19 Stages of Missing your Pet while away at College

19. Why can’t you just come live in my dorm??


18. I’ll just pack you in my suitcase and no one will ever know…


17. When the day comes you have to go back to campus


16. And you take one last look before shutting the door and your pet is looking at you like


15. When your roommates ask if you’re okay





The Struggles of Being a Freshmen in College as told by Rory Gilmore

Being a freshmen in college is tough. Here you are right back at the bottom of the totem pole once again. You’ve got four more years (at least) to get through. It can be hard sometimes. No one knows that more than Rory Gilmore-one of the most relatable fictional characters ever.

13. When you don’t do mornings.


12. When you’re having a really bad day.


11. When your teacher calls on you in class and you don’t know the answer.


10. When you have 2 quizzes, 3 exams, and a lab practical all in one week.


9. When you kiss the jerk frat guy at the open party and then realize your mistake.




The Struggle of Still Being Underage in College

I’m 17. Seventeen. I’m 17 years old and I’m a freshmen in college. Also, I didn’t turn 17 until a month before I started college. How? Well my birthday is in July and I skipped 6th grade. So yeah, I’m a young one. Welcome to the life of the underage college student and my constant struggles.

11. I can’t go to concerts/comedy shows/clubs with my friends.


10. I have to have my mom call the doctor and tell them it’s okay to treat me.


9. I can’t sign any forms or waivers myself.


8. I can’t register to vote at the voting fair yet.


7. I can’t take out any loans, legally own anything, or have my own bank account yet.




Stereotypes of Christian Universities

There are so many stereotypes people have created about what life at a typical Christian university is like. Due to hearing many of these things, honestly made me somewhat apprehensive about enrolling at a Christian school at first. However, after actually attending a Christian college for a little over a semester, I’ve come to realize that all of these stereotypes are not true. They are merely misconceptions.

“Christian universities are only for people who are going to become pastors or missionaries.”

People often confuse Christian colleges with Bible colleges, which, are in fact specifically meant to prepare future pastors and missionaries for ministry. Christian universities, however, are not. Christian schools offer a complete education, not just for students looking to go into ministry, but for students training for all sorts of fields. Any major or vocation that you can study at any other college or university, you can study at a Christian school as well.

“Christian universities don’t really offer a high-quality education.”

Christian universities offer the same quality education and hold the same high standards that any other university does, if not more so. Some people think that because professors teach with Christian ideals in mind that they are not able to teach efficiently and everything they teach is narrow-minded. They think that they are pushing something on students and not allowing them to think for themselves about all the possibilities. This simply is not the case. At a Christian university you get the chance to think about challenging ideas and controversial matters and discuss them with your professor and fellow students. You are not just programmed into a certain type of thinking. You are rather challenged to think.

“Christian universities are too strict. There’s no way you can have any fun there with all those rules.”

Everyone has a different definition of fun. Some people like to go out and get super wasted and stay up puking all night and wake up with a terrible hangover. For some people, that’s their type of fun. So yes, if that’s what you consider fun then you may think a Christian university isn’t right for you. However if you like to go to open frat parties and dance, hang out with all your friends, go on crazy adventures like tunneling and roof climbing, then don’t count out a Christian university. The rules aren’t a big deal if you don’t drink, do drugs, or anything like to do illegal things (plus those are the same rules at any other university if you’re under 21 (for drinking) and if you’re any age for anything else).

“Everyone who goes to a Christian university is expected to find their spouse/be engaged before they graduate.”

Sure, some people do find who their going to marry at college. A lot of people at millions of colleges do. However, the idea that the sole reason of attending a Christian university is to find your spouse is such an overdone stereotype. People attend Christian universities to get an education to pursue their future careers while growing in Christ and discovering his ultimate plan for your life. For some people they do find their future husband/wife along that journey, but the whole “ring by spring” culture that is so heavily looked at needs to be done away with. You can very well graduate from a Christian university (or any university) and not know who you’re going to marry. That’s 100% okay.

“Christian universities only accept people who are “holier than thou”.”

There is not a level of spirituality you have to be at in order to get in to a Christian university. In fact, there are many students who are still figuring out the whole Christian thing and what it means for them in their life. There are some who may not even be believers at all. That makes no difference to the admissions office. There is no standard you have to meet or attendance record from a church you must turn in. Most students are just followers of Christ who are struggling and growing everyday in their relationship with him.

“Christian universities are too expensive.”

Christian universities actually rival other private universities in terms of cost and affordability. There is not some extra special fee Christian universities charge that other universities don’t just because they’re Christians. Sure, any college, let alone a private university, is going to cost. But that’s because you are getting such a high quality education and experience that is so unique to each school and incredibly worth it.


