Is He The One?

In this world there are two types of girls in this world. The one that actually want to go to college to get a degree and one that goes to college to get her M.R.S. degree and getting an education on the side just happens to be a plus. Before I went to college I was told that college was the time where you practice dating and get good at it so when we get out into the real world we are experts. For some girls dating is like breathing. For others, meaning me, its like trying to solve an AP Physics equation.

speed dasating

So you get asked out, spend all day primping and getting ready, go on the date, have the awkward goodbye, then you wait for the text, call, or tweet that will tell you how the night went as you or him hop for a second or third date. As you go through this routine over and over again up to the point that you’re actually kind of tired of it and you start to ask yourself if Mr. Right really does exist. As time travels on and each guy that comes around keeps driving you to a dead end you start to believe that Mr. Right is just a myth. So the only date night that you have includes you, Pink Moscato, Arctic Zero ice cream, and Netflix. You start to loose the desire to get your M.R.S. degree until the park happens.

my night

This spark starts out as a really good guy friend. I’m talking about the best guy friend a girl could have. He lets you rant without judgement, goes on late night Taco Bell runs with you, brings you wine and ice cream care packages when you are in one of your moods. As oblivious as you are you don’t see the way he looks at you or the fact that he knows basically everything you like dislike and down right hate. Yet since he knows you aren’t to that point yet he chills in the friend zone and waits for you to wake up.

guy friend

*RINGGGGG RINGGGG* There goes your alarm clock. You start seeing the little things that he does and he starts to look more and more attractive as time goes on. So you guys go on the first, second, and third date with no awkward goodbyes just butterflies. You both meet the parents, spend vacations with each other’s families, and you are each other’s dates to all the weddings as Hazel from Fault in our Stars sates, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly then all at once.” So the questions start building. “You love him now what? Is he the one?” Well you can always ask yourself this, “Do you see him by your side in five years? Does he support the crazy things that you love? Does he still open doors for you?” I think you have your answer. So watch out when the bouquet comes flying your way.



17 Things A Woman Should Do Before She’s 30

Everyone says that age is just a number and as a matter of fact it is. Yet sometimes that can suck. With that being said, your 20s are a great time for you to adventure out and get ish done. Yes you have 10 years to do stuff but before you know it those 10 years are gone and you have little to no stories to tell you little siblings or children and man that’ll suck! So why wait, check some of these thing off your list before you actually hit adult age.

17. Stay Abroad

Your 20s are a great time to explore especially since this is probably the first time that you are actually on your own so why not use this time to travel. You don’t really have anything tying you down. No husband, no demanding career, you have saved up your money now spin the globe and wherever your finger lands is where your ticket will take you. You can also make yourself productive while you’re on vacation by applying for a work visa. You could even be a barista in Australia, I heard they make about $25 an hour. Being a part of another culture can be eye openin as well as life changing just to see how others get by on a day to day basis.


16. Forgive Your Parents

You might be thinking, “Forgive my parents for what? They’ve been great!” Well your parents may have been a little rude with their blatant disapproval of the major you want to study, changing your major, coming home with more tattoos than they like. The longer you wait to forgive and forget the tougher it will be to mend things down the line. I bet you will feel more like a grown-ass woman than ever before.

15. Read Things By Women, For Women

There are so many novels and such that are written by some incredible women about some fascinating characters that just happen to be women who would have thought! Taking the time to sit and read a book can help you escape for the crazy world that we are mixed up in. Choosing some classics like To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf can give you a sense of how the women in the past handled themselves and how history affects women back then versus now.


14. Learn A New Language

Everyone knows that English can be kind of boring and when telling someone some top secret stuff you never know who is listening so why not learn another language? Plus learning another language can help you bet a leg up on the competition when it comes to landing your dream job, making that abroad trip a little bit more manageable and less stressful. To add to that you probably will have a lot more free time now than in you 30 and 40s and probably won’t get that time back until your 50s or 60s. So go head and learn the language of love or whatever it is you desire to speak.


13. Get That Money

That’s right go ahead and ask for that raise. Make money just like the boys do. Lord knows that you’ve been working your butt off trying to keep up in your peep toe pumps. According to Forbes magazine, if you land at least a $5,000 raise in your 20s and you start to invest it in the right way you can be worth more than a million dollars over the course of your career. Yet if you start learning how to how to negotiate at this young age employers from hear on out will know you mean business. But do your research before you just jump right in.

pay me

12. Learn About Your Vagina

Yes I said it, VAGINA that thing down there. I say this because every woman needs to be educated on what can go wrong on the low low. Sex education in this country is lacking significantly so don’t let yourself be a part of that statistic. You need to know what diseases and so on can go on with your lady bits before you start popping mini me’s out of it. So find a loyal OB/GYN and make them part of your inner circle.







