#RelationshipGoals: 20 Types of Guys You Hope to Meet at a Fraternity

Every night my friends and I go out, we joke about how it could be the night that we meet our husbands. A member of the executive board of our chapter once made the point that you probably should not and will not marry a guy whose first sentence to you is, “want to take a shot?” Still, with each frat party comes a glimmer of hope that we will find the perfect fraternity boy turned hubby. Like any group of guys, frats are made up of guys with different characteristics that are all lovable. The ultimate goal? For him to be all of these traits in one.

20.) The Calvin Klein Model


Looks are not the most important thing, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to go up to the guy who looks like a young Patrick Dempsey and start conversing.

19.) The Daniel Tosh


Funny, facey and freaking perfect.

18.) The Investment Banker


A driven business major who has big plans to invest his time early on in life so he can retire early and buy the two of you a beach house.

17.) The Liberal Arts Major


His interest in literature and communications will make you swoon.

16.) The Sour Patch Kid


This is the guy who comes across as a sarcastic jerk, but is actually incredibly sweet and interesting.




How College Girls Execute The Perfect C*** Block In 10 Easy Ways

You and your girls are out on a Saturday night and you’re all having the time of your lives. You take a moment to step back and bask in the glory of your thriving college days when all of a sudden you spot one of your friend’s talking to a total creep. Or perhaps you see your total enemy (who is probably a really great person in real life, but you’ve yet to give her a chance) flirting with the guy you want to ask to semi-formal. Maybe you see your best friend’s ex-boyfriend spitting game and you don’t want him to hurt any girl the way he hurt your friend. Whatever the situation is, it may be time to swoop in and c*** block, which is exactly what it sounds like (given you have common sense and can fill in the three letters that have been censored.)

Need some guidance as to how to execute the perfect c*** block? Look no further.

10.) Look at your environment


Take in your surroundings and see how it can help you separate the two. Being resourceful and, say,

9.) Bring In The Reinforcements


Recruit the guys friends to distract him or get your girl friends to talk up the girl about how cute her outfit is.

8.) Embrace Your Inner Meryl


Make your parents proud of that acting camp you went to every summer by acting in a way that will split up the two people you are trying to rip a part. For example, you can act like you are drunk and demand that one of them help you in some matter, shape or form. Works like a charm.

7.) Third Wheel It Up


Join the conversation and refuse to leave it until one of them leaves first.

6.) Make Them The Fred To Your Ginger


Go up to the couple and insist that the guy (or the girl, for that matter) be your dance partner and literally drag them away from the other person. Don’t let them leave the dance floor for about 15 minutes.



20 Reasons Your Sorority Sisters Will Be Your Friends Forever

It may sound cliché, but there are many reasons why your sorority sisters will always be your friends. Granted, you may not be BFFs with every girl in your chapter, but here is why you will always be friends with your sorority sisters, even after your college days are over.

20.) The bond of sisterhood is one that creates an everlasting camaraderie.

Friends Forever


19.) They have always been able to understand you in a way nobody else really could.


18.) They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst, but they love you all the same.

College Times

17.) When you’ve lived under the same roof you gain an element of appreciation for your sisters.

4 Shared

16.) You’ve shared clothes, chasers and memories more often than you can count.




You’ll Never Guess What This Phi Sigma Sigma Is Being Sued For…

Since they were founded, sororities and fraternities have built themselves on a platform of traditions and rituals that are meant to be kept within a specific chapter. We all know what these are: secret creeds, mottos, acronyms, ceremonies, the works. It is cool to have this classified information at your disposal, because you feel like you know a secret that nobody else does.

I totally understand that earning the right to know these secrets is a symbol of being a part of a special organization, but let’s be honest here: the secret door-knock is not the reason we are joining Greek life. If you did join a sorority solely because you wanted to learn a secret door-knock and handshake then I respect you, but I simply do not understand you.

I am a sorority girl and I have not and will not disclose the classified information of my chapter because that, my friends, is a little something I like to call respect.

