What Sports Mean to the Girl Who Hates Sports

It’s not just a word. Heck, it’s not even just something we’ll never play. It’s all about the…

Cute outfits. Yes, I want your jersey to wear as a dress with my white high top converse.

Cute pictures. “I’m going to cheer and hold up this foam finger in a sec, here’s my phone take an action shot.”

Drinking. If it’s a reason to slam tequila shots then hell yeah I’ll roll with it.

Flirting. Sports= boys. Lots of ‘em sweating and rowdy.




10 College Norms That Are Actually Really Weird

Nothing will ever be like college. You really don’t realize how strange our habits are until you look at them like this…

10. Recruitment. We all wear the same outfit. We bounce and cheer in these random girls’ faces and hope that entices them to join our sisterhood. We have insanely intricate rotation systems and processes to vet girls… all in one short weekend.

9. Ending up at Taco Bell more than one night a week. Out of all the food options you have and all the places you could possibly be, why is it that you’re waiting on the TBell line more often than you’re proud of?

8. Setting alarms for 17 minute naps. College students just don’t have time management skills. Or motivation. We literally would rather torture ourselves by going in and out of sleep instead of actually just studying and then going to sleep. The ultimate form of procrastination.

7. Pregaming in the shower. There’s just not enough time between sleeping ALL day and when the Uber arrives for me to look completely on point AND be plastered for the frat party. Girls multi-task all the time.

6. Going to a stranger’s house for a party. But Sarah knows Kelly who knows Michelle who knows someone who knows one of the guys who’s in that frat.



7 Tips For Getting Back With Your Ex

Mistakes are made and fights are taken too far. Sometimes, breaking up is a rash decision that one or both people regret. They say if you love someone, let them go, but I think if you love someone, fight for them. These aren’t guaranteed ways to get back with your boyfriend, but they definitely help to show how invested you are in them. As long as your heart is still with them in all you say, do, and feel, your break up might just turn out to be a little break.

7. Don’t burn or throw out your memories. In anger or sadness, a girl’s instinct is to make all the pictures and love letters go up in flames and donate all those hoodies to Good Will. Don’t. Put all your keepsakes in a box and give it to a friend to hold on to. If things fall back together, you won’t have to start from scratch.

6. Watch your mouth. It’s easy to be super bitchy in the heat of the moment during the break up fight. If you have any hints that this isn’t for real or there’ll be a future, don’t say things like “well your brother is hotter anyway” or anything that could potentially put him over the edge and lose all respect for you.

5. Keep your legs closed. Focus on yourself after the break up, don’t go boy crazy. If you really want another chance with your guy you need to prove that you really still love him. If isn’t going to take you seriously if he hears you’ve been sleeping around. Do you for a while… and no one else. imagine

4. Be civil. A few days after the break up reach out to him with a simple text to see how he is and perhaps apologize. Show that you’re mature and don’t want it to end like this.

3. Work out. Do it for yourself and do it so when he stalks your Instagram he’ll remember what he’s missing. He’ll obviously see that you’re looking good, but also know that you’re happy without him. Be sure to dress to impress for a while in case you run into him.

2. Write a letter. It doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be begging for him back, but it should be heartfelt and sincere. Explain how you feel about him, acknowledge what you did wrong, and how you’re going to change with or without him. At the very least, it will be the perfect closure to your relationship if it doesn’t make your ex have second thoughts.

1. Be sure you actually want to be together. Be certain you’re not just fighting for the cute pictures, bedtime cuddles and comfort of having him there. You want to be so in love with him that you can’t possibly be interested in anyone else. Make sure he isn’t coming back to you out of pity or just for a last hook up.


10 Ways To Show Him You’re Not Interested

Okay, he’s cute. But his friend is cuter. Or maybe you have a guy at home. Whatever the reason for doing so, sometimes it’s awkward to relay the disinterested vibe to a guy. You don’t want to be mean, but you certainly don’t want to end up in his bed tomorrow morning. What do you do to nip it in the bud?

10. Wear jewelry that your boyfriend gave you… or looks like a boyfriend would give you if you had one. Guys can spot a ring or a classic “boyfriend” necklace from a mile away. And if they don’t, they’ll probably compliment it as a conversation starter to which you can respond, “Thanks, my boyfriend got it for me.”

9. Don’t take free drinks. Guys buy you drinks so they can 1) assert their dominance and show off 2) get you drunk so your judgment is impaired and they have a higher chance of taking you home. Duh.

8. Don’t flirt back. Don’t touch them in any way because that can easily be misconstrued as flirtatious. Be nice…but not too nice.

7. Unmatch on Tinder. Why bother with his “???” messages when you haven’t responded in a few hours. Just unmatch and set him loose on another innocent Tinderella.

6. Don’t answer his texts. If you can help it, don’t even give him your number. Don’t start or continue a conversation with a guy that you have no interest in. If he’s a random guy you met at a bar, you’ll never see him again anyway. If it’s someone who you’ll see from time to time or someone you’d consider being friends with, be absolutely sure the conversation stays platonic.