10 Moments You Feel Like Beyoncé

Every girl has gone through that moment where they feel like a queen, like Queen B to be more specific. Ever since Crazy In Love was released the rest of Beyoncé’s songs have become the soundtrack to every young woman’s life. Every song can be perfectly tailored to your life moments such as these.

10. After Getting Ready

As women we like to make people think that we actually woke up like this. Yet we all know that our face did not get beat this easily and our hair did not get slayed this quickly cause you and I both know we took a good hour and a half to two hours in front of that bathroom mirror in order to look as good as we do. But once we know that we have finally made our makeup look as flawless as possible, our hair curled with just the right amount of volume, and our outfit is fitting just right. You know that today is going to be a good day as you walk down the sidewalk like it was the Victoria’s Secret catwalk and Crazy In Love was playing in the background with the car lights flashing to the beat and the wind blowing your hair like you were standing next to Beyoncé herself on stage.

crazy in loe


9. When You Kill The Big Presentation

So you have been working on this presentation for a good month now. Whether it is for a huge grade in a class or a possible promotion at your job it’s kind of a big deal. You even finished it before the due date with enough time to edit it and triple check your facts and effects. Basically everything is perfect now. You have your outfit set out for, your speech has been written and you have your presentation on multiple flashdrives just in case technology wants to act up. So when you finally give your presentation in record time you can tell that you killed it by the expression on your professor or boss’s face along with all the other peers in the room. Once you have given your closing statement you hit your pose that makes you feel like Beyoncé at the SuperBowl.

beyonce superbowl

8. When You Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Breaking up is never fun even if you feel empowered for the first hour or two, at some point you are not going to feel so hot. Being in this post break up runt is never fun. You tend to find your favorite sweats, with a pint of your favorite ice cream, Dirty Dancing on your screen, and your cell phone on DO NOT DISTURBE. Then the thoughts of “I wonder what he’s doing” comes to mind. Like he’s probably at a bar with a hot girl right now. These thoughts do not help. Yet a couple days of this sulking goes by and you realize that he is replaceable even though you broke up with him because he thought he was God’s gift to Earth. So you turn on Irreplaceable by Beyoncé herself and you start building yourself back up once again.


7. Flaws And All

At some point in a woman’s life she realizes that she is not suppose to be perfect like society has been portraying. You might have killed a few glasses of wine in the process of realizing that you are good enough for this world because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have blessed the world with your presence.  Anyone who tells you or tries to tell you different can go visit the bad people, just saying. Your flaws are the things that set you apart from all the others walking this world.

flaws and all

6. You Run This Ish

Now that you are an adult you are now living just like your parents are now. You have gained the responsibilities of owning your own place, paying your own bills, and solving most of your problems on your own without having to call your parents or older siblings for help. A big thing that I have learned going through college is that you have to stand up for what you think is wrong and right especially as a woman. A lot of people see women as being vulnerable or not able to make major decisions on their own. I say screw that view from society. yet Society is going through a slow transition, this transition is of how women are be perceived and how they are breaking through different barriers. There are women entering the sports field as coaches and broadcasters, anchors on the biggest news networks, running multimillion dollar businesses, and becoming activists. Just like anybody else, this is our lives and we make the decisions that go with it.

run the world




The Spice Girls As Your Best Friends

To me the Spice Girls are probably the most underrated girl group ever. They didn’t have a bunch of records put out or a clothing line started, yet they probably had the most variety in a group whether it was planned or not. With all this variety in a group makes it easy for someone to compare their own squad to this British pop one.

Posh Spice

Posh Spice was the girl who was always up to date on the latest fashion trends. She best represents the friend that always has her hair and makeup done along with wearing the most stylish threads that anyone has seen. Whether she has the money or not, home girl finds a way to come up with the most desired looks. Just like Posh Spice she is content with relaxing in the background as long as she knows that she is looking H-O-T!

posh spiceScary Spice

This girl is the one that lives up to the Scary Spice name. Style wise, she is a risk taker, wearing all the neon colors along with the loudest of shoes and the wildest hair styles. Personality wise she is the definition of an extrovert. Meaning that she is the first one to speak out about anything good or bad, just like Mel B who takes lead vocals every now and again. She is very outside the box and is a live in the moment kind of gal. When the SnapChat is pulled out she doesn’t smile oh no ma’am, she’ll stick out her tongue and own that signature pose. She is so outgoing that it is a little bit intimidating until you get to know her.

