25 Signs You Have A Pizza Addiction

PIZZA!!! One of the staples of the college student diet. Maybe its because Dominoes is the only place open at 4am, maybe its because its heaven in a box, maybe you are just addicted. No matter what we all know pizza as the go to drunk food, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

25) If Dominoes did loyalty cards, you would be a gold member.

24) Your trash can looks like the dumpster behind the local pizza joint.

23) You know exactly which pizza from each place is the best.

22) People don’t even has to ask what your favorite food is anymore.

21) People have started calling you Little Caesar.



20 Things To Remember Before You Send An E-mail

So many of us are bombarded by warnings about using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and even Tinder. People go as far as to make rules about what you can and can’t post for your chapter. But no one ever warns you about what you send via e-mail. But this is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of communication. My chapter could have been disqualified from Greek Week for an e-mail sent from one girl. You never know what is going to happen so be smart. Just remember to have all these thoughts before you send that e-mail, whether its to your mom, your sorority, or even a professor.

20. Spell everything correctly. No one will take you seriously if you misspell words

19. Make sure the situation requires and e-mail. If something can be done over text it makes everyone’s life easier

18. Know who else you are representing in your message. Whether its your sorority, a club, your school, or the USA



Why Ray From Star Wars Is Perfect

With all the fighting for equality, and extremist feminists taking everything that happens out of context, the world needed a strong female lead in any way. And Ray has proven to be the most perfect of all female lead roles ever.

She can take care of herself


She doesn’t let Finn hold her hand in a condescending way


But she’ll always pick someone up




Toilet Thoughts are the new Shower Thoughts

Sitting on the toilet has become a national pass time. Its quiet, peaceful, and somewhere you can actually think.  Toilet thoughts might even be better than shower thoughts. Who knows?

Oh man gotta poop! Let me quietly sneak away into the peaceful bathroom.


Gotta make sure I have my phone, tablet, laptop… okay maybe just my phone.


OH crap! Did I forget my phone? Good thing I have my handy shampoo bottle to read.


Why is the toilet seat always cold?


Is it better for it to be cold or warm?

Warm feels nice but then my butt is basically touching someone else’s butt.


Haha #Buttstuff2016

That should be the new presidential candidate! 


Could you imagine cars driving around with butt stuff stickers

I really hope no one is listening to my poop splashes.

Ew I think my ass just got splashed. 

I might actually have to throw up in this toilet afterwards now.


No it’ll be okay just wipe it off.

Now that I’ve wished my friends happy birthday, time to read the news.


JK f*** the news. Time for some games.


Angry birds here I come.

Every has to have their secret toilet game.


Wow that sounded bad.

Do I have enough toilet paper?  yeah we’re good.


Why don’t I ever check that until half way through my poop.

I wish I was at my parents house, they always have super plush TP.


I think I’m done, but there is always that last little drop that takes forever to get out.


If I wipe now it’ll be gross, but I’m getting tired of sitting here.


There it goes!


Time to be done with this.

*Stands up, leg cramps*


What a beauty! *flush*


Please always remember to wash your hands!!!


Signs you go to school in Worcester

Ahhhh the dirty Woo. While every college city has its unique traits, if you go to school in Worcester, you know these things are true.

One day its 60 degrees, the next it snows.

You don’t think there is “a lot of snow” on the ground if its less than 2 feet.

And you sure as hell aren’t getting a day off if there isn’t a complete shutdown of the state.

There is nothing better at 2 am than Wings Over Worcester.

You know more than 3 people who went to the Donald Trump rally to be “ironic”.

Don’t drink the tap water.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times in one of the ugliest cities.

You don’t consider it cold until the temperature is negative.

Your apartment is so old it casually tilts to one side.

You pick either State or Austin Liquors, but never both.

You don’t understand how the summer can be so hot with a winter this cold.

You know you can get literally anywhere using 290.

The Pike refers to the Mass Pike refers to the worst highway system in the world.

You have been to Gold Star diner more than once on a hungover Saturday.

You’ve either become a pro at driving in the snow or a pro at avoiding it.

It breaks your heart every time you remember the Worcester Sharks are gone.

You’ve taken some form of transportation out of Union Station before.

You used to think you would casually go into Boston on the weekends, and now you realize that was a lie.

At some point in your life you have eaten on Shrewsbury Street.

You are more than excited that the bridge leading to Chipotle is finally done.

You make bets as to when the road construction will finally end (its never).

You’ve ranked your school against every other school in this city.

You were appalled by the notion that you live in a college town.

At least once you were afraid to walk alone at night.

