An Open Letter To The Sorority Social Chair

Dear Sorority Social Chair,

Girlfriend, I cannot even begin to thank you for what you bring to our chapter. While a social life is not the most important aspect of a college career, it still is a crucial aspect to having an enjoyable time during your four years of undergrad. Thanks to you, we are given the greatest opportunities.

You are basically the coolest party planner to roam this Earth. Now, I have seen my fair share of meltdowns from my Mom when she planned parties for birthdays, graduations and other celebrations, so believe me when I say your job is not one that I envy. You stay calm, cool and collected in the name of good times and themed parties.

The job of the social chair is important because they allow their sisters to have some fun and blow off some steam once the weekend rolls around. Sometimes they even allow the weekend to come early and find something to do on a Tuesday. Whichever day and whatever the event, sorority girls all over the world have their social chairs to thank for setting it up.

Can we also talk about what a stellarĀ interpersonal communicator you are? Chatting with fraternity socials and other event coordinators is no easy task, but you are able to do so effortlessly. Seriously, I hope that you have put that on your resume, because it is a skill you can take right to the bank.

The most impressive thing about all that you do is just that — you do it all! You plan these events, you make sure to go to them and you still manage to be a full-time student in college. I tip my hat to you, because I know how hard it must be at times. I have seen my social go out on nights where she had two exams the next day, something I would never be able to do.

So thank you for helping us with our social calendars, showing us a good time and always being ready to have fun with your sisters. You seriously bring the life to the party.

All Our Love,

Your Sorority Sisters

Cashie Rohaly

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