30 Times You Were Ted From HIMYM

If you’re a fan of the show How I Met Your Mother, then you’re very familiar with the beloved character that is Ted Mosby. Ted is a cute, witty, and extremely lovable character who has his fair share of relatable moments. Whether embarrassing or heart-breaking, or maybe just down right weird. I think we can all relate to this “legendary” character.

30. When you’re crying and someone asks if you’re on your period.


29. When you’ve been holding on to the past for too long and finally decide to let it go.

i live in the moment

28. When you proclaim bacon as your true love.

her name is bacon

27. When you spend too much time with that one friend who always misuses the word “literally”.


26. When your roommates boyfriend just broke up with her and you have to pull a Nicholas Sparks speech.

love is the best thing

25. When you’re feeling super confident and get a little sassy with friends.

your name is robin

24. When you have to try to talk yourself into doing something really stupid.

taking chances

23. After you do the something stupid.

drunk ted

22. When you’re trying to think positively about your Chemistry class and then you look at your grades.

i cant do this

21. After you bomb a huge test.




16 Things Only Union Students Will Understand

If you go to Union University you lead very different life than “typical” college students. Now if you don’t go to Union you won’t truly understand any of these things (as you really have to experience them to know). But here’s a list of things that you definitely will only understand if you go to Union.

16. Dr. Dub- Who is this Dr. Dub you may ask? Literally EVERYONE knows Dr. Dub. He’s our superman. We adore him. We wear shirts with his name on it. We even have a burger (the DUBster) named after him in the Lex. He’s almost like a demigod (except not because this is a Christian university).

superman gif

15. Roofing- This is something we Union students like to do for fun late on a Tuesday night (when we have way too much studying to do but say screw it). Sometimes you just get the urge to sneak on top of the SUB or Jennings and just throw something. This is appropriate. Just don’t get caught by S&S.


14. Tunneling- Something else we Union students like to do for fun. Instead of adventuring upwards, some nights we like to switch it up and add some variety to our life by journeying underground. This is typically done late at night on weekends when you can’t think of anything else to do. Just be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting destroyed if it has rained recently.

going on an adventure

13. Chapel- This is a Christian university, you guys. So every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10am you better be in the PAC sitting your butt down (in one of the many uncomfortable seats) inside that chapel. Swipe in and soon they’ll be telling you you only have one more to go.

can i get an amen

12. Sidewalk Couples- Ah, young love. You can’t hide who’s dating or talking or “just friends” at Union. Unless it’s during open hours on a weekend, you’re not going into your bae’s dorm. Or even outside their door. Or even on the sidewalk next to their dorm. You’ll be sitting and holding hands on the second sidewalk prolonging your goodbye at 12am on a Monday night. And everyone will know. You are a sidewalk couple.


11. COBO- Even though it’s technically called “The Brew” or something now, it’s still cobo. Our lovely cafeteria where the food is only slightly average. But regardless, you’ll see everyone you know there at 6pm on a Wednesday night because we’ve got to use our swipes guys.


10. Unionites- Still yet to be completely understood, that’s part of the mystery of “What is a Unionite?”. They are hardcore Union students that love the school and probably are always at Barefoot’s listening to some Indie band. And they also are the students that always walk around without shoes on. They go barefoot everywhere (maybe they were inspired by their fav coffee shop??). No one really knows much unless you are one.

by their shoes

9. Open Parties- At most schools, there are parties almost every night of the week where students typically drink loads of alcohol and end up black out drunk; however, that’s not the typical scene at Union. We get open parties that one of our frats throw a little over a handful of times a semester. But don’t be fooled. We live for these parties. The themes are always great, the music is always on point, and the dancing is intense. Put on your norts and a tank because you’re going to leave dripping in sweat after attending one of these.

dance party




The Struggle of Finding the Perfect Christmas Present for Your Roommate(s)

Christmas is right around the corner and with that comes many things. Christmas trees, lights, music, traditions, food, parties, sweaters, and many other things that make us have a tingly feeling of joy inside. But one huge thing that comes with Christmas, is something we all love receiving, but can have some trouble with giving. That’s presents. And being college students, we have quite the list of people to shop for. And with most of us barely being able to afford our tuition, sorority dues, and meals, this can be stressful. And if you live in a dorm with a roommate(s), that just adds one more person to your list and more money (that you really don’t have) you potentially have to spend. You’re thinking “More stress. Great.”

