Oh, snap! These sorority products make sisters snap their approval

Chants, matching apparel, turtles, pandas and owls can only mean one thing on a college campus – sorority recruitment.  


During the month of rush, sorority sisters panic to make sure their setup is perfect for potential new members. Whether chapters are playing host to guests during formals, philanthropy events or recruitment, a hospitable environment is key.


We’ve listed some of the best ideas and products to have on hand to make sure recruitment and all other sorority events are equipped with today’s trendiest decor.


Photo booth or a selfie stick

Any wedding guest understands just how popular photo booths have become. With fun props such as mustaches, funky glasses and wigs, it’s guaranteed sisters will have a ball in the booth at their next big event.


If the budget does not allow for an entire photo booth, go the cost-conscious route with a few selfie sticks. You might have been skeptical about using them before, but once you crowd a bunch of sisters in the photo, you won’t want to stop striking poses.


Treats branded with sorority letters

It may not be a new idea, but it sure is timeless!


Who doesn’t love freshly-baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes with your sorority letters? Next time you consider buying your everyday cupcake for an event, offer a cupcake bar filled with various sprinkles, icings and letters. This way, the treats will not only taste and look delicious, but sisters will have a ball imitating Betty Crocker as they’re creating their own masterpiece.


Sorority paper straws from Aardvark

With nearly every décor item in the sorority house branded with the chapter’s letters, there’s no better accessory than a sorority paper straw for girls to use in their sparkling beverages (and will have sisters snapping in unison for days).


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.39.06 AM

Aardvark is the only paper straw manufacturer that has a valued partnership with the National Panhellenic Council and has the ability to print straws branded with Greek letters, mascots and a wide variety of colors and designs. The original Aardvark paper straws are eco-friendly, FDA-approved and durable, made with 30 percent more material than all other paper straws on the market, meaning they won’t bleed ink or fall apart in your drink.


With Aardvark’s new patented Eco-Flex straws, sisters’ straws can bend at just the right angle whether you’re sunbathing between classes or sipping from your Bubba Keg over the weekend. The options for using Aardvark straws in Greek life are endless! Try them for your next:

  • Formal
  • Social
  • Chapter
  • Bid day/Homecoming goodie bags
  • Big/Little reveal


Available online at www.aardvarkstraws.com, a package of 144 Greek straws start at $29.99.

By incorporating photo booths, selfie sticks, unique desserts, Aardvark sorority straws and more into your upcoming Greek occasion, you can rest assured sisters and guests will be impressed. Most importantly, don’t forget to proudly represent your letters and your Greek life choice!


5 Ways to Win Rush

Social media can be your secret weapon to Rush success, but if not done right, you can really blow it. Rather than impose a ban on your sisters, here are 5 ways to win Rush and the whole year with the use of Postly.

If you haven’t heard of Postly, you’re about to. It’s the best kept secret in social media. Private and exclusive, Postly is not for the masses–no “followers” or “likes” needed. It’s a network designed just for you, by you. Add the people who really matter in your life– your best friends and groups like your Greek sisters, (even add your family without giving them access to the rest of your network).

Postly is the best place to share dynamic content (music, location, videos, photos etc…) in a way that’s more manageable than text-messaging, but safer and more private than the big networks. Best of all– it’s so simple. Sure Facebook and Instagram are great for mass broadcasting, but not for everything.


Here are 5 things you should do on Postly that you shouldn’t do on Facebook, or any other network for that matter:


5) Plan all the Rush events and share the details with everyone who needs to know without revealing the surprises.

Share music, venue locations, theme ideas, Legacy names etc… Do it on Postly and don’t worry about blowing the big reveal.

4) Share a secret.

You know that rush vote that is coming-up? Postly is perfect for sharing everything you need in the groups you easily set-up. Add or delete people with ease. No harm, no foul.

3) Post your real thoughts; bitch about your roommate; profess your undying love.

Don’t worry about fall-out–these are the people who’ve got your back.

2) Post pictures and videos from last Friday night.

You’ve heard the saying–what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well the same is true of Postly. Postly is private, it stays only with the groups within Postly, with whom you choose to share it. No worry about anyone (be it school, Nationals or your future employer) looking at all the fun you’re having.

1) Be Yourself!

You don’t have to compete for likes or comments anymore.

Best of all, Postly won’t robotically read your messages and feed you ad content based on buzz-words you’ve used.  Postly is a new network designed to eliminate the possibility of profile creeping, public embarrassment, viral sharing and social “clutter”.  Only people you know can add you.  And only people you approve can see what you post.  Because Postly is truly private, dare I say that this might possibly be the first safe place to be yourself online?… Imagine that.

Download Postly today and start using your private network.




Shine, the daily text message to make you happier each morning

We all know that feeling. The alarm goes off, you wake up already stressed about your to-do list, things you need to get done before lunch, an overdue project, the friend you still need to call back, and the list goes on (and on and on and on #adulting).