10 Reasons I’d Never Join Any Other Chapter Than Beta Omega

Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Omega is my home away from home. I feel so blessed to have found such a welcoming and loving sisterhood. Here’s 10 reasons I’d never join any other chapter..

10. My sisters are my support system.


9. I met my Big and joined the best family out there (the Butterfly fam, of course!). 


8. I’ve learned the importance of philanthropy and ours means something to me personally.


7. My sisters give the best advice (unlike Chandler Bing).


 6. All of the study dates in the library with my sisters. 




Why “guys and girls can’t just be friends” is the Ultimate Myth

You’ve heard it said it million times, “guys and girls cant JUST be friends.” Either feelings or attraction always get in the way. Sometimes one falls for the other and the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Sometimes one is just really attracted to the other physically. Sometimes one has a jealous significant other. And in most of these scenarios, the friendship is ruined or severely damaged. Further supporting the case that men and women cannot have purely platonic relationships.

And I do not think this is the case.

Sure, I understand how this misconception can be made. I just gave you all the evidence to support it. And in some cases, it can become the case. But NOT ALWAYS.

Believe it or not, it is ACTUALLY possible to have a 100% pure friendship with someone of the opposite sex. If you both stay within those limits. It is a little different than a relationship with someone of the same-sex. There are certain boundaries that must be followed. Especially if one or both of you are in actual relationships with other people. You can’t just be 100% comfortable and carefree. You have to respect your boyfriend/girlfriend and that relationship first. However, you should not let a jealous bf or gf control who you get to be friends with.

I, personally, have been in a relationship with someone that was super controlling and jealous and where I ultimately ended up sacrificing some amazing friendships with some of my best guy friends. I regret having to had give those up so much. And once my ex and I broke up, I swore to myself that I’d never let that happen again.

So now, fast-forward, I’m in a beautiful healthy relationship with a guy who is the complete opposite as far as jealousy goes. We both trust each other completely. We both have strong and casual friendships with other guys and girls. We’ve been dating for almost a year and have never had any issues with the other having a friend of the opposite sex. He even went to one of his friend’s that’s a girls semi-formal with her after her and her boyfriend had just broken up so that she could still go. Everyone asked him if we had broken up and were shocked to find out that we hadn’t and that I was just okay with him going with another girl. I find this so ridiculous. Why do people think this way?



20 Reasons Why Brooke Davis is One of My Role Models

Brooke Davis is one of the most inspirational fictional characters to ever be created. She may not have gotten married and pregnant in high school, written a famous novel, or played on a pro basketball team, but she still manages to stand out above the rest of the “One Tree Hill” cast in her own way. She is strong, independent, and fierce while somehow at the same time being vulnerable, sensitive, and kindhearted. She exemplifies all the qualities that every girl wants to find in herself. She also shows us that even those considered the “most popular” or prettiest who seem to have it all together are actually just like you and me-real girls with real problems.

20. She was always true to herself and never compromised for anyone else.


19. She was THE best and truest friend that anyone could have had.


18. She gave the best relationship advice.


17. She wasn’t afraid to be blunt and always said what was on her mind.


16. Everyone always knew she was destined for greatness-even when she didn’t. 


15. She sometimes felt like she wasn’t good enough and questioned herself worth. But she learned to overcome stereotypes and inspired us all.


14. She learned to become confident in who she was and no longer needed boys to give her meaning.


13. She knew that clothes always came before guys (she even created her own fashion line based on it).


12. She then used her fashion line to endorse a positive body image for young women everywhere.


11. She may have been captain of the cheerleading squad but she wasn’t afraid to bust out some ridiculously goofy dance moves every now and then and just have fun.




18 Thoughts You Have After Binge-Watching Netflix All Day

We’ve all done it. You have a million different things you absolutely MUST get done. But instead of dealing with all of your responsibilities, you push them off to the next day and turn on the TV to your Netflix. Life of a procrastinator. But sometimes when we have so many things going on and we’re super stressed out, we just need a break. A distraction. We need to just lay on the couch with our bag of chips and binge-watch 24 episodes of some show about vampires all day. It makes us feel better at the time. But then after we realize what we’ve done, we find ourselves questioning just what we are doing with our lives. Don’t freak out. We all do it. We all survive it. But here are some crazy thoughts that go through our heads right after we commit the “Netflix sin.”

18. wow what time is it?


17. No way, my clocks not right.


16. OMG IT REALLY IS 11:42pm.


15. how did it get that late???