Yes, giving gifts can be a very stressful task when done wrong. But when done right, it can make you go from just a good friend to a great friend. One thing to keep in mind is to try to find something that the person actually needs. When looking for a gift for someone you live with, this shouldn’t be too challenging. I mean you do LIVE with them. You have a bit of an advantage over most. You get to see their struggles and hear them express their complaints. You also get to learn their likes and dislikes fairly quickly. Therefore, you wouldn’t think finding them the perfect present would be such a daunting job. However, for some of us, it is SOOOOOO DIFFICULT.

So, for those of you who may be having trouble finding that perfect gift for you roommate(s), here are some tips I came up with that helped me loads, and I hope may be of some assistance to you.

First off, don’t over think it. Chances are your roommate(s) are freaking out just as much as you. Especially if this is your first Christmas together. Because you don’t have experience with it. You’re not really sure how much you should spend. You’re not sure if you should get something meaningful or practical. Something homemade or bought. Would a gift card to their fav coffee shop be too impersonal? There are so many questions and if this is your first year giving each other gifts, they may be difficult to answer.

DON’T SWEAT IT. Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to answer these questions on your own, try talking to your roommate(s). Ask them about setting a budget on the gifts (after all, we all are broke college students). See where their heads at as far as what type of gift and don’t be afraid to set up some rules or guidelines! It will make things so much easier for the both of you. Because, let’s be honest, no one needs added stress at this time of the year (Finals are already doing their fair share of giving us anxiety).

Once you’ve discussed the budget and rules for you gift, start looking! As I said earlier, you do live with this person. You should know them fairly well. And if you don’t, just think of what you would like to get. You’re both college students, probably near the same age, and I’m sure have other things in common. Use that as a guideline when searching and you’re bound to come up with some solid ideas.

If you’re still struggling with what to get, Pinterest is never a bad option. Just search “Gift Ideas for Roommates” or “Christmas Presents for Roommates.” There will be dozens upon dozens of different posts and lists to help you out and get some creative juices flowing. And if that’s too basic, be more specific in your search. That will help you find exactly what you’re looking for for whatever personality type your roommate may be. Pinterest has never led me astray.

By now, if you still literally have NO IDEA whatsoever of what to get, you should probably just go the safe route. Gift cards or even cash is never a bad thing. Especially if you aren’t extremely close with your roommate. You may feel bad or feel like this is too impersonal, but when have you ever been disappointed about receiving money? Exactly.

Well I hope some of these tips might have calmed your nerves and given you some ideas and a base to work from. Christmas is coming fast! So good luck and get shopping (or crafting)!


31 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Big/Little Week (as told by a little)

Big/Little week is such a fun and exhilarating week-especially if you’re a little. It’ s pretty much like Christmas but for a WHOLE WEEK. Your secret big gets to spoil the heck out of you by giving you baskets full of gifts of your wildest dreams. You pretty much get every single thing that was every created in existence with your srat’s letters on it. Plus, you get to spend all week trying to figure out who your mystery big is! Meanwhile your big is trying to throw you off her trail to the best of her ability.

The whole week is just such a fun time of mystery and curiosity and of course-SO MANY PRESENTS. And it all leads up to one of the greatest days of your life.. BIG/LITTLE REVEAL!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are so many thoughts you have throughout Big/Little week as you are trying to play detective and discover the identity of your big AND getting ridiculously spoiled along the way. So here’s 31 thoughts that every little out there thinks once or twice (or a million times) during the week..