Scary spice



Why Choosing TAMUC Is the Greatest Decision You’ll Ever Make

TAMUC better known as Texas A&M University-Commerce to the outer public. yet to the students here in Commerce we like to refer to it as “The Dirty Merce”, “Merce Vegas”, and “No Mercy Texas”. Well if these cool nicknames aren’t enough to convience you that choosing TAMUC will be the greatest decision that you will probably ever make, I have a couple more things that you would like to know about this East Texas school.


In college, sports is kind of a big deal especially in Texas. Here at A&M Commerce we are proud to say that our football team is Back-to-back Conference Champions with the intention of making this title 3-Time conference champions on their way to the National Championship for Division II schools. Yet football isn’t the only team that has some bling to show off. Our men’s track team just came back from Colorado with a new title of back-to-back champions as well. Oh let me not forget our women’s soccer team also has two rings of their very own. So I guess that you could say owning two rings is kind of contagious around here.

football champs

Greek Life

Though it may be small it is mighty. Our Greek life that is. Even though we only have four Panhellenic sororities, four IFC fraternities, five NPHC sororities, and four NPHC fraternities, as well as one Multicultural council sorority and one Multicultural fraternity. On paper we seem small yet next to athletics, we show up and show out. We travel deep in all school functions and we are open with everybody on campus, Greek or non, our Greek community supports everyone. Being a part of any one of our frats or sorority is a great decision that you could possibly make once you come to Commerce. Greek life gets you involved in intramurals, campus organizations, and leadership roles just to name a few.

greek lifeCampus Life

Being a small campus actually makes a life a little bit more simple for the college student attending A&M Commerce. Since the campus is relatively small you can walk to your class in a matter a five minutes at the most no matter where you are coming from. When I started my freshman year in 2013 Commerce was the definition of a small school yet three years later word has gotten out about how we are the most affordable university in the A&M school system and of course our athletics. But back to campus life! Since Commerce is basically a walking campus you are able to see what is going on as you walk through campus. Whether is music on the yard at the student center, an organization giving out free t-shirts and snacks in the cross-roads or the library giving out something free, you are able to be a part of that.


Student Unity

I feel like any college is going to help you find people that you will grow closer to over time, yet that is just you and those select people not the whole campus. In the past two years I have seen this campus become closer over one sad tragedy. A couple of summers ago our school lost two valuable players of the women’s basketball team. They also left their mark in the personal lives of the students and staff here in Commerce. As soon as we were able to make it back to campus a candle light vigil was held in Devin and Aubrey’s honor. But the honoring didn’t stop there, in the athletic tutoring center two rooms were dedicated to each athlete and their jerseys were retired at the beginning of  basketball season. A movement like this will be remembered for years to come.

candle light


College Girl Explains Crazy First F*ckboy Experience

It seems that over the last year or so fuckboys have became a trending topic in every girls life. I am here to share my first experience of actually dealing with a fuckboy. There have been times where I have been able to spot them soon enough before I fell for their sweet smooth words. Yet this one guy I knew for years and I became a victim of his fuckboy tendencies.

So listen, here is how it went down. I met this guy, let’s call him Chuck, I met Chuck my freshman year of college and he started to pursue me. I didn’t really give him the time of day yet I kept it friendly since I had class with him every other day of the week and I couldn’t avoid seeing him. Freshman year passes and sophomore year slides through and I see him more than ever because I became an athletic trainer and he was a football player so it was inevitable. He continued to pursue me and I continued to shut him down. Don’t get me wrong he was a very nice guy, but my gut feeling would not allow me to give in to his sweet words. Now it is the present and I am a junior in college and he came around one last time. Tis time I allowed myself to go for a test drive. We hung out a couple times and I started feeling a little bit comfortable with him. So I told myself, ” Self, you haven’t talked to a guy in a while now so maybe you can grow to like him over time.” Looking back that sounded so shallow and stupid that I just can’t.