14. I can’t believe I’ve really been laying here ALL day.


13. I had so much stuff I NEEDED to do.


12. I thought I had only watched a few episodes..


11. But one would end and then another would start..


10. I didn’t even have a chance to realize what was happening.




How I Learned to Study for College the Hard Way

College is not high school. Not even remotely. Every single aspect of college is a total 180 from what you’re used to after attending 4 years of high school. The social life is different, the schedule, the living situation, the food, the responsibility, the expectations, the students, the teachers, and most importantly- the studying. If you go into your first semester of college expecting to study like you did for your classes in high school, well, let’s just say you should be finding a job really soon. It’s not going to work.

If you’re like me, I took all honors courses in high school and made practically all A’s (despite one B- thanks Mrs. Yankee) with much ease. I rarely studied at all. And when I did it was maybe 2 hours for my Anatomy final and that’s about it.

Once I began my first semester, I quickly realized that even my hardest courses in high school were a joke compared to the courses I was embarking upon at Union. My lectures were short and we didn’t have nearly enough time to go over all of the information that we would be tested over. Which left us with hours of studying and learning on our own, not simply reviewing or refreshing our minds on what we already had been taught (like in high school).

This was a completely new world.

This is not what I has been used to. It was unexpected. Sure, I had anticipated that college courses would be more difficult, but I figured the material would just be harder (which it is) but I wasn’t expecting to have to study 20+ hours and 2 weeks in advance for one exam.

I got super overwhelmed and stressed out. I felt like I was drowning in textbooks and an insane amount of material. It felt impossible to be able to efficiently study and be prepared for all 6 tests within two days of each other. Not to mention keeping up with all my actual assignments, rushing and joining my sorority, getting used to living with 3 strangers, making new friends, and finding time for my boyfriend. There was so many new things and so much change going on at such a rapid pace. It felt unmanageable.

It was hard to accept when I failed my first huge biology test. I thought that I had studied so well and hard and I felt prepared. Not so much after I took the test. But I had never failed a huge test before and I was devastated. I realized I needed to find a new and effective studying technique.

I began to study harder. I pre-planned my entire week and wrote out when my study time would be and I stuck to it. I would get out of class and go back to my dorm and read the chapter we had gone over in class-and then reread it and reread it again. Except I really read it and understood it. I didn’t just skim and mindlessly read with actually taking in the information like I may have done before. I would make time to rewrite my notes out and go over subjects that I didn’t fully understand. I watched Youtube videos, I wrote out diagrams, I made flashcards, I was in study groups, I did everything I could to be prepared for the next exam.

And it worked. I did significantly better. I was thrilled. I learned that the key to studying successfully in college is to be prepared and to plan out your studying and stick to it. If you have a plan to follow it’s much easier to stick to then if you just decide to impromptu study whenever. It really works. If you’re struggling with finding a successful studying technique, I definitely recommend preparing, planning, and not procrastinating.


How I Established a Routine For Being Healthy in College

Being healthy in college is hard. You constantly feel stressed or overwhelmed with all the work and studying, and taking care of your body seems to drop on your priority list. You feel like you just don’t have the time to make it to the gym or to go on that run. You find yourself ordering pizza or quickly scarfing down some junk food during your study break. There’s no way you have time to actually cook a healthy, well-balanced meal for yourself. And as far as sleep goes, well it’s practically non-existent. You definitely haven’t gotten that recommended 8 hours in a longggg time (probably since the first week of the semester).

But don’t fret. I know it seems totally impossible with your crazy schedule to actually find the time to take care of yourself. But there is a way. You just have to commit to it.

Being healthy and taking care of your body and your mind is a responsibility everyone has as a human being. If you aren’t being active, or eating right, or getting enough sleep, it all comes back to you and your decisions. Bad habits can be changed, or can easily be continued. But you have to want to change.

I played basketball and ran track and cross country in high school and I was in extremely good shape. The summer after graduation I tried to keep my old habits of waking up early and going for my morning run. However, I found that I no longer had the same motivation or drive to run hard and I began to sleep in more and more. Once I started my first semester of college I was determined to start running well again. I did well at first, but with all the chaos of my first semester and rush and my difficult courses, it became less and less of a reality.

Then all of the sudden one day I decided to change. I realized that I was just making excuses for myself before because I was too tired or stressed and I really just didn’t have passion to run like I used to. But at that moment I decided all that was going to change. Running 3 miles only takes about 25-30 minutes and I definitely had that much time to spare, despite my busy schedule.

