Why the Man Bun has Just Got to Go

Man buns- they were cool for about a semester, but I’m here to say “I’m just not that into you.”

Okay, so I was never the biggest fan, but now they just need to go. Some men can rock them, but majority (read most) can not.

Over the years, men have experimented with many questionable hair styles, from the mullet to the Justin Bieber side sweep, we’ve seen it all. As soon as I see a man bun I immediately picture this hipster in a coffee shop.

The man bun has become a way for men to express themselves through their appearance, but to me the man bun is a just a way that men are getting lazy with their appearance, and it seems that many women agree.

According to the Detroit Free Press a study claims that:

62.9% of women surveyed either dislike or hate the man bun

58% said they wouldn’t date a man with a bun

74% said their current or past significant other would not look attractive with a man bun

I’m sorry Harry, but the man bun is not for you.

We’ve now even got to the point where men are buying fake man buns. I understand some women use extensions, but this is different and totally unattractive.


So please stop growing your hair out and let the girls rock the buns boys.

xo Lo


Life of a Lululemon Addict

“When life gives you lemons, pray that they’re Lulu.”

Yes, I do in fact have a sticker with that quote on my laptop. Lululemon has become a phenomenon over the past decade, and I see no end in sight. I have often been caught saying, “Once you go Lulu, you never go back,” because I love it so much.  It’s addicting and the best thing ever.

10. You have multiple drawers full of Lululemon workout gear

9. The “We Made Too Much” section is your favorite section on their website

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.53.38 PM

8. You feel at ease as soon as you walk into a Lululemon store

7. You have too many Lululemon shopping bags to count

6. You always have items in your shopping cart

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.33.30 PM



I Met My Best Friend Through My Sorority

It’s Bid Day. My friend Aly and I are so excited that we finally made it through formal recruitment and ended up in the same awesome chapter. All the new members, ourselves included, are trying to get the perfect picture with our letters to show their Instagram friends their new found home. We decide to hop in with these other girls Carolyn and Grace for a picture…and from there it’s all history.

Thought our semester as new members Carolyn and I became two peas in a pod. I’m not going to lie, many people have wondered how we’re so close because our personalities are so different. Carolyn is veracious and rational, where I am exuberant and overthink everything, but we work (somehow).

Carolyn and I go to each other about everything, with absolutely no judgement. We’ve seen each other at our worst, and been there for our best. She gives me the best advice, and listens when I feel like a my life is a hot mess.

She won’t hate me for falling down a flight of stairs. She’ll literally pick me up and laugh it off the next day with me. Then not only roll her eyes a few times at me when I complain about how much my bruised tailbone hurts for a week. We won’t hate each other for calling each other out, because everyone needs a reality check sometimes.

From our frequent food dates to our snuggle sessions I wouldn’t trade a second. Carolyn is my fiercest friend, who I know will always have my back. Although she may be perpetually late, I will always be there 10 minutes before her waiting for her to finally be by my side.

We are inseparable and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is my person.

So, that’s why I “went Phi Sig Today!”

Lots of Love (in the Pyramid), Carolyn

xo Lo


Going Out as Told By the Real Housewives

After a long week of classes you are ready to let lose and have some fun with your friends. These nights can sure be memorable, or not. The Real Housewives understand us and our needs. They are basically like our drunk spirit animal.

11.  How you say you’re feeling…

10. What you’re actually thinking 

9. You’re ready for a night on the town

8. At the pregame your friends are like

7. You’re so excited when you get to the party and they’re playing “your song”

6. Later in the night, everything is the end of the world and you end up crying on the floor



I Went on a Date with Myself: Why Doing Your Own Thing Isn’t Weird

The other week I was having dinner with my family and  we were discussing the movies that were in and my sister mentioned she loved going to the movies by herself. I chuckled at her and made fun, but then she explained that this allowed her to do what she liked regardless of wether or not her friends were free.

So, I decided to try this last Saturday night during winter break. Boredom had hit me hard and I needed to get out of the house. I began to look up movie times and see what I was interested in. I was bummed that the movie I wanted to see wasn’t playing for another 2 hours. so, I decided to kill some time I’d do a little shopping and get something to eat.

I got all dolled up and was excited for the night ahead of me. I then ventured to the area around the theater and decided to get a few crafting supplies for all the crafts I’m making for my future little. When I was finished surveying all of the isles I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat. I decided on Chipotle.

Upon entering I was asked what I would like and I went down the empty line. I was then asked the simple question “Here or to go?” To which I nervously answered “Here.” From the dinning hall to a half empty Chipotle, I never liked eating alone. Eating alone to me always made me feel anxious. I am such a people person that to me eating alone feels like I don’t have any friends.

But, while sitting there alone enjoying my chicken bowl I realized something. Eating alone didn’t make me a weirdo. I didn’t have to sit there texting away or franticly reading a Buzzfeed article I saw on my Twitter. While yes, I felt weird sitting alone, I tried to enjoy the me time that the night was all about. I even saw another gentleman sitting alone eating as I was leaving which reenforced that, no I wasn’t a weirdo for eating alone.