13 Things You Tolerate With A Party Girl Roommate

My roommates signature move is to barge into my room unannounced, dive bomb my bed and straddle me as she yells, “LET’S F***ING PARTY!” We’ve been roomies for  two wonderful years, and it’s been quite an adventure. I party quite frequently, but I’m no match for her. If your roomie is a partier, here’s a few things you’ll have to get used to as the “responsible” one.

13. Hearing the post-game arrive at 3am on a Wednesday. The dollar beer special wasn’t enough to satisfy these party animals. They need to return to my apartment to blast “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 and crush another 30 rack before their 9am class tomorrow.

12. Picking her up from the party. Sometimes she drunk types the address wrong and sends me 6 miles in the opposite direction. Sometimes I pick her up the morning after the party.

11. Cleaning the sticky counter. After every pregame full of spilled shots and card games, I have to salvage what’s left of my card deck and wipe down the counter just to enjoy a bowl of cereal without my spoon sticking to the counter.

10. Listening to midday vom sessions. I’m just in my bed reading something for class and can’t concentrate because I hear my roommate dry heaving in the bathroom. Honestly, I’m used to it by now.

9. Dealing with drunk drama sessions. Without fail, she comes into my room every night when I’m dead asleep, crawls onto my bed and tells me literally every detail about the night whether I asked or not.

8. Not knowing if people are sleeping on your couch. Every morning I peek out my door to the couch to check if any drunkies passed out there, or if it’s safe to start making eggs in my towel.



10 Things I Would Do After A Break Up

Clearly, I would cry a shit ton, sub-tweet the heck out of him, and listen to sad Taylor Swift songs like any girl would, but I would also immediately do these 10 things to help me cope and get back into the single life groove.

10. Burn everything. From his sister’s heels she let me borrow to his favorite hoodie… all up in flames along with the pictures I violently ripped off the wall. And his go pro he lent me for my sorority recruitment video.

9. Make a Tinder. Not only will it boost my confidence (hopefully, ha), it will introduce me to all the boys I’ve shrugged off at parties because of my ex.

8. Get a hobby. In a perfect world I’d just become a gym rat, but I love quesadillas and ramen noodles way too much. I’ll start scrapbooking or something instead of calling my boyfriend 50 times a day.

7. Save money. Not only are you no longer spending money on gifts and dates, now you have the option of flirting with guys so they buy you free drinks without feeling guilty about it.

6. Change my sheets. I don’t want to think of what happened in them. Burning the old ones.



10 Drinking Lessons You Learn The Hard Way

You haven’t lived if you haven’t spent the night dry heaving over a toilet bowl as vomit hardens in your hair. College… and for some of us, high school… exists to make mistakes and then make them 1473345234 more times until we actually learn from them. Here’s 10 things every party girl can relate and shake their head in embarrassment to.

10. Drunken hook-ups are embarrassing. Remember that every boy is cuter after 8 shots of Fireball, and that thing you’re doing with your tongue isn’t working and the entire frat party can tell.

9. Blacking out can be scary. Whose bed am I lying in and what day is it?


8. Keep track of your shit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to pay for a water bottle on Monday only to realize I lost my debit card at the bar on Saturday.


7. Watch your reputation. Don’t be known as the girl who vomits after 2 shots or takes her shirt off after 5. #Standards


6. Liquor before beer. If you want to keep down that pizza you ate for dinner and survive past 11pm…



10 Honest Reasons You’re Scared of Breaking Up

Whether you’re contemplating cutting ties or you’re losing sleep thinking he’ll do it, there’s a few aspects of your relationship you’re not ready to admit you can’t walk away from. No matter how toxic you are for each other, honestly, you’re putting off the break up because…

10. You’re too comfortable to start completely from scratch. After all these months of dumping every secret out, sleeping on his chest, and cooking with his mom, it’s terrifying to consider throwing that all away to start all over with a stranger.

9. You don’t want everyone questioning you. Once the Facebook relationship status changes, you’re phone is going to blow up with the same two texts; “Omg what happened?!” and “Are you okay?” Neither of which, you care to talk about 5 minutes after it happens.

8. What if he blasts those pictures? He’s a good guy…and he knows those lingerie pictures were only for him… but what if the break up brings out his spiteful side?

7. You don’t want to be alone. Admittedly you’ve pushed your BFF down to second string, and those 2am drunk calls or those 4am depressed calls have been fielded by your boyfriend for a while now. Even if you’re fighting and he’s calling you every name in the book, you’d rather listen than not talk at all.

6. You’ll seem less than perfect. All those #relationshipgoals pictures suddenly mean nothing. You’ll have no boyfriend for your friends to be jealous of and everyone will watch as you fall out of your fairytale5



10 Classic Lies Drunk Girls Tell

I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we’re all guilty. Who cares if we fib a little bit, as long as we’re drunk and happy, right?

10. “I’m not that drunk.” She says as she trips over her own feet and spills her shot. 