The weeks go on and as the time goes by red flags start appearing. The first one was when he was talking about how the last girl he talked to came to stay with him for a week and the biggest thing that bothered him was that how she didn’t have dinner waiting for him once he got off of work. I didn’t know that we were still living in the 1950’s where the women stayed at home waiting for their dear husbands. He dropped hints of him wanting me to cook by saying, “Man I sure am hungry!” I picked up on this so quickly, in my head I’m saying, “Well dear let me just hop right up and start cooking you a big meal!” Right because I have the money to fill my fridge up with all the ingredients for a hearty meal. The second red flag was when I was dropping him off at a friends apartment because I was finally able to hang out with one of my best friends so I chose my best friend over him. While we were in the car he said to me, “You know if we were dating I wouldn’t be allowing this. You wouldn’t be going to hang out with your friends over me I wouldn’t allow it to happen.” Well excuse the life out of me. I was put on edge with the comment that he left me with once he got out of my car. The following night we were on facetime and he was asking about a falling out I had in the past that involved a mutual friend and he called me a child for the whole situation. The following day he was at the basketball game with our mutual friend and he decided to have a little conversation with him. You know when people are talking about you just by the body language that they have and that night they were showing all the signs. That night I made the decision that I couldn’t talk to a guy knowing I can’t trust him. Days go by and I was still on my streak for not speaking to him when one of my friends told me he was talking to another girl during the same time we were talking. Yet everyone knew that he was with her because she catered to his every needed. Cooked when he said she was hungry, gave him a place to stay because he didn’t have a place of his own, and he was able to control her anytime that he wanted to. She would go to our friend’s house and tell them that she couldn’t stay very long. Our friends would ask why and she would say it was because he was mad that she wasn’t at home. He would call her and demand that she come home and of course she would do what he told her to. This could have been me if I never noticed that the red flags that went off. Fuckboy tendencies is becoming a common disease that all women should know the signs of.

dont taljk


7 Thoughts You Have In Zumba Class

Zumba has to be one of the interactive fitness class that I have been a part of. I use to take it while I was at home at my local LA Fitness or during drill team practice when we were off for the week. I love dancing and being fit yet there are a couple thoughts going through my head that others share as well

7. I’m Proud

When you finally make it to this Zumba class that you’ve been talking about going to for the past three weeks you feel some kind of way about yourself. That feeling is that you’re freaking proud of yourself for actually making it to class and getting off that thing of fluff that we like to call the couch.


6. Nailed It

So you made it to the second song and you haven’t died yet, but you are sweating like a sinner in church. Oh wait, what is this? You finally caught on to the dance move and even more, you got the moves on the second time around. You are killing this this class.

nailed it

5. The Steps

Ok your streak of hitting these dance moves ended sooner than you expected. The only thing that is keeping you from ultimately embarrassing yourself is saying the steps in your head. The only thing in your head right now is, “Single, single, double”.





Dear Little: You’re MY Role model

Dearest Little,

My sweet sweet Lil Baby Em! What can I say to you right now? Well I can say that i love you more than words could probably describe. I know that I have to take a few calming deep breaths with you but most of the time I’m asking myself how did such an amazing being end up in my life?I know they say that the big sisters in these kind of relationships are suppose to be the mentor, the leader, and the role model. Well that is all gravy, yet I feel that one role has been switched. You have became my role model.


Before I met you I’ve never thought I could look up to someone younger. It just seemed like a contradiction to me. If I am the older one than I assumed that I had the responsibility of being the role model for whoever was younger than me especially when it came to my little. After I found out that I’d be your big you asked me to go dancing Wednesday night and I swore to myself that I would never ever do that as long as I was in college yet I went because it made you happy. All my friends that were there and that were apart of Greek life said that you were a smaller version of me and the tickled me a little bit. After that night I saw you in another light. I began to see all the potential that you had to offer and how you had such excitement when you had a task to complete. That excitement was so contagious that it made me want to be a happy person even when I had to do the most painful thing. You are such a hard worker it’s crazy how you maintain your sanity. I see you running from cheer, to class, to chapter events, back to cheer, work, and family things. Yet no matter how much stuff you have put on your plate you succeed with flying colors. This makes me think, “If my little can do it then there is no excuse for me to fail!” You motivate me in the smallest ways and it’s so crazy to me. I’ve never been a very affectionate person even towards my family, but again you set the mold on how to act towards everyone especially family. I have never seen anyone who is so locked into their family, especially their younger siblings. You show your family, blood and Greek, unconditional love and sometimes that can be the hardest thing ever and it has never been a thought in your mind that whatever they needed you would not turn them away.