I then was off to my double feature. I found my seat in the jam packed theater between a mother who was with her son and a teenage boy who was there with his parents. Yup, I was alone, but I was actually enjoying it. I didn’t have anyone annoyingly commenting to me thought the movie or wondering what the other person was thinking. I was simply enjoying myself.

I was on to my next movie where I’m pretty sure I laughed louder than the entire theater. After the movies I realized, “Wow, my sister was right. Going to the movies alone was great.” This whole experience made my think Why, as a society, do we always think do things on our own is a bad thing? …

So, I encourage you to go have some quality me time and do things you enjoy by yourself. Take yourself out and make sure You do you.

xo Lo


Moving Back for Spring Semester as Told by New Girl

Congratulations collegiates! You did it. You survived the awkward banter at Christmas, watched all the Netflix you humanly could, and most importantly you got through the boredom of being somewhere where there is absolutely nothing to do. Once you realize the day has finally come, you go through a few exciting steps, from catching up with friends to new classes.

10. You realize it’s THE day…the day you’re going back to school


9. You get to see your long lost friends 

Hopefully your hugs are better than this…

8. You catch up with your college friends

7. You can finally show your roommates the new cooking skills you acquired over break…

…or lack there of


6. There are so many new hotties in your classes



NYE Expectations vs Reality as Described by Parks and Rec

New Years always has such high expectations, but it doesn’t always live up to them…

Your friends have decided to throw a New Year Eve party…


What could go wrong??


Well…I hope your night is better than Leslie’s…

But you say:

Getting ready for the night….



Midnight is going to be magical….




Crafts to Make Over Christmas Break for Your Future Little

If you’re like me you can’t wait to get a little, and you cannot wait to spoil her! Crafting is something you’re very excited for, and your Pinterest board is full of ideas. I gathered up some of my favorite ideas to make a list, because what better time to craft and relax than christmas break?

10. Glitter Letters

9. A Custom Frame

8. A Canvas with your Greek letters Intertwined into a unique Saying

7. Something with a Lilly Pattern

6. Something with the words Big and Little



10 Things to Do When You’re Done with Finals

The dreaded season of finals is over and we finally have some time to relax, but the question is now, what do you do with your time??

10. Sleep

I can guarantee that you are sleep deprived and probably on a major caffeine crash right now. So, I recommend that you get some sleep.

9. Get Your Nails Done

Pampering yourself can truly help you detox from all of your finals. Getting your nails done can be a simple pleasure to get you feeling better in no time!

8. Watch Obscene Amounts of Netflix 

Netflix is one of the best inventions. I suggest you indulge in it. Catch up on your favorite shows you’ve been too busy cramming to watch, or start a new series.

7. Try New Foods

You have most likely been eating Ramen noodles and fast food because you haven’t had time to cook. Try that new place you’ve been dying to go to and have something new to celebrate the end of finals.

6. Go Shopping 

Shopping can be therapeutic. It is also a great idea, because you can shop for your loved ones, or yourself, for the holidays.



10 Things in Every Woman’s Purse

Purses come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, square, circular. Your purse bottomless pit is a wondrous creation holding everything you may need, and more.

10. Lip balm

There are probably at least 5 scattered throughout your purse. Some have probably been there for years….

9. Random pieces of paper

Old receipts, gum wrappers, reminders. You name it, it’s in there.

8. Hand sanitizer

You probably used it once and it’s all crusty now, but it’s the thought that counts right?

7. Sunglasses

One must always have a pair of shades in your purse, even in the dead of winter.

6. Make up


You always have a random assortment of makeup in your purse, whether it be lipgloss or a whole beauty kit.



11 Things That Happen During Finals Week at SJU

Finals week is here and we’re already over it because……

11. The week before finals is actually more stressful because of all the group projects and presentations you have due.

10. You’re trying to finish all your papers and you aren’t making sense….

9.You just realized you have less than a week to use 50 Campion swipes.


8. You can never find a study spot in club lib



10 Things on Every Basic Girl’s Christmas List

If you’re like me you’ve already started your Christmas Wish List. It is sure to be long and extensive, but a few of these ten things are sure to be on it.

10. Bean Boots

LL Bean Duck Boots

They’re always on back order though!

9. A Starbucks Gift Card

Your Starbucks addiction is leaving your funds low, so you’re resorted to asking for gift cards, even if you’ll go through them in the first week.

8. Monograms

Bauble Bar’s Monogram Necklace

Anything monogramed is on your list!

7. A Designer Handbag

Designer Handbags on Bloomingdales

You’re in desperate need of a new handbag wether it’s for class or everyday, you have your eye on one.

6. A Lilly Planner

Lilly Pulitzer Planners

Your Planner keeps you sane and organized. You’re in desperate need of the newest pattern.