When you told your friends/family you were coming here they made a snide remark about safety.

You’ve told yourself you want to go to the Worcester Arts Museum, and still haven’t been.

Your heart was crushed by the closing of Wooberry for the season.

You’ve spent longer than 3 months straight wearing your snow boots, and no one judged because they did the same thing.

You realize the snow is only pretty for 30 mins, and then it completely turns dirty.

You’ve made some of the best friends at the best schools in the state.

You’ve been to a frat party at WPI, because they’re the only school that has them.

You may not live in glamour, but this city is home in some strange way.

You miss the sounds of sirens and yelling when you’re home all summer.


You loving refer to it as the Dirty Woo


Stages of picking out a formal dress

As formal season rapidly approaches, dress planing has obviously started months ago. Has he asked you yet? Probably not. Are you more than prepared to say yes even though you tell him you need to “check your calendar”? Yes. Have you been prepping for this night for like 2 months? H&ll yeah! But before you finally walk out that door in heels slightly too high, these are the steps you take to pick out that perfect dress.

Pinterest: This stage happens for months if not years. Randomly in the summer if you’re bored, when you’re at work with nothing to do,  or even when you’re watching some fashion show on TV you are on Pinterest. Every dress from every color. You have different boards for different themes, colors, seasons, level of hotness of date, even different styles of dress and different ways you want the night to end. No matter what they formal is, you are ready for anything. You clearly have a favorite style and color, but that will never stop you from pinning anything that even remotely catches your eye.

Casual mall trip: 

You don’t expect to find anything this time, but the lure of trying on every dress you see sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe you were walking around with friends and saw the cutest thing on the rack, or you’re with your mom and hoping maybe she’ll buy that dress that makes your ass look huge and your wallet look tiny. Any way you’re basically just here for the fun. Its like a dress pregame. Soon you realize that the dress might have to wait until all that winter weight is gone, from three winters ago.


Now you actually want your dress. You want to have that moment when you know that its the one. And you hate yourself. Nothing looks good, nothing fits, nothing is your size. Everything makes you look like a fat ugly cow. No matter how many people tell you how amazing you look, you are not ready for any of this. You want out of the store as soon as possible, and you want a pizza all to yourself. This is the moment where you swear yourself to the gym, and off candy, and even maybe off alcohol. Formal season is serious business. How are you expected to take pictures when you can’t look in a mirror.

The one:

You find it. Finally after searching for what feels like forever. It fits perfectly, it shows exactly what you want it to show. You are going to be the belle of the ball. No one can top you, and you know it! HOT DAMN! You are so ready for formal, no go out there and kick its butt!!!!

The moment of doubt:

 So like you were supposed to stay off the internet for the next week, but here you are crying over your laptop, about a dress that isn’t yours. It took you so long to find the actual one, and now you’re doubting everything you once held so dear. But you realize, that the first dress you had is the perfect one, and you don’t need to worry if there is something better out there because there is not.


And maybe now is the perfect time for someone to actually ask you.


Why I Won’t Get Married

I believe in true love. I do think you have one person you are meant to spent your life with. I want a pretty ring, and a pretty dress, and a party celebrating my love. But I do not want a wedding, and I will not get married.


I am not a religious person. Maybe there is a God, maybe there is a bunch of gods, maybe everything is a hilarious coincidence. I haven’t spent time thinking about it, and it doesn’t carry much weight in my life. To me, there is no point in getting a God I don’t really believe in involved in my love life. There is no point in standing in a church, listening to a man in a robe, and not really listening to his words, and them having no meaning to me. Why is that a norm? If people are allowed to believe whatever they want, then why do they have to be married?


I think the government is good. I like that they are there as a guiding hand.  They are great for laws and protection and organization. But there is no point in letting the government getting involved in my love life. Sure there may be tax benefits and financial benefits, but my current career trajectory is pointing me to a place where those small savings aren’t completely necessary.  Where I would be able to take care of myself with or without a mate. I don’t need a law binding contract to tell me that I have to love this person forever. I just should. And if I stop loving them forever, then I shouldn’t have to battle the law just to stop loving them.


A relationship between two people should be exactly that, between those two people. There shouldn’t be a pressure to get other people or powers involved in that relationship. And if you ever want to end that relationship, for any reason at all, you should be able to, without spending most of your money on lawyers and courts and paperwork. If you are meant to be together forever, you will be, no matter who else you get involved.



3 Things Society Overreacts to

I understand that as a society, there are things wrong, and we must address them. But recently we have started making mountains out of mole hills, making issues larger than they are, and blowing every little word out of proportion.