Fortunately, there’s a new texting service that understands the struggle. Shine wants to give you the motivational boost you need. The daily text message sends you a positive text message every morning so you can start the day off on the right foot.


Filled with actionable tips across confidence, daily happiness, mental health and productivity, and featuring fun pop culture references and gifs, Shine feels like a friend in your pocket.


“People are increasingly seeking ways to connect with themselves and set their days and their lives up for success. It’s called intentional living and we’re all about it,” said the founders, Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey.


Each day has a different theme, with topics surrounding ways users can be happier and healthier. The text content is bite size so it feels really actionable. If you want to learn more about the theme of the day, you can also read more in the featured article that Shine links to in the text message.





We all need a little help to get through the day. Luckily, Shine is available to help you get there.

To sign up for the free service, text “SHINE” to 30644 or go to


Justin Bieber Has A RIDICULOUS New HairStyle That Makes Me Want To VOMIT

Justin Bieber. Why are you doing this to all of us. Why did you just ruin your amazing good looks. I can’t believe you would do such a thing! Why, Why, Why! Justin Bieber just lost thousands of girls who crush on him because of 1 silly change. Bieber just changed his hairstyle, and as you can see in the picture below, it looks totally gross…..



This Company Is Changing The Game For Sororities Nationwide

$276. That’s how much I spent on recruitment clothing last year. Free people lace shorts, steve madden platforms, brand new converse, and the list goes on. And that doesn’t even include the time I spent finding all of this stuff.

totebagwlogo (1)

But for this year’s spring recruitment, my chapter got smart. We found out about Frill Clothing and I was saved from trekking to every Nordstrom in Orange County to find a navy chiffon blouse that fits me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.40.01 AM

Most chapter recruitments want that uniform, matching look. It makes sense, but it’s such a pain in the ass. With Frill, my recruitment chair was able to select a style and color scheme for every day, and order in all different sizes for EVERY MEMBER. It’s almost too easy.


Plus, the outfits we wore weren’t breaking the bank. Compared to last semester, I saved over a hundred dollars and our chapter looked better than ever. Matching to a tee, without all the stress of recruitment shopping.

Unfortunately, Panhellenic isn’t always too fond of the frills idea. I would ask why because there’s no reason to be against it, but I have to remind myself that it’s Panhellenic, so there’s always a problem (no offense). So, some Panhellenic Councils have imposed a “No Frill’s” policy. This can either mean a limit on spending or no bulk ordering from clothing companies.


My Panhellenic Council was one of these. No bulk ordering, no matter how much easier it was for us.


Luckily, the owners of Frill Clothing are so helpful and understanding that they walked us through a few options to get around the “No Frills” policy. Sisters can mix and match between their Belle Collection and split up the chapter into sections of different choices. The second option was our pick: the recruitment chair chose a color, and Frill gave her hundreds of options including dresses, skirts, shirts, and more. All those approved by our chapter were sent to us, and we were able to order directly from the list of options. That means all pre-approved options and no hassle of returning.
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.42.00 AM

What’s more, my chapter also ordered bid day goodie bags from Frill with tons of customized shirts, key chains, and stickers. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.42.27 AM

Having gone through one recruitment on my own, I don’t think I could do it again without Frill Clothing. For anyone who’s interested in the magic of Frill, click here to check them out. And for any questions about getting around your school’s “No Frill” policy, they’re more than happy to help.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.42.52 AM



As a freshman in college, it normal that you might fall in love with someone new that you met in college. According to perfectessay.com, the college environment is very different from the high school one and starting and maintaining your first college relationship can be hard. I want to describe ways and approaches that can help you start your first college relationship easily and make it work as you continue with your studies. Take time to learn about each other by spending time together. During your freshman year, you are most probably new to each other and have different past experience and background. Take time to socialize with each other and put interest to know about the other person’s past. Get to know about their friends and family, likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality, strength and weaknesses. All this take time and interest since a person is not a book that you can read. You need to establish a friendly relationship first and be patient with your partner i.e. the person you want to start a relationship with. Unlike high schools, college environment offer more freedom and time to students. This means you have more time to spend together in the way that you wish. Remember there are no parents or teachers to guard you or put restrictions on who and how you spend your time. You can also spend some nights together as it helps in bonding and establishing a connection between both of you.

Most rooms (hostels) in college are usually shared. Thus, having your boyfriend come to your room every now and then, can be disturbing and annoying to your roommate. Make sure you plan your boyfriend’s visiting period and inform your roommate in good time so that she does not get inconvenienced. Additionally, just like high school, college require someone to manage her time well. You must strike a balance on how you spend your time on schoolwork, friends, boyfriend and other activities. If you do not manage your time well, you will lose a lot. You have the freedom to decide on how you spend time with your partner.