This time when I decided to stick to a running schedule every day, I changed a few things. Instead of trying to force myself to wake up early and run like I had always done before, I decided to run at night. Waking up early before my classes would just be more difficult and probably result in me pressing snooze. This was the key to me succeeding in my commitment. At the end of the day I was actually looking forward to take my 9:00pm study break to go for my run. Plus, it was cool outside instead of extreme heat. It became my way to de-stress from my hectic day and just let out any frustration or whatever. It once again, became my passion.

After I started running again and getting back into good shape, I decided I wanted to start eating healthier too. I’ve never eaten super bad and when I did eat not so great things for me it never seemed to effect me because of my fast metabolism and my small portion eating. However, I knew if I made more of an effort to just substitute some of the junk I did eat for a healthier option, it would make me and my body feel even better.

So I began to buy healthier snacks for around my dorm and drink a lot more water than I already was. I also took advantage of my dining hall and the meal plan I have which offers unlimited food in the cafeteria. Which along with all the junk and not so good foods for you, actually offers an amazing salad bar. As well as a healthy alternative to any of the usually foods on the menu. My body felt so much better. I flushed all the junk that was in my system out and it made me wake up happier, feel more energized, and be in an overall better mood.

Now to the sleep issue. I’m still at a constant struggle with this one to be honest. My whole first semester I don’t think that I was ever in bed before midnight, and most nights I was up until at least 2am studying. And I had to wake up every morning at 7:00am. I was definitely sleep deprived, as most college students are. Which makes you even more tired and have zero energy to take on the day or to study or to do anything at all really.

The only times when I would get to bed at a halfway decent hour was when I was prepared for that day. And I think that is the key. If you write down all of your assignments in your planner and plan to do them ahead of when they are due and actually study for tests the night or even a few nights before, it makes all the difference. You are not nearly as stressed or anxious and can get things down way more efficiently. So though sometimes all-nighters can be unavoidable to a college student, the key to sleep on a consistent basis is without a doubt time management and being prepared.

So if you take anything at all from this article, just remember that it is 100% possible to be a successful college student, as well as being a healthy individual. It’s just determined by the choices you make and how you decide to live.


11 Things College Students Constantly Find Themselves Eating

Life of a college student can be pretty rocky sometimes. You often just don’t have disposable money to go out to eat every night without a care in the world. This is real life. We’re all adults now. We have to learn to manage our money and what we spend it on. And, unfortunately, quality food often doesn’t cut the list. Therefore, we’re forced to cram our bodies with whatever we can put in it that is quick to make and cheap to buy. So here’s a list of foods that I often find myself or my roommates munching on in-between classes.

11. Cliff Bars- This is one that is so relevant to me it’s no joke. They’re the perfect on-the-go bar for breakfast before your 8am. They’re also not gross junk food. They’re extremely healthy for you and packed with the protein and nutrients you need to have the energy to take on the day. Plus, they’re delish.


10.PB&J- Seriously, find myself making these real quick for a fast lunch ALL THE TIME. But cmon, who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jelly? It’s a classic.


9. Grilled Cheese- Like the pb&j, this is a quick and convenient sandwich that is easy to make and tastes good. Classic childhood grub.


8. Mac n Cheese- These are a staple in our kitchen at my dorm. You get the kind prepackaged in their little individual bowls. You add some water, pop it in the microwave, and then add the little cheese pack. And BOOM. You’ve got a nice hot bowl of delicious noodles covered in cheese. I have one roommate who I’m pretty sure lives solely off of these things.

mac n cheese

7. Ramen- Now I’m personally not a ramen girl. However, you hear so many college students talk about how this is the one thing they live off of for their entire four years through school. So, it had to make an appearance on the list. It makes sense though. It’s cheap and one of the simplest things to make.




22 Thoughts When Picking Out Underwear

Ladies, we all know that picking out underwear can be quite the task. Of course, who doesn’t love to go shopping for some cute new undies? However, sometimes finding the perfect pair can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Things can even get a little overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re not sure what type you’re wanting. So here are some thoughts that each and every one of us has had at our nearest Victoria’s Secret..

22. YES. 7 for $27.50. Today is a good day.


21. Okay, I’ve got to find the perfect seven pairs of underwear.




19. Okay, I’ve located the bin with my size. Let’s start digging.


18. OH, these are CUUUUUTE. 


17. OMG. If the bin says size small then why is practically every single pair of underwear in here XL?????


16. And they’re so cute, but not my size.


15. Why are all the cute underwear either too small or too big??


14. What the heck? How do you even wear this contraption?


13. Awwwwwww. LOOK! These ones have cute little pink flamingos on them.

giphy (1)