9. “I’M SO DRUNK.” She says as she holds the same vodka cranberry she was holding 2 hours ago.

8. “I SnapChat-ted him by accident.” She says as he opens the 17th snap of the night without responding.

7. “I love being single.” She says as she swipes through Tinder between sips of her margarita.

6. “I haven’t had Taco Bell in forever.” She says as she pulls a Taco Bell receipt out of her purse while looking for her lipstick.



10 Reasons Why You Should Respect Justin Bieber

I have to make it known that I’ve been a belieber through thick and thin. From “One Time” to “Sorry,” I’ve kept my JB poster hanging above my bed with pride (Shout out to my room mate who made fun of me for it last year but now bumps “Sorry” on repeat during pregames.). The Biebs has been both idolized and criticized, but I think he’s reached his plateau. If his last album didn’t transform you into a belieber, here’s 10 reasons why you should respect him at the very least.

10. He’s honest. His feelings for Selena Gomez are far from secret. It’s adorable how vulnerable he makes himself; serenading her at NYC bars, writing songs about her, posting Instagram throwbacks of her, and of course, always admitting his irreversible love for Sel no matter which pop star she’s dating. JB knows he fumbles the ball often times, but isn’t afraid to swallow his pride and apologize (is it too late now to say sorry?). Watch this honest interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

9. He’s a real person. Listen to the words to “I’ll Show You.” If it doesn’t pull on your heartstrings, you probably don’t have a heart. He’s made mistakes- on stage and off- because that’s human nature. Everyone screws up, but not everyone does it in the public eye with the entire world throwing its two cents in about it on social media. JB even cried on stage after performing at the VMAs because was so thankful to have the opportunity. Watch Justin’s genuine interview with Jimmy Fallon.

8. He has style. He doesn’t dress for the glitz and glamour (anymore). The days of performing in angel wings or walking the red carpet in a cheetah printed tuxedo are long behind the prince of pop. He’s mellowed out his wardrobe to remain trendy but also conservative…well, as conservative as an international pop phenomenon would be. The Biebs’s staple is his long dress-like shirts and a baseball cap, which is both classic and classy, but he definitely does clean up nicely. I will admit that he went through that awkward phase where he wore that Pharell hat everywhere, though.

7. He’s successful on his own merit. Forget Drake- Justin Bieber LITERALLY started from the bottom. He grew up poor with his mother and siblings in Canada, and posted YouTube videos of his young self singing covers. After singing on the streets for money and endless prayers, Usher stumbled across one of his videos and the rest was history. He’s not famous for being famous. He wasn’t involved in a scandal and doesn’t have famous parents. He’s straight up TALENTED, and worked incredibly hard achieve everything he has.

6. He’s not just a singer. The kid can freaking dance like his idols Usher and Michael Jackson. And rap. And play the guitar, drums, piano and trumpet. Just saying. He spent his entire childhood obsessed with all aspects of music. Justin is a jack of all trades and a good one at that. He spices up a lot of performances by taking a seat at the piano or wailing on the drums in the middle of his killer vocals and intricate (and sexy) dance routines. You don’t find that kind of talent every day.



10 Thoughts You Have While Voting For Exec

You’re too scared to say it because we’re all supposed to be kind and sisterly and have to good of the sorority in our hearts. Don’t worry, I’ll say what you’re really thinking during exec voting for you.

She’s in the chapter? Oh, she just kind of…blends in.

She’s a freshman, what the hell does she know?

I swear if I miss Scream Queens because of this shit I’m dropping.

I think Ali would be great for this position but I’m not nominating her because I’m trying to make it home in time for The Challenge.

She threw up on the bus to formal last year, why is she running for Standards Council?



12 First-World Things To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving reminds us to be humble and grateful for things we take advantage of daily; family, friends, food, cars, money, etc. It’s important to prioritize the intangible blessings like having your sisters as a shoulder to cry on or your parents to pick up your slack, but let’s not forget the little things. This light-hearted list of “blessings” should hit home for every college gal out there (hopefully…because that would be awkward if it was just me.)

12. Uber. How the hell would you get from the pregame to the party without it? Remember all the times the driver handed you the aux cord.

11. Drunk Taco Bell. The palace of regret and satisfaction, T-Bell will give you the Crunch Wrap Supreme you deserve after funneling that wine like a champ at the frat party.

10. Liquor with less calories. You don’t feel guilty shooting back that last round of whiskey before heading out because at least you’re sparing a 400-calorie-beer belly and can still wear that cute crop top.

9. Boobs. Something about them makes guys bow at our feet. Free drinks at the bar, free dinners, fire Insta selfies… boobs are kind of like backstage passes.

8. Sticky boobs. We would NOT get away with that backless dress for Vegas or that low cut halter top without these bad boys. Thanks for letting us wear less clothing than ever before, chicken cutlets.


7. 50% off sale on Tobi like…all the time. Thank goodness there are 5,000 dresses and rompers that would work perfectly for formal in three days… and I don’t have to spend my entire paycheck on them either. I can save some for the alcohol I’m going to pregame with.