SOTD: Morgan Paige Bentley From Indiana University Southeast Alpha Phi

Introducing Morgan Paige Bentley from Indiana University Southeast’s Alpha Phi! We found out that Morgan had a slightly different story than most sorority sisters out there, so we wanted her to be a “Sister Of The Day” and have a chance to tell her story!

Indiana University Southeast Alpha

Sorority Lyfe

Hi! My name is Morgan. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast. I chose to go to IUS because it was close to home, a great price, and had a great Greek Life Program! I knew from the moment I enrolled at IUS that I wanted Alpha Phi. I had heard great things about their philanthropy and sisterhood and that was exactly what I wanted from a sorority. I had a great time going through rush and meeting the women of Alpha Phi. The more sisters I talked to, the more I was reassured that this was the sisterhood for me. I chose to go Alpha Phi because I felt like I belonged there and I was right. I love Alpha Phi and all of my sisters and wouldn’t change a thing for the world! I also have a special situation, I am 19 years old and engaged! Yay! I have been with my fiancé since I was 14 years old (and no, we have never had a break up). He popped the question on Valentine’s Day 2014 and, obviously, I said “Yes!” I chose to get engaged young because I know where I am in life and I know that this is where my life was heading anyway, plus I couldn’t wait any longer if I tried! We are getting married on September 19th, 2015 and couldn’t be happier. I get a lot of grief for being engaged at 19, but those people can mind their own. It can be hard balancing school, work, Alpha Phi, and wedding planning…but with the help of my sisters, family, and fiancé, things are working out alright. If you are considering getting engaged young or while in college, I say “Go for it!” if you love each other enough to get married, you can survive a few hard years in college! Follow your heart and don’t let anyone get in your way.

Love and AOE <3





SOTD: Julie Schott From Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta

Introducing Julie Schott from Penn State University’s Kappa Alpha Theta!  Julie was brought to our attention by her sorority sister, Caroline Eldh. When we received Caroline’s email, we knew that Julie exemplified what we look for in a “Sister Of The Day.”

As Caroline states, Julie plays a huge role in everyone’s lives within the chapter. She is constantly a voice of reason, and whenever someone needs help, or needs advice, she is the person that everyone goes to immediately. Julie is known campus-wide, and not only is she a supportive sister, but hilarious and the life of every party.

Julie Schott From Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta is the real deal! Every sorority girl has the chance to become the “Sister Of The Day.” If you would like to be a “Sister Of The Day,” and/or have a sister to nominate, please email us at [email protected]

Penn State Kappa Alpha Theta

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27 New Year’s Resolutions Sorority Girls Have For 2015

We recently did a poll asking our Brand Ambassadors what their New Year’s Resolutions were for 2015, and these are the results we received. Enjoy reading, and make sure to check out the rest of the content on! To become a Brand Ambassador, please email us at [email protected]


27. To have a great school year

26. To end up somewhere warm for spring break

25. To be on the dean’s list

24. To have a boyfriend

23. To score a bikini bod

22. To land a summer internship/job

21. To be less of a snob

20. To eat Chipotle at least once a month

19. To be a better friend to those around me



25 Things All Sorority Girls Want For Christmas

Written by: Anna Damschroder, Katheryn Sullivan, Maria Thompson, Rachael Chapiewski, Shayna Butera, Carrie Taylor, and Nicole Hardwick

It’s that special time of year for everyone to get together and give hugs and kisses!! Wait, besides the hugs and kisses, what about the gifts? We all know that you want gifts and presents for Christmas, but the question is what kind of gifts and presents do you want? Sorority girls have many ideas in mind, what exactly do they want for Christmas? Check out the list below and find out!! Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

25. A check for spring semester’s dues

24. Bean/Hunter rain boots

23. Fitbit and the Tory Burch bracelet to go with it


22. Car decals of our letters

21. Monogrammed flask/monogrammed anything!


20. New Nikes

19. Teavana tea


18. Spirit jersey with letters of course


17. Alex and Ani bracelet




Alpha Sigma Alpha at James Madison University – So Much Laughter and Love

The Alpha Sigma Alpha chapter at James Madison University looks like an amazing chapter to join!

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Florida State Kappa Kappa Gamma – Perfect Combo of Beauty and Class

Florida State University’s Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter is the perfect combo of beautiful and classy sisters! Disclaimer: There were no crab legs stolen in this video haha!

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Delta Gamma at The U – Looks Like It Is Straight Out Of A Movie

This video makes me want to drop the anchor right now! Well done, Delta Gamma at the University of Miami!

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ASU Alpha Chi Omega Recruitment Video – Simply Stunning

The ladies in this Arizona State Alpha Chi Omega recruitment video are simply stunning! Does Alpha Chi Omega have the most beautiful sisters at Arizona State?

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Georgia Southern ZTA Recruitment Video – Bubbles, Ice Cream, Glitter, and More!

The Zeta Tau Alpha chapter at Georgia Southern University knows how to do it. If you include bubbles, ice cream, and glitter in your video, you have my vote! Check it out!

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Texas A&M Gamma Phi Beta Sets Bar High For Other Texas Recruitment Videos

This recruitment video for Gamma Phi Beta at Texas A&M is amazing!

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