I think it’s a little funny that we are kind of opposites if you think about it. I am all about rules, deadlines, to-do lists, etc and you live a carefree life and open the door to fun when it comes knocking and I wish that I could loosen up like you whenever a chance to laugh and cut lose with friends comes along. I have noticed that you have gotten me to go with you to a lot more functions in this past year more than I would have gone to on my own in the past three years. Your light attitude has shown me that life is short, we’re in college, and to not regret anything. it has been a process but I’m getting better at life with you by my side.

You have shown me how to love, to smile, to laugh, to dance with strangers, and to live my life. Because if you think about it Drake was right, you do only live once and my body won’t be able to keep up with my young spirit at the tender age of 80. So little, thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me want to be like you, to be a better person for myself and the people in my life.

Always and Forever,

Your Big.


10 Things A Woman Should Live By

No matter how stable a person is or how old they are, they need a road map of some sort. For women we sometimes need to be told things in order to believe it. We are complicated creatures and that is all I have to say on that matter. By being these complicated creatures we should always be knowledgeable about life. It’s how we have a leg up an the boys.

10.Know What You Are

Yes you are aware that you are a female that is not what I’m talking about. I’m saying that you to know how the people that are in your life see you. Know that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you even think that you are. As girls we are our own worst critic and we are hardest on ourselves. So other people see us as superheros while we see ourselves as just regular civilians. Christopher Robin said, ” Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can really do hard things!” Now if you can’t take advice from one of the greatest childhood cartoons than I don’t know what to tell you.


9. Smiling

Cosmetically, smiling uses less muscles so therefore you get less wrinkles so everybody wins! But seriously if you take the time that you have while you’re waiting to fall asleep, to think about your life you will realize some crazy things. Like how loved you really are even if you don’t feel it sometimes. That you are someone special, because as corny as it is, there is no one else like you. They may come close but it will never be exact.With all the hussle and bussle of the world you can forget all of these great things especially when it feels like the world is coming at you full force. When it seems that no one is giving you love know the the Big Man upstairs has all the love.


8. Having The Best Of The Best

I’m speaking of the people that you allow into your life. You do NOT deserve the scum of the Earth to be able to be blessed with all of the awesomeness that makes you, well you. This is why you should surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. It isn’t very fun climbing this ladder of life and you get knocked down by some selfish jerk. Oprah says that, “as women, we need to be with those that support us and help us become the person we want to become. Not only hang out with those who are good for you, but be the good for others too.”


7. Disappointment is Okay

Timing is so critical to making life work. It can be a total inconvenience or it can save our butts. Sometimes disappointments are just God’s way of saying “I’ve got something better coming for you.” Sometime we can’t control everything and sometimes that is okay.


6. WWDD: What Would Dory Do?

Yes I brought Dory into this. Because she has the simplest fix to life. So life is going down hill and it scares you, so what do you do? YOU SWIM! Just keep swimming just keep swimming. Look now that song is stuck in your head and you have some pep in your step. You’re welcome.

just keep swimming



10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Life is one big game of chance. As a person you develop certain things that will hold you back a little bit. Being a girl, well some people think that is a set back that we are born with. You are given different paths to choose from and once you choose one you pray that you picked the right one. Yet in the end you end up to where you are suppose to be. Yet having a leg up on the competition just by having a couple of clues on life in your pocket that can make your life a little bit more pretty never hurt anybody either.

10. Breaking The New Shoes In

Nobody enjoys the pain it takes to get your new shoes to the level of comfort that all of your other shoes are at so here is a little trick that I’ve learned. All you need is a hair dryer, your thickest pair of winter socks, and your new shoes. Put on your socks then your shoes and put your hair dryer on them. You’ll be blow hot air onto the tight spots of those new shoes you splurged on.

break in

9. Makin’ Bank

The classic way to store money is a safe or you safety deposit box if you’re banking like that. Yet if you just want to put away a couple of dollars just use your Chapstick to hide some of your cash for those late night McDonald’s run. I know you’re thinking “Why Chapstick?” Well It’s small and easy to carry around, plus no one will think to look in your tube of Chapstick for money…..until now.


8. All The Colors

As we get older we start accumulating things that actually have a purpose in our life. For example, keys. Yes I said keys. As we hit adulthood we get an apartment which comes with a key, a mailbox comes with a key, your spare car key, your parent’s house key, and whatever else you have a key to. After a while those keys start to look the same so all you have to do is paint them! By painting each key a certain color it will help you find that certain key a lot quicker.


