A Southern Girls Go-To For Style

When being described Southern girls can be exaggerated a little bit especially when it comes to our style and how we dress. From gaudy and over powering costume jewelry to rhinestone covered t-shirts. While most of this has been known to  be true southern style has grown.

6. Accessories

A big hit that I have seen in the South especially in Greek life is Kendra Scott and her line of jewelry. The saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” may be true Kendra has proven that she can keep that quote true while not being overwhelming. The thing I love about her style most is that is is simple and elegant which makes whatever you are wearing. You can find her on every ear or neck of the most prestigious Southern Belle.


5. These Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Yes this is exactly what you are thinking. Every Southern girl can be seen walking around town in her trusty boots. In the South every girl knows that you need to own a good pair of boots. The reasons are simple, they are just like heels except they don’t really hurt your feet that much and they give your butt a nice lift along with making your legs look fabulous.

cowboy boots

4. Dresses

No matter the event that happens to be going on on a certain night a true Southern girl has a dress for every occasion. From a night out country dancing with friends or going on a date there is a dress for the occasion.



Angie Carmouche

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