However, I would find it a little extreme to sue a member for sharing the secret handshake, but that is exactly what Phi Sigma Sigma is doing to their member, who is being identified in this news story as “Jane Doe.”


It’s All We Really Want: 10 Reasons Why Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

When Cyndi Lauper released the epic dance ballad “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” I was still 11 years away from being created. I danced to the song in my first grade talent show with a group of girl friends. We dressed up in our favorite outfits and pathetically danced around on our elementary school stage. Despite the lack of talent (which is not uncommon in elementary school talent shows) I had the time of my life dancing to what continues to be my anthem.

Lauper put it plain and simple: girls just wanna have fun. But why is that the case? Allow me to elaborate.

10.) Because we are only young once, duh.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


9.) Because we want a funny story to tell at our classy dinner parties in the future.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ego Trip Land

8.) Because blowing off steam is the best way to de-stress

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We Heart It

7.) Because we like to dance on elevated surfaces, which always is a safe guarantee for a good time.

The Odyssey Online

6.) Because when guys are acting stupid we like to go out and have a blast to forget about them.

Elite Daily

 5.) Because the odds are if you are having fun then you will have a sick Instagram to post later.

The Frisky

4.) Because nobody ever had a life-changing night when they went to bed early.


3.) Because we can find entertainment in almost everything we do.


2.) Because when you are the life of the party, it is hard to not always have a great time, even if you’re just, like, brushing your teeth or doing your laundry.

Gif Finder

1.) Because who the hell doesn’t want to have fun?

Panda Whale


What Does A Beautiful Girl Really Look Like?

A Beautiful Girl

As young girls, we are taught by the media and societal stereotypes that there is a certain criteria that must be met to be a beautiful girl. Said “beautiful girl,” is typically portrayed as a bombshell with unrealistic body proportions, a face full of make-up and a physical representation that is used as a definition of this girl rather than her characteristics, ideals, beliefs and dreams.

Thankfully, the times are changing and so is the definition for what it means to be a stunning girl. This article will show you what a truly beautiful girl looks like without showing you any photographs of women. That is because not one woman on this Earth is the same in appearance. However, women throughout the globe share traits and characteristics, and it is those that expose their true beauty.

Beauty is not what is found in a tube of mascara or on the cover of a magazine. It is what is found within a woman’s mind, body and soul.

1.) Humble


2.) Intelligent


3.) Thoughtful


4.) Passionate


5.) Motivated



6.) Creative


7.) Active

Love This Pic

8.) Poised


9.) Generous


10.) Understanding


11.) Accepting


12.) Adventurous

beautiful girl


13.) Open-Minded

Soda Head

14.) Determined

beautiful girl


15.) Confident

beautiful girl




IU’s Hannah Wilson: A Beautiful Life And Legacy

The third weekend in April at Indiana University usually means that the greatest college weekend, Little 500, has arrived. Unreal parties, special guests around campus and a legendary bike race define the week. Though students cursed out the weather after the men’s race got postponed to Sunday, they still assumed the week would be the highlight of the 2015 for Hoosiers.

This year, though, the third weekend in April at Indiana University was defined not by partying, but by tragedy, lament, and heartbreak after senior Hannah Wilson was murdered.

While campus has been a whirlwind of rumors and speculation, what The Indy Star has confirmed is that Daniel E. Messel, 49, has been charged with the murder after his cell phone was found near Wilson’s feet. Wilson, who was found in a rural area about 30 minutes from her home on campus, died of blunt force trauma to the head.

For more details on the case, you can click here. Now, my lack of providing details is not me being a lazy journalist. I am intentionally being rather vague about the details of Wilson’s death, and this article will tell a story that no other news source has yet to really dive into: the story of Wilson’s life and the legacy she has left.

I feel like this is a much more important story that is not being told: the story of a young woman’s life, not the brutal, heart-wrenching story about how it ended. You may be asking where my credibility is to write about Hannah. Granted, I did not know her to the caliber that her family, her friends and her sorority sisters did, but I was lucky enough to meet Hannah before she passed away.

