21 Memes Only PETTY Girls Will Understand

“Petty” isn’t a character trait, it’s a way of life. Sure, you could always choose to be the bigger person and let trivial matters go. You could choose to live and let live, or choose to stay in your lane and mind your own business … But where would be the fun in that?

Here are 21 memes that only the pettiest of girls (or guys) will understand:



21.) When your friends are trying to help you get over your pettiness, but you try and fail every time.


20.) At this point, you just have to accept that you were born this way.


19.) Or maybe you were raised that way. Either way, it’s a part of you who are.



18.) You’re not too worried about your pettiness anyway, it turned out well for Blac Chyna.





17.) When you check the weather and realize that every day is 100% chance of shade.


16.) When you have no time for baes who won’t respond to you in 5 seconds or less.




The 18 Stages of Having An Annoying Uber Driver

Some Uber drivers are the coolest, chillest people you will ever meet, but some Uber drivers are clearly the mayor of Creepsville. Some Uber drivers leave you wishing you had just stayed home and stared at the wall rather than get yourself into a situation where you needed to call some stranger to come drive you home. These are the 18 stages of having an annoying Uber driver:



(18.) It’s Saturday night, the feeling was right, and you did what you always end up doing— getting blackout drunk. 


(17.) You finally accept that you’re maybe not sober enough to drive yourself home, and you’ve seen enough Lifetime movies to know that trying to drive drunk never turns out well, so you turn to your last resort – Uber.


(16.) After the longest five minutes of your life, you finally get a text that your Uber driver has arrived.


(15.) The text says your Uber driver has arrived in a black car, but when you look around, there are like fifty black cars, so you try to discreetly peek into all the windows, looking for anyone who looks remotely Uber-driver-ish. 


(14.) Your uber driver will finally get tired of watching you stumble around like an idiot and roll his window down to let you know which car is his.




The 17 Stages Of Getting Your Body “Summer Ready”

Every girl in the world has gone through the last minute panic when she realizes that summer is a month or two away, and she’s no closer to looking like a Victoria Secret model than she was last year. How are you ever going to wrack up the Instagram likes if your body is more “Fat Amy” than it is “Kendall Jenner”? Here are the 17 stages every girl goes through in an attempt to get her “summer body”:


17.) You accidentally open the Snapchat camera in Selfie-mode, catching a glimpse of your one-too-many double chins.


16.) With the summer season rapidly approaching, which means endless beach days and bikinis, you decide you should probably start working on your “summer body”. How hard could losing a few pounds possible be?


15.) You consider your options. Working out is something that people are, like, supposed to do, right? You should probably start jogging, or at least start taking the stairs? #BabySteps






10 Things Every UCF Freshman Should Know

So you got into UCF? Congrats! These will be some of the best years of your life. But before you jump right in, here are some things you definitely need to know:


10.) Parking is literally hell.

UCF is one of the largest universities in the nation. We have about 60 thousand students currently enrolled. Unfortunately… the parking does not reflect that. If you’re a commuter, prepare to get to campus an hour early so that you can maybe make it to class on time.


9.) The squirrels are insane.

Almost every student has a UCF squirrel story. The squirrels are a strange mix of rabid and overly friendly, so most students just avoid them altogether.


8.) Don’t miss out on the school’s traditions.

Spirit Splash is one of the coolest traditions out of any college in the country. Almost every single person goes, so don’t be the one lame friend who slept through it. You’ll regret it for the rest of the year if you do.


7.) The shuttles take forever.

Just like the parking, if you want to have a shot at getting to your class on time, take the shuttles to campus at least an hour in advance. The shuttles are supposed to be on a strict schedule, but more often than not they come and go as they please.


6.) Get involved.

UCF is a big place. It’s easy to feel lost or lonely, especially if you’re new. The best way to make the big college a smaller world is to get involved with a club that interests you. Greek life, Republican or Democrats clubs, clubs for your major, or even clubs for people who love to take naps— whatever your interest is, there’s probably a club for it.