31. Omg it’s here. BIG/LITTLE WEEK IS HERE!

its here

30. Whoa. I cannot wait to get my first basket. I wonder what’s going to be in it??



so cute

28. There’s SO much stuff!


27. Wow. My big knows me so well. We’re pretty much the same person.

we are amy

26. I wonder who she is though???

who is she

25. BUT OMG. Just LOOK at all these ADORABLE SHIRTS with our letters!

look at them anakin



23. AND PENS! SO MANY PENS!! (who knew they made so many different designed (insert sorority name) pens)

so many

22. Okay, my big definitely has to be _______. I mean this basket is totally signature ______.





omg so amazing

19. AWWWWH. She painted me this canvas herself! My big is the sweetest.

so sweet

18. But wait a minute…. That doesn’t look like _______’s handwriting. 

wait a minute

17. And is _______ really artistic enough to be able to paint something that well?

wait a minute 2


what happened



13 stages of becoming {OBSESSED} with a band

We’ve all been there. Someone introduces us to a new band and before we know it, we know every little detail about them including what type of underwear the drummer wears on Thursdays. It happens. We try to deny it and tell ourselves we’re not, but deep down, we know it’s true. We’re obsessed. Now how does this happen? You never thought it would go so far. But it’s like that one crush you had in middle school. He let you borrow his pencil and you just happened to notice he was pretty cute. Next thing you know, you’re doodling Mrs. (insert his last name) all over your notebook. It happens. It’s okay. But how does it all happen so fast? Well here’s a list that has the stages you go through to wind up at completely head over heels for a band:

13. The Introduction- Your friend tells you to listen to this new track or maybe you happen to hear the end of this really catchy song on the radio. You think to yourself “Hey, they sound pretty good.”

not bad

12. Research- You decide to look up who this mysterious band that has the voices of angels. And you find them. You think to yourself “Hey, good voices and they’re pretty cute.” This is a pivotal step in the stages because this is the point when they go from “a not too bad band” to “omg they’re so amazing omg.”

omg so amazing

11. Download- You realize they have a few albums out, some EPs, and tons of covers. So you obviously have to download every single song they have ever created in existence.


10. Repeat- During this stage, you listen to all the songs you’ve successfully downloaded onto your Itunes NONSTOP. You’ve got all of their songs on shuffle and repeat. You bask in the glorious harmonies and guitar solos.

groovin cat

9. Memorization- Most of the time this is just a byproduct of step 10, but subconsciously you are learning all the words to every single song, each and every different note, when the beat drops, and the different pauses throughout. You’ve got this down (if only we were able to memorize things for bio class this easy).

i know

8. More Research- This is a much more intense stage of previous stage 12. Instead of just general research as in looking up the name of the band and basic info, you are learning EVERYTHING about this band. You know what I’m talking about. You look up interviews of them talking about their music, their childhood, their likes and dislikes, etc. And before you know it, you’re up at 4:34 am watching a Youtube video of the band’s first every live performance.

what time is it

7. Pinterest- Now you begin to truly accept this band as “yours”. They’re no longer just some band you like to listen to, but rather they’re a part of what makes you you. So obviously, you create a board on your Pinterest dedicated to them in their honor. And you begin to re-pin and post quotes from their songs, lyrics, and pictures of the band until it fills up all your followers walls. Soon you begin to get angry calls from your grandma because she can’t see her feed, which usually consists of her knitting posts and cake recipes.




26 Thoughts When Stalking Someone’s Instagram

We all do it. One second we’re scrolling down our feed and then we somehow managed to make it all the way to that guy in our Chem classes girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s sister’s profile on a picture from 153 weeks ago. How does this even happen? What are we even thinking when we do this?

26. Who’s that with _____ (insert name of friend/acquaintance) ? *proceeds to click on username*

whos that girl

25. Yeah! Their profile isn’t on private!!! *now i can look at all their pictures* *evil smirk*


24. WHOA–she is super super pretty.

so pretty

23. Wow. Her bio is pretty witty, yet simple.



so fluffy im gonna die

21. AND she likes popsicles.

imso happy

20. AND she goes to GOOD BANDS concerts.

so excited may vomit

19. AND she’s in a sorority.


18. AND she takes really artsy pics.

so hip

17. I should take a cool picture like that.

cool cool cool

16. Man, that’s a really cute outfit. *I could never pull that off though*

so cute

15. AWH her and her big are perrrrrf *fam goals*


14. AWH her and her boyfriend are SO ADORABLE.

get married



Types of Dancers at College Parties: Which Are You?