Hannah was a TA for my Human Sexuality course. Every Wednesday, she and another assistant would lead me and about ten other kids in a discussion section. Our small group would sit in a lecture hall built for a couple hundred, with Hannah usually sitting in front of us on the floor, casual as can be.

I admired her, and that is not always easy to say when you solely know somebody from her classroom personality. Still, Hannah was always genuine when speaking, passionate about her area of study and hilarious throughout the hour-long discussion.

Hannah was the perfect discussion leader for the human sexuality class, as she was intrigued by every facet of the topic from a young age. She grew up admiring the likes of Sue Johanson, the old lady who would give sex advice on a late-night television show. She got extra giddy and reminiscent of the days where she would sneak downstairs and watch the late-night show.

Hannah was going to take a gap year after she graduated to save money (smart girl, right?) She wanted to go to grad school so that she could become a licensed sex therapist and help people who felt they were struggling. You don’t have to be her best friend to tell that she was a naturally giving person, and it only seemed fitting that her dream career was to give other’s a better life.

Hannah was also a senior in Gamma Phi Beta, and was absolutely adored by her friends and sisters. Rightly so, because from the few encounters I was fortunate enough to have with her, I gathered that she was unapologetically herself and that she was accepting of people from all walks of life.

These minor details that I learned during my weekly classes with Hannah are simply scratching the surface. Her ability to shine and make everybody feel welcomed is something that I will greatly miss when going to class.

Though I wish Hannah was able to live out her remarkable life, I have no doubt that her legacy will live on through her loved ones. I even hope that her spirit will live on through anybody who hears her story, which is why I am writing this.

For those of you who were close with Hannah, my heart, thoughts and prayers are going out to you. For those of you who did not have the fortune of meeting her, I am sure that you can understand how heart wrenching this time is in the lives of her friends and family. For anybody who is reading this right now, I encourage to take a few things from Hannah’s story that I have gathered in the past few days.

While we never know what is going to happen to us in the future, we have the ability to make the most of what we are doing in the present. Hannah always had a smile on her face, always talked positively about others and even let us out of class early from time to time (that was always clutch.)

The impact she made while she was alive mirrors the impact her life will make on anybody who hears her story. While we wore different letters, were in different grades and had completely different stories, Wilson’s was one that I admire and wanted to share with you all. Whether you were her best friend or this is the first time you are hearing about Hannah Wilson, I hope that you keep her positivity, passion and story in your heart.

I also hope that you are reminded that life, while a precious gift, is completely unpredictable. We should live every day with caution, care and an aim to make others as happy as we want to be. Hug your sisters extra hard tonight, call your parents and tell them you love them and be thankful of your life.

Be safe, be compassionate, be Hannah.

Rest easy, Hannah.


Listen Up, Ladies! 10 Of The Best Ways To Approach A Guy

Best Ways To Approach A Guy

You seem him across the room at a party, like something out of a cliché Katherine Heigl chick-flick. You want to go talk to him, but you do not know how to approach the situation accordingly. Worry no more, because I have devised a few ways to approach guys that are fun, easy and not too much. After doing extensive research, it has been said that 60% of the time, these ways to approach a guy work…. every time. Classic Anchorman joke. But seriously, I have tried each one of these ways to approach guys, and I am awkward as hell so I guarantee you can do it. At the very least you will meet somebody new. At the very most… well, you know (wink, wink.)

10.) Ask him if he knows where you can find something

My favorite approach is to ask a guy at a party if he knows where I can find some beer. This way, he knows that I am a beer-drinker and he can be my hero and save the day by finding a brew. From there, you can cheers to him and get to know him better.

ways to approach a guy

9.) Compliment him

Everybody loves to be complimented, so go up to him and tell him you noticed he has a really nice smile. This will automatically make him think you are nice, and you guys can start chatting from there.

ways to approach a guy

8.) Ask him to take a shot with you

This is the little black dress of pick-ups. If a guy can ask a girl to take a shot, then the roles can most certainly be reversed. Everybody like camaraderie in an alcohol-based environment, so get some liquid courage in you while talking with the cutie you met at the bar.

