Baby faces are a type of people, just like blondes, jocks, and any other group you can think of. We fit into our own category when people talk about us. And don’t get me wrong I am just a guilty as the next person when using the label. When I talk about the boys I like, I usually throw in that the majority of all the guys I have ever talked to/dated/liked have had baby faces. Maybe one day (way in the future) two baby faces will make a non-baby face, however, my kids will probably be stuck with the same problem I have struggled with.

Here’s the thing about having a baby face, not only do you constantly get questioned how old you are, but you look like you don’t fit in with the rest of the people you are close with. My friends all look their age or more mature but I stick out like a sore thumb. Honestly, it is hard to be the only one who looks like a twelve year old because then you get treated like a twelve year old. The amount of times old couples have come up to me and called me ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ used to be flattering but now has just become a reminder of how the rest of the world sees me, not as an adult but as a cute little girl. It is a constant struggle to have a baby face. I just hope one day it pays off.


10 Things I Didn’t Expect To Deal With Before I Turned 20

Technically, I am still a teenager. No one ever told me that my teenage years would consist of anything close to what I have put in this list. Being a teenager but dealing with things I thought would come in my late twenties or early thirties has been quite the surprise; however, it is life, so I guess I have to roll with it. Hopefully this finds any other teenagers that might be having the same thoughts and this can help you all realize that there are other people, like myself, that didn’t expect any of this either.

10. Ex’s getting married. Because woah, I am 19, and you are in every memory from the past few years of my life. Am I allowed to smile when I look at my prom pictures or am I supposed to frown because you are married? Never thought that would be an issuetumblr_inline_mk6qh7usd11r7gwvt

9. Finding a house. Hi I am just a teenager so can you tell me how much this house rents for and if it is in a nice neighborhood. Also, how long it will take me to get to the grocery or my university because college and necessities? h21tgwv

8. Loving fully. I have loved with my whole heart and I have lost as well. It is  an odd feeling to love someone enough to smile knowing they are happy.tumblr_inline_nel1oyxmd41t432s5

7. Having a near death experience. Not something everyone can say but thankful for a God who loves me enough to save me from a semi for something great. Not sure what the plan is but, I am here and I am ready to live for it.giphy

6. Thinking about where the rest of my life will take place. Do I see myself going to the grocery store at home with my children one day or do I see myself living in a city? Too many life questions. I will come back to this later… maybe.giphy1



A letter to the girl who loves a challenge

Is it the boy that your entire family hates? Maybe it’s the boy at school that everyone has a crush on but for some reason you feel you have a shot. Whichever it is, you like the challenge. It may not be a boy thing, it may show up in academics, sports, or your favorite hobby but wherever it shows, it is definitely there. You are a girl who likes a challenge.

I am a girl who loves a challenge. My challenges seem to be the boy pool, in the sense that I am really bad at picking out the worst boys and trying to make them ‘whole’ again, or mine, or both. Which shouldn’t be what I go for but that’s what it seems to be. I cannot help it, it is just something that must be programmed in my system and no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to shake this “I can fix him” or a “he’s not that broken” mindset. Which isn’t good for my self-esteem because it always leads to lots of tears and heartache on my part when I cannot fix the problem, or when they make every excuse to not let me try. But that is just a day in the life of a girl who loves a challenge. Because the girl who loves a challenge ends up getting let down a lot more than she gets brought up.

This is a hard thing to handle for a girl, when exactly do you realize that you are the girl who likes a challenge? Is it when every friend you have tells you that you and your boyfriend are extremely wrong for each other, for over a year. Or maybe it’s the moment you’ve spent all day trying to come up with a date/not date for someone you’ve liked for a while but are just trying to get to know, then you wake up the next day to see they’ve basically just dropped your plans and moved on to something better. Something better than whatever you planned out, in their eyes. It could be the moment you are sitting in bed at 3am wondering why you thought staying at school for the long weekend for the chance to hangout with a boy was in your best interest. Maybe it is the moment you call your best friend crying because you just cannot handle feeling this stupid for one more minute. Whatever it is, or whenever it is, it sucks. It really, really just sucks.