Winter Struggles Only Florida Girls Understand

When girls think of “winter”, certain images may come to mind: Snowflakes, fuzzy jackets, and chocolate. When girls from Florida hear the term “winter”, what comes to mind is … well, completely different. Here are 10 winter struggles only Floridian girls can ever truly understand:



10. ) You were totally excited for like, the one week of cold weather for the year, mostly because you’ve been dying to wear a cute pair of boots. It’s not fair that girls in other states get to wear cute shoes, like, all the time.


9.) You feel insanely jealous of girls on Instagram taking super-cute pictures in the snow. Meanwhile, you’re drowning in sweat and have to pile on the deodorant.


8.) Christmas didn’t even feel like  Christmas, mostly because it was like 80 degrees out and instead of looking for reindeer, you were swatting away mosquitos.


7.) The super rare occasions when it does get cold, you have nothing to wear. It’s not like you need cute jackets or sweaters the rest of the year.


6.) While the rest of the world is freaking out over ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ and ‘Peppermint Latte’ season, you’re unable to join in on the fun unless the coffee is iced, which is totally not the same thing. Stupid hot Florida sun, thanks for ruining hot coffee for everyone.



College Life As Told by 90s Cartoons

If you’re currently in college, there’s a pretty good chance you grew up watching these cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s. You might be surprised at how much these cartoons, originally meant for children, are totally relatable now in your late teens and early twenties. Here is your life in college, as told by the cartoons from your childhood:

You’re more broke than you ever thought possible, and even McDonald’s is occasionally a luxury you can’t afford.


Meanwhile, while you’re probably gonna be in debt for a good portion of your life, you’re paying so much tuition money you’re pretty sure your college is swimming in it.


You make bad choices, like putting off the test you should probably be studying for to go to Happy Hour instead.


And then you can’t even get any work done the next day because of your killer hangover, thanks to bottom shelf liquor and cheap shots.



7 Gifts To Get Your ZTA for Valentine’s Day

Any ZTA knows that love is “the greatest of all things”, and Valentine’s day is the best holiday to celebrate love. Whether she’s your significant other, your family member, or just a treasured friend, show your ZTA how much you love her with any of these seven gifts ideas!


7.) Tiffany’s Crown Charm and Chain – The super adorable necklace and charm will make your ZTA look and feel like royalty.



6.) A Strawberry Edible Arrangement – Dessert strawberries are possibly one of the most delicious ways to show your love for your ZTA. Anybody can get strawberries for Valentine’s Day, but only a Zeta will appreciate the special meaning behind one of the organization’s main symbols.



5.) ZTA Lavaliere – A lavaliere is a necklace bearing a Greek Fraternity or Sorority’s letters. Lavalieres are very special to those within the Greek community, as it is a way to wear your letters with pride. Surprise your ZTA with her very own lavaliere necklace! (Or, alternatively, if you happen to be in a Greek organization yourself, surprise her with your own Greek letters to symbolize devotion and commitment.)



4.) White Violets – White violets are one of Zeta Tau Alpha’s primary symbols. It’s symbolic meaning is known only to those initiated within the Fraternity, so your ZTA will surely know how special these flowers truly are. Call your local florists to see what arrangements they can make with white violets.



3.) Crown Chocolates – When you think of V-Day, one of the first words to come to your mind is “chocolate”. Break away from the basic heart-shaped confections and treat your ZTA like royalty with chocolate shaped like mini crowns. They’re almost too cute to eat!



2.) Humble Ceramic Travel Cup – “To be humble in success and without bitterness in defeat” is a part of Zeta Tau Alpha’s creed, reminding your ZTA to be the best possible version of herself. Give her the gift of this adorable travel mug for Valentine’s Day and she’ll have a constant reminder of your love and her fraternity’s.


1.) Donate to the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation and the foundation will send your ZTA a special official ZTA Valentine’s Day card with your special message. Not only will this special gift show your ZTA that she is in your heart, it will also be making a wide-spread impact on Zeta’s around the world.



5 Reasons We Can’t Help But Love Professor Snape

Any fan of Harry Potter knows that Severus Snape was neither completely good, nor completely bad. He was shades of grey, both selfish and selfless, and that’s probably why fans all over the world adore him. Despite being a “villain” character and consistently antagonizing Harry Potter throughout the entire book/movie series, he remains one of the most popular and recognizable characters. Why?