ways to approach a guy

7.) Have him “settle an argument” you are having with your wing-woman

Have your wing-woman go up to him with you and ask him to help you with a debate of some sort. Perhaps you and your wing-woman are discussing what the greatest film of all time is, and you need a third opinion. Once you start conversing, have your wing-woman discretely slip away and give you and the guy some one-on-one time.

ways to approach a guy

6.) Ask him what he’s drinking

This will make for easy conversation about your drink of choice and will allow the guy to give you advice. Giving advice is something that more-than-acquaintances do, so the conversation will feel like one between old friends.

ways to approach a guy

5.) See if he can help you with something

Need directions somewhere? Need help picking out a new meal at the grocery store? Ask him if he has any suggestions. Again, when you help somebody you are more prone to feel like you know them and that you want to know more about them.

4.) Make something up (aka the lame excuse route)

This is lame, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Ask him if he was the guy that was at the same wedding as you last week who was so drunk that he dove into the cake before the bride and groom ate it. Something funny like that will spark an anecdote (even if it is not entirely true.) I recommend using this for somebody that you do not see yourself spending your entire life with, because you don’t want to start the relationship on lies.

3.) Comment on the music that is playing

While tastes in genre may differ, everybody can agree on the fact that music is enjoyable. Mention that you saw Springsteen in concert when “Born To Run” comes on at the bar, or point out how the store you are at always plays Sheryl Crow and it makes you want to tear your hair out. If you guys agree on your musical tastes then you’ll hit it off automatically. If you disagree, then you’ll have sparks that will heat up your relationship right off the bat.

2.) Tell him he looks super familiar

Even if he doesn’t look like anybody you have ever encountered, just say that he looks familiar. Ensure that this is a good thing, and try to stray away from comparing him to any family members, because that would be a huge turn-off. Bonus points if you tell him he looks like a celebrity.

ways to approach a guy

1.) Simply introduce yourself with a big smile

It is the best and most authentic way to approach somebody. It skips all the games and you get right down to business. It may seem intimidating to just go up and say hello, but the guy will see you as a confident and empowered person, which is always a good light to be seen in.

ways to approach a guy



The Pros And Cons Of Quad Parties

I have a love/hate relationship with quad parties, which is when two sororities and two fraternities come together for an epic party. While I wish I could take a “the bigger the better” approach, sometimes I cannot help but be in a “less is more” state of mind. Here are my ultimate pros and cons regarding quads.

PRO: More people

More people to mingle with, drink with, dance with and party with. Massive parties are always fun to go to, and they are even more fun to Snapchat so that your high school friends think you are super popular and best friends with everybody you’re around.

CON: Too many people

Sometimes these parties can get a little overwhelming with how many people are around. It gets super crowded and for some people it is too much to take in all at once. As a self-prescribed “extraverted introvert,” I can only handle so much socialization at one time.

PRO: More booze

Obviously the fraternity hosting the party is going to have to stock up on their alcohol supply. This means there will be more shots to be taken, more bags to be slapped and more beers to be shot-gunned. This is easily the most beautiful thing about having a quad party.

CON: More waiting for booze

While all of this beautiful, cheap alcohol is at the tip of every sorority girls fingers, quad parties produce much bigger and much more frustrating lines at the bar. You want to wait patiently and respect everybody there, but it is heinous how hard it can be to grab a frat shot for you and your two friends. You have to be strategic about your drinking at quads, and if there is one thing college students are awful at it is strategic drinking.

PRO: More guys

Hubba, hubba. If there is anything better than having more vodka at a party, it is having more men to drink vodka with at said party. With two fraternities, the possibilities of finding your future husband are seriously endless.

CON: More competition

On the other hand, just because there are two fraternities at the party does not mean it is a boy free-for-all for you and your sisters. You have to keep in mind that there is another sorority there, which means more girls who are trying to get with the sea of boys that surround you. You always turn out all right, though, because you’re a boss ass b**** who has a stellar personality and a dazzling smile.