We do crazy things, girls. Honestly, all girls will do crazy things for a boy they like but boys never seem to catch on. At least the boys I have chased after. What a funny thing, the struggle of being a girl who loves a challenge. Not only do you love a challenge but the challenge is probably the one thing you should be able to live without, only you cant.



A letter to the best friend that I haven’t seen in years

I think we all have at least one person we hardly see or talk to anymore who used to be a constant in our lives. I hope you can relate and share some of the same thoughts that I have about my best friend. Hopefully this will start a conversation between you two and you can catch up on all this crazy life stuff that is going on. Because, what better time to bring an old friend back into your life than during the holidays?

Hello, my sweet friend. It has been a while since we’ve talked, or at least seen each other. We are constantly trying to catch up on each others lives but it never works out like we hope for it to. We may not see each other every weekend like we did when we were little but you are still my number one friend.

First and foremost, I hope you know you aren’t just a face in some old pictures. You are the person I tell everyone stories about, the person I experienced my best adventures with, and the girl who stuck with me through my fat stage and my awkward stage (which deserves a metal or ten because wow, what a mess). You are and always will be my person; no matter how many other persons we each accumulate along the way. You’re my day one kid, don’t you ever forget that, jk how could you I’m all over every social media post you ever have. But seriously, even though I don’t update you on everything big that happens in my life as soon as it happens, know that you will eventually be filled in on everything I have done and it will come as a shock, but at least you’ll know it all. I know the same will happen when you spill the beans about everything that has happened in your life since the last time we talked. It is what we do, we live life and do our thing and then spill when it all becomes too much. It’s our thing, always has been.

On that note, we may not see each other very often or even talk all that much but I know for sure when something has changed in your life. I can tell by your posts; your instas are different, your tweets are off, I can just tell when something big happened in your life. I may not ask you about it at first because I know it’s a lot to handle right then, in that moment but I see it. I promise you I noticed. I also know that when you are ready and comfortable enough to talk about it that you will text me or call me or tell me you want to hang out, but right now you need your space to figure it out. I also know that when something huge happens in my life I can text you and you will come to my rescue. If I broke up with a boy, you know just what to say to make me feel like it’s not the end of the world, because that is what best friends do. We don’t have to see each other everyday, or know why things are happening to know that it happened for a reason and it will be okay in the long run. It is our responsibility to be there for each other no matter what.

Another thing I have wanted to say is thanks for the “I miss you” texts every once in a while, they actually brighten my days more than you will ever know. I hope mine do the same for you as well. Here’s the thing, they aren’t just empty texts that we send when we are bored. They are meaningful and come from things like looking through old pictures, finding old notes we wrote to each other, or just genuinely missing the one and only person we used to tell everything to. So it means more than just a random text from a newfound friend and it definitely has more of an impact on how the rest of my day goes as well.

I may not see you often, but I hope you know all of these things are true. They came from my heart sweet friend and they’re all about you. So if I show up on your doorstep with some pickles *insert bff’s fav food* be ready to let me in and talk about life all day or all night because this best friend reunion is way overdue.


15 Thoughts of Finals Week Defined By Friends

It’s the most terrible time of the year. We’re so close to christmas break but before we go home to our families and our big comfy beds we have to get through finals. Hopefully this article finds you ‘studying’ or cramming at the last minute. Happy finals week to all and to all a good night (after you finish studying).

15. I’m walking into this review day late but I’m working it.white-dog

14. Woah, this material was not on the study guide. 635724180127009126542662854_a14

13. I may look ridiculous walking to class but it’s clean and so don’t judge my wardrobe choices.  tumblr_m7zu8bsqko1qln2p6o1_400

12. I wonder if this is cumulative? *asks professor* Heck yeah, now I just have to learn the most recent material all over again! 1440169761-friends-fanart-friends-20222266-500-215

11. I can do this, but I am going to need food. A whole lot of food. anigif_enhanced-7400-1411326185-1

10. I can’t fit anymore information into my brain, I just can’t do it. 6cf35a21bb73f6a6547821f929166eb8