Here are 5 reasons Harry Potter fans just can’t help but love Severus Snape:


5.) His sass – Snape was without a doubt, the sassiest and most sarcastic character in the series. He was, at times, cynical, commanding, bitter, and malicious … and the audience loved him for it. It just goes to show that everybody loves a good sasshole.




4.) His flair for dramatics – The head of Syltherin House never simply walked, he strutted. He never simply looked, he glowered. He never just walked out of a room, he always had to make an entrance. Despite being so stoic, Snape definitely had a low-key love of drama.



3.) He was myserious – Harry Potter is truly a literary masterpiece, but it’s not like most characters were hard to figure out. Voldemort, bad. Harry and friends, good. Severus was the only character that kept the audience on their toes throughout the entire series, and his actions always kept fans guessing.



2.) He was relatable – Okay, the whole “being a wizard” thing is probably not something most of us muggles can relate to. But, like most people, he was neither completely good not completely bad. J.K. Rowling herself tweeted “Snape is all grey. You can’t make him a saint: he was vindictive & bullying. You can’t make him a devil: he died to save the wizarding world.” Basically, Snape was imperfect and human, just like everybody else.



1.) Everything he did, he did for love – Snape’s unrequited love for Lily is one of his most distinctive traits. He grew up troubled and neglected, and it wasn’t until he met Lily Evans that he ever found his first friend. Over the course of their friendship, he fell in love with Lily. Lily may have chosen James Potter and  even gave birth to Harry, but Snape never got over his first and only love. Her death and the grief and guilt he felt because of it drove Snape to make all the decisions he made, like turning against Voldemort and secretly helping Harry the entire way, and it ultimately led to his death. When Dumbledore asked, in astonishment, if Snape still loved Lily, “after all this time?”, Snape responded with “Always.” The Half-Blood Prince had his faults and was definitely no hero, but he lived and died for love, and for that, fans will always love him.




Sadly, the wonderful actor Alan Rickman passed away January 14th, 2016, after a battle with cancer. Whether you loved or hated Severus Snape, let us put our wands up for the actor that brought a little more magic into our lives.



Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. 


UCF ZTA Spent Winter Break Bringing The Heat

For most people, “winter break” means cold fronts and hot cocoa. However, when you live where other people vacation, winter break comes with an entirely different set of rules. The sisters of UCF ZTA show us exactly how Florida does winter.

Some sisters relaxed in their hometowns, soaking up the sun on the breezy Floridian beaches. Other sisters travelled to fascinating new parts of the globe. But whether they spent break in Miami or in Monaco, there’s no doubt that the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of  Central Florida had one amazing break.


12328318_916537111771671_1722563055_n  12393794_1674076992830851_1218715069_n1527667_171348896560503_1304041788_n 926936_1672916659653896_167386659_n 12317639_873304466123940_1691524588_n 12357405_908568389192027_1932163651_n 12362421_1067824589926965_1318863181_n 10009349_1753834498181101_737923420_n 12356592_1503650879938900_460156181_n10601691_535676886599675_422414476_n12362514_433759160163042_1716328186_n  Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.48.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.48.32 PM 1171010_1659587950925382_1558400696_n 12362351_1501553660148760_1538359297_n  12331536_792770487494815_1496419305_n 12317498_470008386537484_356396369_n 12394194_159071687787586_1627487759_n 1171010_558322187670468_950670078_n 1517324_811964402266158_1452094453_n

 Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.47.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.46.58 PM12393650_1781362598757759_1301529726_n  12534507_811619038948343_2114088572_n 1172051_1511999255761007_487097492_n 12479216_873435522775946_720405269_n 12338586_155295381500016_2083689379_n 12523717_591159074368785_45658653_n1889214_902718459823776_1404465211_n  917460_780511758716199_490803741_n 925882_492156330963775_1210324649_n Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.46.36 PM 12357908_772965252808379_1634774462_n1516144_150645971973339_1855193290_n 12362032_196017757409793_1132863065_n 12353934_1683791431905505_1952452541_n  1516224_164672303888559_60313055_n 925074_1494543610854301_1658714847_n 12353398_546470285518997_47055899_n



Are you interested in seeing what else the UCF Zetas got up to during their winter break? Feel free to browse their hashtag, #UCFZTAWinters, on Instagram!



