An Open Letter To My Rush Crush Who Went To Another Chapter: I Am So Happy For You

Dear Rush Crush,

When I met you during recruitment I knew you were so special. The moment that you left I started telling all of my sisters how perfect you were and how I was going to die if you did not come back for the next round.

Then I saw your name on the list for preference round and I was on Cloud Freaking 9. I started planning out the Instagram that we would take on bid-night. It would consist of a cheesy quote and all the happy emojis you can think of.

However, I never got to ‘Gram a picture of us on bid night, because you decided to go with a different chapter.

At first I went through all of the stages of grief. It started with depression. Although I was extremely happy with all of the babies that we ended up welcoming home on bid night, none of them were you.

Then it turned into anger. Like, why didn’t you choose us? We were going to have so much fun together and I was sure I was going to be your Big and we were going to braid each other’s hair and have wine nights.

Next was all the bargaining. I was hoping that you realized you made a mistake and that somehow, someway we could make a trade with your sorority. I seriously was trying to think of every way I could get you to somehow change your mind, go back in time and be in our chapter.

Finally, I had come to accept the fact that you were in a different chapter. Here’s the thing: I would have been so happy to get to know you on the level that I have gotten to know my sisters. But then I realized something: just because we are not in the same chapter does not mean we cannot still become buds.

Sure, it may not be as easy to get to know you as it would be if we lived in the same house, but people work through obstacles like that all the time. I also realize that you chose the chapter you thought that you fit into best. It is selfish of me to want you in my sorority for my own happiness.

So while I am still sad that things did not work out the way I wanted them to, I am so happy that things worked out in your favor. If they did not, you always know you can reach out. You know you will always be an honorary member of my sorority in my heart.

Still bitter but I’ll get over it,

Your Rusher Crusher.

PS- I hope to see you out at a party so we can bond and dance and do all the things we avoided talking about during recruitment.

Cashie Rohaly

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