Be ready to compromise at times and to handle a long term relationship. During school breaks such as winter and summer break, you might be far from your boyfriend if you do not come from the same home town. Therefore, you must be ready to endure being far away from each other. You can plan trips to see each other during this time in order to maintain the relationship. Since everyone has his/her plans, you must be ready to compromise at times so that you get to spend time together. Make memories together and keep your past photos so that they can act as a reminder. Be ready to try new things and new experiences. Always be free to make new friends and still put a lot of efforts in your schoolwork and raise your GPA.


College relationships are great but are not so different from other relationships. There some virtues that make any relationship strong, healthy and concrete. These include trust, commitment, honesty and compatibility. It is always amazing if you find someone who you share the same qualities. Be ready to grow together and learn from daily experience and have a lot of fun.


This New Dating App Allows You To Go On Dates With A Wingman By Your Side

What we’ve all been waiting for: Double is the new dating app that’s like Tinder with your wingman by your side!

Let’s face it, dating is stressful and awkward. With the aim of making dating fun again, the location-based dating app Double (think Tinder, but for double dates) will nurse the dating wound in your life… and your friends’ too! This is because Double allows you to pair up with friends and scout other pairs of friends to date. This limits the possible awkwardness and if the date doesn’t go so well, you still have your best friend to go through the ordeal without having to resort to text every few minutes. THIS IS WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR: Tinder, with your wingman by your side!

The App has been taking London by storm and is now set to launch in the States conveniently in time for Valentine’s Day!

Picture this: you come across two cool guys that are pretty funny in the group chat. You and your BFF decide they make the cut and arrange a date. Gone are the days you have to bask in the awkward silence of a first date; you’re sure to have conversation coming from all directions (4 to be precise). What tops it off is that you have your BFF to make the full assessment of your respective date – in real time! Awesome!

Need more convincing? We’ve come up with 4 reasons why you should try Double:


Imagine Catfish without Nev and Max with you. We don’t wanna risk that now do we?



You’re probably crazy and the likelihood is your best friend is too. You don’t need to hold back and you can bounce off your pal and FINALLY be yourself at a date. It’ll work both ways and it just eases the pressure for everyone. Time to channel double the fabulousness

giphy (2)

giphy (1)


You AND your BFF could find the love of your life at the same time! And if this fails, you’re both guaranteed a fun time anyway without having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to report to each other!

giphy (3)



And obviously, it’s less awkward. Like come on, you have your wingman with you, if that’s not a confidence booster, you need new friends.

giphy (4)

So there we have it. We’re so feeling Double right now and we reckon you should give it a try too so #joindouble! Double is available to download for iPhone and Android. Check it out now!


Romantic Places for a Date to Win Her Heart

Since dating is taken very seriously by Russian women, you should get well-prepared for it. In order to impress a lady, choose some romantic location for the date. Women like it when everything is touching and nice. The following dating ideas by Go Date Now Site will help you make the right choice.


If it’s one of your first dates, then a restaurant will make a good venue for it. You need to get to know each other better and talk in a relaxed atmosphere. Since Russian girls are not restaurant-goers you should avoid taking your date to some fancy place as she may feel uncomfortable there. The best option will be a cozy restaurant or a small café with the beautiful interior or excellent view from the windows. It would be better to choose the one where the live music is playing; it always creates a romantic atmosphere.

Boat or yacht.

If there is an opportunity to rent a boat and spend some time together in the open air, you should do that. You can be sure that she’ll like it very much. Sailing in the night will make your date even more romantic as the view of the stars reflected in the water and the moon-glade will resemble the scene from some romantic film. And girls are always dreaming that one day something similar will happen to them in their life.


You know that she is fond of theatre and her favorite play is performed soon. Buying the tickets choose the orchestra seats so that you can contemplate the performance and enjoy it in full. Let her know in advance about your plans to ask her to the theatre so that she can prepare for that event.

Stroll in the park.

Although this idea may seem rather ordinary, you should not give it up. If you are good at talking and storytelling she won’t even notice where your date is going off. Moreover, most parks are full of some attractions so you can have fun once you feel a bit tired of talking. Make sure that you don’t walk for too long as Russian girls like high heels and probably will show up in them on a date. Walking will make a good start for your romantic date which you can continue in some other place.


A skating rink or rollerdrome is a nice place for a date. You can get here a bit childish and become more sincere. Also, you get a plenty of opportunities to care about her and help her when she falls (especially if it’s her first experience of skating). In an hour, you’ll get pretty tired so you should go to the nearest café to relax and have a snack.


An excellent alternative of walking in the park is visiting a local zoo. Both of you will have a great time watching various animals, sometimes weird but nevertheless cute. Bring some food (or buy some right there) for ducks. Feeding ducks together is a wonderful pastime for a couple. It’s easy and fun and both of you will love it.