It’s about that time in the semester when things are in full swing. Your classes are getting pretty intense as far as content, your professors are not holding back with the homework load they’re throwing at you, and you’re up until 3am every night studying. But along with all of that comes the fun stuff too, like plenty of open frat parties, formals and semis, and of course, after parties. Now, all of these things have one thing in common(okay, maybe more than one, but definitely at least one): DANCING.

Now this word brings on a whole flow of different emotions depending on who you’re talking to. For some, they LIVE for that open party on a Thursday night when they get to let out all their frustrations and stress from the week and just go crazy by “busting a move.” For others, the first thing that comes into their mind is: AVOID AVOID AVOID– at all costs. Now, no matter which of these two extremes you are, or even if you just fall somewhere in the middle, if you’ve gone to any of these type of events- dancing goes on. Now the real question is, when the lights turn down and that Fetty Wap song starts playing, and everyone goes crazy and crowds around the center of the dance floor, what type of dancer are you?

10. The Head Banger & Fist Pumper- This is the pour unfortunate soul who literally has zero moves. They physically do not know what to do with their body. So naturally, they just try to get by with whatever they can. Which brings us to the ever-so classic head banging and fist pumping combo. Now, not to insult either one of these moves-as they each individually and in moderation, can be very much acceptable and appropriate to break out. However, not to every single song. Though all that being said, thankfully enough for most “bangers & pumpers”, whether due to the darkness, the constant motion and loudness of it all, or what everyone else is drinking- they usually get by without ever being questioned as the dancing fraud that they are. Which, A+ for effort to them. Way to go for the attempt. And points for fooling almost everyone-because we still see you.

Fist Pumping tumblr_lihrxcxOhV1qak7i1


9. The Bachelorette Party– Ah yes. The Bachelorette Party. These are the groups of girls (typically anywhere from about 4 to 18 in a group) who you see standing around holding their drinks, all chatting loudly. Then, IT HAPPENS. All of the sudden, that Beyonce hit song from 2004 starts to play and they aLL GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. Shouting to one another “THIS IS MYYYY SONGGGG” or “OMG ITS OUR ANTHEM.” If you are on the outside looking in when this happens: don’t panic. Let them get out what they need to, wait for the song to end, and it will all be over soon. If this is you, enjoy it. Get down with your girls and own it- just don’t be too obnoxious to all the other dancers in the room.


8. The 1980s Dad- You know exactly what I’m talking about and you know who you are. This is the person who overuses all the basic dance moves like your dad overuses all the corny dad jokes (Ex: “Dad I’m hungry.” “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.” *eyeroll*). This person goes from the sprinkler, to stopping the traffic, to the douggie, all the way up to the whip and nae nae. While similar to the head bang and fist pump, these all have their time and place. But have a little taste people. Especially if you can’t even preform the move well.


7. The Taylor Swift- This person literally dances to the beat of their own drum. They have absolutely no sense of rhythm whatsoever. But they go for it anyways. They flail their bodies around in some strange movement that we can only assume in their minds they consider some sort of dancing. This person does them and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Much like the beloved T-Swizzle, who may be an international superstar, but still has the moves of what your 87 year old grandma would look like drunk at Coachella.

giphy-113 taylor-swift-dancing-at-the-grammys

6. The Superstar- A very rare breed, this person can actually dance-WELL. Actually, this person dances even better than well. This person dances like Channing Tatum straight out of one of the Step Up(or Magic Mike *wink wink*) movies. FREAKING AMAZING RIGHT??? This is the person who typically has a crowd gathered around them and they’re in the center freestyling moves you could only dream of accomplishing. Watch this person very carefully and take notes. And maybe one day, just maybe, you’ll be half as good as them(most likely not though).

giphy f2695bc5191c5b45a404e3184c9d5c79