PRO: Less responsibility

The accountability is more spread out, which has every executive board jumping for joy. Sure, the fraternity hosting the party has a little more responsibility on their hands, but it is nothing that they cannot deal with. Also, since we never host parties at my sorority house, I really don’t care about the extra hosting liability.

CON: More risk

More people plus more alcohol equals more chances for absolute debauchery. You have to be careful when having  a quad party because it can result in some major damage, whether it be a broken chair or a broken arm.

PRO: More dance partners

Who doesn’t love having a dance floor filled with people? Quad parties provide people with more bodies to groove with.

CON: More body heat/more sweat

The worst con of them all: body heat. If you are anything like me, you tend to start sweating about 45 minutes into any party. When it comes to quads, I basically start sweating the moment I walk through the sign-in doors. This just means you have to prepare your outfit accordingly, and that you bring some oil blotters in your purse with you for a quad.


Party, responsibly, everybody.


A Definitive Ranking Of The 20 Best Terms And Phrases Used By Girls

A Definitive Ranking Of The 20 Best Terms And Phrases Used By Girls

Words are fun, especially when they are awesome catch phrases and modern lingo. Sure, lots of the time girls get made fun of and scrutinized for their “basic” terminology, but some of these basic phrases have turned into a new form of lingo, one that I am a huge fan of. My friends and I tend to use a lot of the same vocabulary, the other day we got together and made a ranking of our absolute favorite words and catch phrases that we use on an everyday basis. Is your favorite term on the list?

20.) “Heinous”

Whether you are describing an outfit or your appearance during a walk-of-shame, this tends to have a funny but negative connotation.

phrases used by girls

19.) “Creature”

Our favorite way to describe our Saturday night actions on Sunday morning.

phrases used by girls

18.) “Unreal”

When something is too good to be true.

phrases used by girls

17.) “Literally”

Because being figurative is for losers.

16.) “Yas.”

The word “yes” just got to boring, so we had to put a spin on it.

15.) “Can you not?”

Seriously, though, can you just, like, not?

14.) “I’m dying.”

We aren’t actually dying, we’re just laughing really hard or we are super hungover.

13.) “AF”

Acronym for “as f***:” Because we are ladies and we don’t want to say f*** so we shorten it. I’m half serious about the not wanting to swear part. Okay 25% serious. Okay I don’t give a f*** if I say f*** but it’s just easier to use acronyms.

12.) “RN”

Acronym for “right now:” Because when you need something as soon as physically possible, you don’t want to spend time saying the whole phrase.

11.) “RT”

Acronym for “real talk:” Because we love Twitter and re-tweeting is the best way to show you agree with somebody.

10.) “Clowning”

We love to act goofy, and the best way to describe it is by using this term.

9.) “Ratchet”

Something you never, ever want to be but almost always are at least once in your college career.

8.) “IDGAF”

Acronym for “I don’t give a f***:” Because we really, truly don’t give a f*** half the time.

7.) “TBH”

Acronym for “to be honest:” because we were always taught that honest is the best policy.

6.) “BAE”

Acronym for “before anything else:” usually used to describe frozen yogurt, your best friend or your beloved pet. If you use it to describe a significant other, then I respect you but I simply do not understand you.

5.) “Betch”

This is a term of endearment, not an insult.

4.) “Save to gal”

When you take a Snapchat that actually turns out decently, you say “save to gal” which means “save to gallery” so that you can possibly ‘Gram the picture later on.

3.) “Relationship goals”

Basically summing up a guy who has the abs of Ryan Gosling, the personality of Jimmy Fallon.


2.) “HU”

Acronym for “hook-up:” because we love avoiding using the word “blowjob” and other sexual phrases.

phrases used by girls

1.) “LYLAS”

Acronym for “love you like a sister:” because AOL Instant Messaging lingo needs to be brought back RN.

phrases used by girls


10 Of The Funniest Ways To Piss People Off

10 Of The Funniest Ways To Piss People Off

I am not the biggest fan of practical jokes. Popping out of nowhere to make somebody pee their pants and egging houses and cars does not sound funny to me, and I feel bad for the victim who has to deal with the repercussions, like the discomfort urine-filled pants or cleaning up a mess they did not make. Those are not fun ways to piss people off.