1) Bullying: Almost every month in High School, there was some sort of program/meeting/assembly about bullying. I went to an all white, extremely middle-class, public high school. While people were terribly mean to each other, there was never really bullying. And I get that it is a problem with certain people, in different schools, but really the way that it blew up for 3 or 4 years was extremely unnecessary.


If you’re getting bullied on the internet the best fix is to shut off the computer… If you’re getting bullied in real life, just walk away. No one cares as much as the adults in school think they did. Instead of spending at least a week over the school year talking about a subject that didn’t entirely pertain to us, really it is up to the parents to deal with that. A good ole smack to the back of the head is really all that is needed to fix a bully, not a seminar on feelings.


2) Hazing: This is an issue. People died, and laws needed to be put into place. But society has taken this issue, and turned it into everything. My sorority is not allowed to do anything anymore. There are no requirements to meet to be initiated. Basically you have to be recruited, then sit around for 7 weeks not really learning anything, and not having to do anything you don’t want to. We can’t even encourage them to do certain things, like getting to know each other better, trying to meet all the sisters in the chapter, or even scavenger hunts. Society took a handful of terrible incidents, and blew it into a complete national overhaul.


Every national chapter is too worried covering their asses as to not get thrown into the news that chapters walk around on eggshells, making everything optional, and not doing anything that may be seen as possibly a slight suggestion of hazing. Its bullsh*t. Paddling, naked laps, bottle squats, and body shaming. These are things that should never be done to another person. These are the types of hazing that should be banned, and that people should get in trouble for. Conversations, games, knowledge about the organization you are joining, getting to know each other, and  responsibilities around campus. These are things that are banned, that chapters can get totally f-ed over for, that make no sense to me. And its not just in Greek life. Its sports, student government, classes. Every one is watching their backs and turning into complete babies. How are people supposed to know how to set up the sports equipment if they aren’t taught how to as freshmen?


3) Shaming: There is now a disclaimer on the first amendment. No longer is it freedom of speech. Now its the freedom to say things that don’t offend any one and doesn’t have an opinion on anything, and that can’t be taken negativity. Say someone has slept with a guy she shouldn’t have? Slut shaming. Say someone that large is unhealthy and more likely to develop heart problems? Fat shaming. Say you don’t like the way someone’s body looks? Body shaming. Anything you have a differing opinion on is shaming.


My friend recently commented on how a celebrity had gained a few pounds. He was then immediately attacked by everyone else in my group about how he is fat shaming, and body shaming, and how he didn’t have the right to talk about her like that because his views weren’t perfect. Basically he was allowed he wasn’t aloud to voice his opinion. Stop! It is a first amendment right that you can say what you want, as long as you’re not threatening the life or rights of another human being. You can say what ever you want. And people are allowed to disagree with you. But no one should ever feel like what they believe in is not allowed to be shared openly.




What your go-to dinner says about you

Every one has a go to dinner during college. You switch it up every once in a while, but these are the meals everyone knows you by. And these few foods and personalities are very common everyone can see it.

Pasta: You love the olive garden, and never change your order. Your idea of the perfect Saturday night is binge watching some old Netflix tv show in your blanket and ignoring ever text you get asking to chill. Maybe switch it up next weekend. Trust me, spicing it up is great.

Pizza: You never commit to a man. You love to string them along though. You’re the fun one to take to formal, mess around with, and guys love you because they don’t have to worry about calling. On weekends you’re most likely to be found drunk on a school night instead of doing work.


Mac and Cheese: You’re the nerd of the group. Your GPA is either a 4.0 or you spend every night crying about your 3.9. You love the mac and cheese life because its the easiest to make at 3am when you finally get home from (kicked out of) the library. Maybe one Saturday you need to put down the books and explore your college’s night life. It may drop your HW grade .1 point, but that is what college is about.


Chicken: You have your sh*t together. You have a 5 year plan, an internship this summer, a job lined up for after college, the perfect boyfriend, and the best roommates. Keep doing you girl! Keep working at your life because trust me, even if you don’t think its perfect, everyone has you as their #lifegoals. You are rocking that Lilly planner!! You do you!!!


Chinese Take-out: Pull yourself together. You may not have seen the freshmen 15 hit, but it will. And when it does you’ll feel it. You can’t spend every night up till 5 am  watching TV and “hanging out” with every person on your floor. This isn’t high school. You have to start pulling your weight in group projects and actually doing your homework. People are gunna notice if you ask to copy theirs every night, and they won’t be nice about it. Call home, go to the gym, and eat a salad. Your tight pants and tired mind will thank me.