To see what the sorority does the rest of the year, follow their tumblr, their twitter, their Facebook, or follow them on instagram at @UCFZTA!


The 10 Different Types of Cliques In Your Sorority

Even the best sisterhoods have a few cliques. It’s human nature to gravitate toward friends you have the most in common with, after all. Unsure of which cliques your sorority has? Here are a few of the most common cliques within a sorority:


10.) The Face Team – These are the girls all over your chapter’s Instagram, and they’re always in the very front of group pics. They always look good, and they make your chapter look good just by wearing your letters around campus. They like to stick together because how else are they going to get perfect “candid” group pics?


9.) Intramural Queens – This group of friends is always killing it during IM games, and is always found at the gym. Squatting, lifting, running, yoga, these girls do it all together.They stay fit as a fiddle and help each other to do it.


8.) The Jewish-American Princesses – These are the Jewish girls in your sorority who stick together, go to temple together, celebrate Hanukkah together, and who will eventually post the most amazing pics when they all go on Birthright together. You’ll spend your summer sitting at home and living through their beautiful Snapchats and stalking their Facebook album of the amazing trip, wishing that you were born Jewish too.


7.) The 4.0 Crew – These are the girls that keep your entire chapter’s GPA up. If your sorority house has a study, that’s where you’ll most often  find this clique. They can go out and have fun too, but their grades and future matter, so you’ll never catch this friend group out during Finals week or the day before an important exam.


6.) The Typical Sorority Girls – These are the girls who were born to be in a sorority. They knew they wanted to rush before they even reached high school. They probably own a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a pearl necklace, and at least one Alex & Ani Bracelet (the one with their letters on it, of course). They seem like the stereotypical sorority girls you see in movies and television shows, but it’s only because they love sorority life so much.




10 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Meal Plan

If your sorority house is fortunate enough to have a meal plan for you, you’ve definitely had at least one or two of these thoughts before. Nothing stands between a sorority girl and her food.

10.) Ugh! carbs? Right before Spring Break? (Or Summer break, or Formal, or Halloween, etc.)


9.) Ugh! No carbs? What am I, a rabbit?


8.)  I heard the sorority next door has LOBSTER for dinner. How can I get myself invited over there for dinner?


7.) Do you think anyone will notice if I go up for seconds? Probably not, right?


6.) I … don’t like this. Any of it. Is there a nice way to suggest we never have this for dinner ever again?




20 Struggles Only The Short Friend Understands

When all of your friends tower over you, life is far from easy. Even the smallest (no pun intended) issues can turn into huge struggles. Are you the shortest in your friend group? This is for you. Here are 20 struggles only the short friend understands:

20.) Your height is often the topic of your squad’s jokes. They know mentioning it will rile you up in an instant.

19.) Your friends are often leaning on you, or using you as some sort of arm rest, because you’re the convenient height for them.

18.) While all your friends are drooling over the beautiful lingerie at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, all you can do is stare enviously at the model’s long legs and wish that were you.

17.) It’s almost impossible to share clothes with a friend. Almost everything is too long or too baggy.

16.) Even shopping for your OWN clothes with your friends is a nightmare.

15.) Trying to buy jeans? Congrats, they’re all about five inches too long and you have to roll up the bottoms. Forget skinny jeans, they’re always a little baggy when they’re made for girls twice as tall as you.

14.) Shopping for Victoria’s Secret sweatpants / leggings? Don’t make me laugh. The leggings are made for girls 6’0, and not an inch shorter.

13.) Trying to buy a maxi dress? Good luck finding one that isn’t literally trailing behind you, like some kind of wedding dress train.

12.) If you’re driving a friend’s car, you always have to push the seat all the way up and readjust all the mirrors. Or, if you let a friend drive your car, your seats and mirrors are always set too high and you have to readjust them.

11.) Keeping up with your friend when you’re walking around anywhere is always a mission. Your short legs just match your friends’ longer strides. You practically have to jog just to keep up.