These, however, are.

10.) Get Their Name Slightly Wrong

With a name like Cashie, you best believe I have been on the receiving end of this. So if I want to grind somebodies gears a little bit (just for kicks) I do this:

“Hi, what’s your name?”


“So nice to meet you, Bucky.”

“No, Becky.”

“What’d you say, Bicky? Sorry it is so loud in here.”

“My name is not Bicky, it is Becky.”

“Yo, Backy it was so nice to meet you, I’m gonna go use the restroom.”


9.) Humming Or Singing

Awards Watch

While you and your friends are hanging out watching Netflix on separate computers, start to casually hum and sing to yourself. Feel free to be a little noisy, and don’t be afraid to get your Mariah-diva-hands going.

8.) Pencil Tapping

Tiny Pic

Want to annoy the hell out of any student or teacher? The answer is pencil tapping. Bonus points if you get two pencils and pretend like your desk is a drum set and you are about to take your audience (aka your classroom) on a ride with a way-too-long drum solo.

7.)  Answering Questions With More Questions

to piss people off


Again, when conversing with people who I really just want to stop talking to, I do this:

“So where are you from?” 

“Well where are you from?” 

“I asked you first. Well, I’m from Indianapolis. So what are you drinking?” 

“More like what am I not drinking, am I right?” 

“What does that even mean?” 

“What does anything even mean, ya know?” 

“All right, see you later maybe?”

Will you?” 

6.) Poor Sidewalk Etiquette

piss people off


Poor etiquette includes but is not limited to…

  • Walking slowly
  • Walking in zig-zags
  • Having 3-people take up the whole sidewalk to reject any other pedestrians from passing.

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Say Hello To Gamma Rho Lambda: The First National Lesbian Sorority

In 2003, Gamma Rho Lambda was founded at Arizona State University. In 2015, they have 15 active chapters in three different colonies across the nation. There is something that allows Gamma Rho Lambda to stand out from other chapters on most campuses: they are considered the first national lesbian sorority.

Gamma Rho Lambda is a sorority that strives for, “tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust,” as is said in their mission statement. While they are considered an LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) sorority, they do accept heterosexual allies with open arms.

Greek communities throughout the nation tend to get exposed for all they do that is wrong, so I thought I would take a moment to point out a moment in Greek life (though there are many) where something was done oh so right, and that is the founding of Gamma Rho Lambda.

There are some crazy stereotypes about sorority girls out there, one of which being that you cannot be lesbian, bisexual, transgender or identify as queer and be in a sorority at the same time. Sorority life is all about being accepted for all that you are, all that you are not and all that you can be. Thanks to Gamma Rho Lambda, the Greek community is busting the myth that they want to bring women of various sexual orientations and gender identities down, and instead are lifting them up by providing them with a chapter that was created to welcome the LBT community and their allies into the Greek community.

I wanted to introduce you all as readers and as fellow Greeks (and perhaps non-Greeks who are reading this article) to the massive support system that the Greek community can be. While your college may not have a Gamma Rho Lambda like mine, I take solace in knowing that one day I could very well see these letters being worn on my campus. What makes me even more happy, though, is that I still get to call these women my PanHellenic sisters.

That is the beautiful thing about Greek life – it truly does encourage its members to be their best selves. While mistakes are made along the way (some bigger than others) the Greek community has been taking incredible strides as progressing and making sure that traditions change to fit the current time and culture that we live in today.

To all the women of Gamma Rho Lambda, congratulations on being forward thinkers and inspiring Greek women and men throughout the United States. Though it may not be much, we at SororityLyfe.com are happy to deem you the “Sisters Of The Day.” Keep on unifying and keep on tolerating – this world needs women like you to set a good example.