Go bowling and become rivals for some time. Playful competitiveness won’t do you any harm; instead, it will spice your feelings up. Playing bowling you can both be active and have a nice talk.


Don’t miss an opportunity to spend a romantic date in a planetarium if there is one in the vicinity. This is a great place: captivating and fascinating. It will tune you to the atmosphere of mystery and romance so if you want to go somewhere else after visiting the planetarium, make sure that place has the same vibes.

Horseback riding.

Another idea for a romantic date is riding on horseback. Find a horse farm and take a riding lesson. Take care of the outfit for your lady beforehand. Also, she should know where your date will take place in order to dress appropriately.

Tea ceremony.

She’ll be definitely amused by the Asian ritual of making tea. You’ll become a part of the ceremony and find out a lot of interesting facts about Chinese philosophy. Getting a bit spiritual on a date will help you set the invisible connection between you two.


What to Talk About on a Date

What to Talk About on a Date. It’s your first date and you’re afraid of an awkward silence that may set in the middle of your

conversation? Or you don’t even have the slightest idea what topics you can touch upon? Communication is an integral part of any date because it’s not just about wining and dining, it’s your opportunity to get to know each other better. By asking the right questions, you will get a clear idea of a person you’re dating and will be able to say whether it’s your match or it’s the first and the last time you see him or her. Here is a list of topics compiled by the Russian Brides Site. Use it to keep the conversation going.

 Travel experiences.

You know little about each other as yet, that’s why your date is a great opportunity to find out many interesting facts about your partner’s past. Asking about his or her trips will make a good subject for a chat, especially when you realize that both of you have an itch for adventures. It may also turn out that you’ve been to the same cities, so take advantage of this coincidence: discuss what you did there, what people you met, what you liked or disliked about those places.

 Plans for future.

If you’re on a date and you feel you want to be a part of your dating partner’s future, ask her or him to share their personal prospects with you. Ask your date, for example, about where she or he wants to work or live, or how many children s/he plans to have. On hearing the answer share your plans to make it clear whether your expectations from life are similar.

 Biggest dreams.

Let your partner look into your soul by confiding your secret dreams to her or him. Those may be your childhood dreams or current ambitions. Talking about the things like that may serve you well as you demonstrate your frankness and invite your partner for the same.

 Childhood stories.

The cutest topic to discuss is your childhood. Probably, everyone has a couple of funny things that happened to them when they were kids. Talk about what kind of kids you were, whether you had your favorite superheroes, what kind of love affairs you had in a kindergarten etc. This topic will tune you to a casual atmosphere and you’ll have some fun feeling nostalgic.

 Areas of interest.

Your conversation should be also a strategy to figure out your partner’s hobbies and interests. Tell your date about the things you’re keen on and welcome her or him to share what her or his talents or interests are. What’s important about your conversation is that it shouldn’t be a dry question & answer session or, what is worse, a police interrogation. You should talk in the format of a ping-pong game touching upon the topics interesting for both of you. Avoid those formal introductions or lead-ins to the topics, such as “Let’s talk about …” or “The next point I’d like to discuss …” They really sound silly in an intimate talk. Instead, make smooth transitions between the subjects starting from some generalities, gradually narrowing them down to the next topic. As it’s a live chat, sometimes you don’t have to ask a question expressively. You may state something engaging and wait for your interlocutor’s initiative to proceed with to discuss the offered theme.


New Mobile App Is The Coolest Selfie App Ever

We are pleased to share with you the Winner of the IQ Award BiEyes called the “coolest selfie app ever” with easy photobooth-photostrip pics for iPhone and iPad.

You can take pics with both cameras at the same time, pose pics or build 360 panorama pics and instantly share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email.

You can hand scribble images with colors and drawing pencils and save all of them in your personal gallery. There is a timer to let you “get into the picture” and you can use PrivateEyes to take and save pics as a security camera. There are free versions with ads, $0.99 without ads and $1.99 for 360 panorama version. You can download the app at this link here >>>> http://bieyes.com/itunes-appstore/ . You can check out some really cool pics from the app below!


image 4

image 3

image 2

image 1






UCI Gamma Phi Beta Just Showed What Sisterhood Is All About

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UCI Gamma Phi Beta. All I Can say is WOW, WOW, and WOW. What an amazing video. The sisters did an amazing job with their new bid day video that you have to watch below! Follow us on all social media @Sorority_Lyfe for the best sorority related content on the web!


Ole Miss Kappa Kappa Gamma Has A New Video Worth Watching

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Ole Miss Kappa Kappa Gamma. All I Can say is WOW, WOW, and WOW. What an amazing video. The sisters did an amazing job with their new bid day video that you have to watch below! Follow us on all social media @Sorority_Lyfe for the best sorority related content on the web!