A Thank You to my Pledge Sisters (2)

Over the next few weeks, the time we spent together increased but not just inside sorority time.  We began to depend on each other to get us through our crazy schedules and to keep our selves sane in our adapting to sorority life.  Our class was a small family who made mistakes but supported each other through.

As the next three months progressed, we spent more time together than one can imagine. Through the meetings, events, and study hours we learned how to be a sorority sister and what it means to rely on each other.

Life was not always easy, as in any family there were dumb fights and times we couldn’t stand being around each other any more.  But there were also times of support, we went through breakups, tragedies, and a lot of breakdowns together.  Three weeks after receiving my bid, my first love broke my heart.  I was distraught and unsure where to turn.  I was under so much pressure with school, my chapter and now dealing with a breakup, that I didn’t know how much more I could handle.  When I get sad, I shut down and that is exactly what I did.  But to my surprise, the girls that I met just a few weeks ago, rallied around me and pulled me out of my dark place.  I slowly got over my heartbreak but more importantly, I then understood why I needed this sorority and what it meant to be a sister.  I then knew that this chapter was where I belonged.next

Madison Norwich

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