Inside the Life of the School Mascot

I am a part of the club that owns and controls our school mascot. And I was asked to be inside that giant head during my school’s homecoming football game. The world completely changes once you are inside.


Before I was even allowed to touch the costume I had to sign a contract promising away my life if I did not follow the code of conduct for the mascot. I couldn’t talk, I had to be sober, I couldn’t make obscene gestures. Basically I had to behave (which for me isn’t always easy).


Then it was time to put it on. That sweaty, heavy, smelly suit. I went down in the tunnels of our gymnasium, into the dark back corner, met up with my “handler” and put it all on. First was the pants, then the chest, then the feet, then the head. There is supposed to be a fan inside the head, but its broken, just like my idolized view of all school mascots. After I was dressed with my gloves and Pep band t-shirt, I headed out to the field.


Walking as the mascot is basically walking in shoes 3 sizes too big, with a 10 pound weight on your head, and trying to balance on one foot, while trying to see out of the dirtiest glasses possible. The eyes are made out of mesh, and trying to focus past them is next to impossible. But somehow I made it onto the field! There is no line of sight other than straight forward, and with all the noise of homecoming, it was impossible to hear anyone calling for my attention. Kids were screaming for pictures, students were trying for selfies, I honestly didn’t know which way to look first, and my handler was just as all over the place. When it was time for me to go on the field and perform, suddenly everything was easier. I did’t have to look at anyone, no one knew who I was, and no matter what I did the fans thought I was adorable behind that fuzzy mask.


While being the school mascot is one of the hardest things to do, it is also one of the most rewarding seeing people be over joyed with getting a picture with you, and seeing all the fantastic photos on Insta is all worth it!



Why My Body Loves the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

There has been a lot of bashing and shaming towards the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, this year in particular. A lot of these articles raise valid points, and do a good job explaining why certain people don’t support extremely attractive women walking around in underwear. I however disagree.


I love watching this fashion show, and it makes me feel confident and sexy. This is because the girls on the show are so close to perfect, but they still go through the same things. Watch this gif and see if you can point out the thing that happens to these women that also happens to the rest of us.

THEIR LEGS JIGGLE WHEN THEY WALK!!!!!!! I used to think that I was awkward because my legs shook, then I realized it happened to almost all girls on my sports teams, and now it happens to supermodels. These women are also in the most fantastic shape of their lives. They do kickboxing, ballet, weight lifting, yoga. These women are born beautiful, but they also work out an amazing amount to keep themselves looking that fantastic!


If these workouts and abs don’t inspire you to work on yourself, I’m not sure what will. But watching these angels flaunt their stuff while I shove my face full of hummus every year has taught me one thing. No matter where you are right now, you can have kick a$$ body as long as you work hard at it. Its not easy to have a camera scan you up and down as you walk around in a thong and giant wings. Its also not easy to always go to the gym or eat right on campus. But if you do put in the work, and make sacrifices, you will look hot.


I’ve come to terms with the fact that my 5’3″ frame with never make my legs look sky high, or that my cheek bones are perfectly contoured, but I can still work to be the best and prettiest version of myself, for no one other than me!



Daily Thoughts That Do Not Make You a Bad Person

As a college student, I find myself thinking some pretty strange and pretty terrible things on a daily basis. Sometimes these thoughts become words, but most of the time I question my sanity for thinking them and move on. While they might be some bad thoughts, I am not a bad person, and thinking/saying these don’t automatically make you bad. There are somethings that happen that deserve some pretty bad thoughts.

Here’s a list of thoughts most people have daily that aren’t as bad as you think:

10) I hate everyone.


You may just be having a bad day, you might hate like 3 people so it is just easier to generalize. Its totally okay to hate everyone.

9) Everyone just needs to STFU.


Again you’re probably having a terrible day, and there’s that stupid group of people yelling in the library as loud as possible. While you’re not a bad person, you’re probably a hungover person. Make sure you stay hydrated while telling people to pipe down.

8) Stop talking to me.


Along with STFU, its just one of those days, you just want to be left alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel bad for keeping your head down, and quickly walking back to your room.

7) I would sacrifice you for a coffee. 


That magic time of the morning before you had your coffee. You shouldn’t be expected to be nice, especially when someone is just down right too much. Its normal to want to sacrifice someone for coffee. You need the nectar of life, and are willing to do anything for it. Alright this one might just be me…

6) Can the proffessor just cancel class today?


I get it, I paid a disgusting amount of money to attend class every day, but like, can’t he just take a day off? Really? Doesn’t he understand the need for me to lay in bed all day because I got too drunk last night?