7. Those Jeans Are Icy 

A new trick that I’ve learned is kind of on the odd side. Say you have a pair of jeans that are your go to and you want to wear them tomorrow but they stink and you’re too lazy to wash them. Well then you stick them in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer overnight. I’m not sure why this works but I do know that it works. Just don’t put the jeans on straight out of the freezer it doesn’t have the same comforting feeling as the dryer.

cold jeans

6. No More D.O.

By D.O. I mean deodorant. Have you noticed that every time you slip on your little black dress you have an unwanted accessory. The deodorant marks that never come off. Well here is a trick to get those marks off. All you have to do is take a pair of tights or nylons and rub the marks right out.

do marks



A Southern Girls Go-To For Style

When being described Southern girls can be exaggerated a little bit especially when it comes to our style and how we dress. From gaudy and over powering costume jewelry to rhinestone covered t-shirts. While most of this has been known to  be true southern style has grown.

6. Accessories

A big hit that I have seen in the South especially in Greek life is Kendra Scott and her line of jewelry. The saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” may be true Kendra has proven that she can keep that quote true while not being overwhelming. The thing I love about her style most is that is is simple and elegant which makes whatever you are wearing. You can find her on every ear or neck of the most prestigious Southern Belle.


5. These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Yes this is exactly what you are thinking. Every Southern girl can be seen walking around town in her trusty boots. In the South every girl knows that you need to own a good pair of boots. The reasons are simple, they are just like heels except they don’t really hurt your feet that much and they give your butt a nice lift along with making your legs look fabulous.

cowboy boots

4. Dresses

No matter the event that happens to be going on on a certain night a true Southern girl has a dress for every occasion. From a night out country dancing with friends or going on a date there is a dress for the occasion.




5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

We have all had that experience where we have a blast one night, wake up the next morning feeling like a piece of poo because you drank too much, and swear you’ll never again. Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you too many times my friend. Drinking too much can be hell on your body. Unless six months of recuperation from a liver transplant sounds like the ultimate turn up then bottoms up. Just to make sure all is informed here is how you can tell you’ve seen the bottom of the bottle too many times.

5. Alcohol Is Where The Heart Is

Yes the original quote is “Home is where the heart is”. Yet home is where all of your alcohol is. I mean yea we all have our bad days where we are sitting in class or at work and we think to ourselves, “That bottle of wine in the fridge is calling my name!” This is understandable since adulting is harder than we thought. You’re drinking to make yourself feel better after a rough day is also known as self-medication and that means you are abusing alcohol. So instead of getting tipsy right at 5 o’clock, try something else like karaoke or working out.

work drink

4. All By My Self

Netflix and chilling by yourself is one thing, but Netlfix, chilling, and drinking by yourself is a totally different thing. Not saying that having a glass a wine, Scotch, or whatever you prefer, when you get home after a long day is okay; you’re simply unwinding and that is understandable. Yet if you find yourself killing multiple bottles during the week by yourself you should probably ask yourself what is cause of this unhealthy habit.

drink for 1

3. Get On My Level

When you first started drinking, let’s say freshman year of college, you noticed that it took you next to nothing to make you hit the floor. Now that you have been in the game for a while, it seems that it takes a little more to make you stumble. If you and your friends drink the same number of drinks and they leave stumbling and giggling and you are walking straight full of awareness then this is a sign that your tolerance has grown. This can happen to people that tend to drink more regularly than others. You might want to take this a s a subtle hint.

high tolerance


2. Pregame At My House

In college it’s a ritual to go over someone’s house to listen to good music and get a little buzz going before we all head to the party, this is better known as pregaming. Like I said this is acceptable in college, in real life if your security blanket is a shot of whiskey before you head out before socializing it could be that you have social anxiety. This is actually a more common thing than people thought. Might want to look into a new blanket before this goes down hill.


1.”Remember When….” “Nope, Not A Chance.”

Do most social event s you’re at have alcohol at them? Probably so, You’d think that it is a regular thing for people to haul a 24-pack of Coronas into a house party, but mmmm maybe not so much. Social drinkers have been found to develop some not so fun health conditions so to the fact that they were drinking on the regular. If you are at social events more than most people and you are drinking at every event; you have become a regular congratulations! You can choose your prize, we have long-term health problems, heart attacks, or strokes. So take a break on the cranberry martinis and save your life. Hopefully you and the people you surround yourself with can now be well aware of drinking too much. You might not think that something couldn’t happen to you or your friends until it really does. Take responsibility, drink responsibly.

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