A Sorority Girl’s Guide to Surviving Back to School

As the dog days of summer come to end, we realize it’s that time of year again – back to school. As we get ready to head back to our college towns, we take a moment of silence for the summer filled of meeting up with our high school BFF’s  (and exes) and three months full of binge watching Netflix with no pants on (granted we do that at college too). Sure, we are excited to get back to school. We’ve missed Thirsty Thursday’s and being with our sisters 24/7. But sadly, college is not just themed Frat parties and late night runs to Taco Bell (okay well it kind of is). Thus, here are 7 ways to survive the upcoming fall semester: sorority girl style. (Insert hair flip here)

7. Purchase a new planner


One way to make heading back a little sweeter is treating yourself to Lilly Pulitzer’s 2015-2016 agendas. Whether you go with the Wild Confetti or All Nighter print, you are guaranteed to feel “s’cute” penciling in your school sched or saving the date for winter formal…yes, we know you are counting down already.


6. Shop till you drop


As as sorority  girl, we know the most exciting part of any event is picking out the outfit beforehand.  Add some staples to your closet like some maxi skirts or wedges to wear to your weekly chapter meetings or some new comfort color t-shirts to show off your letters to the PNMs. No matter what you wear from cardigans to yoga pants, rocking some new threads around campus will make you feel like a rock star.


5. Compare classes


Dreading that composition class that you are afraid to fail…again? (No shame!) Compare classes with your sorority sisters and friends to see if anyone is taking it too! Sometimes that boring Gen Ed can become a blast if you have someone to sit next to and copy notes from when you are drifting off after lunch. If you have no one you know in a class with you, come in on the first day confident and snag a seat next to someone and say hi! Just make sure they have good hygiene unlike the kid Cady Herron sat behind in Mean Girls. *gags*


4. Hit up an old flame



Haven’t talked to that guy you had a thing with after Greek Week last semester? Shoot him a text. Chat with him about his summer and plan a time to meet up when classes begin. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee between classes or catching a flick, rekindle that connection if the feelings are still there because you might regret it if you don’t! Plus it’s always good to have a date for formal planned ahead of time!

3. Craft like crazy


There is no better way to decorate a dorm room or college apartment like some glitter and paint. Run over to Michael’s and grab a canvas, hot glue, and some rhinestones and let your creative juices flow. And if you’re like me whose walls already covered with Alpha Phi everything and hand painted Lilly prints, start crafting for your future little or surprise your big with some new masterpieces to show her how much you heart her.6.


2. Plan your Starbucks breaks


Yes, you heard me. Go over your schedule and figure out when you’ll have enough time to squeeze in a Mocha Frappe or a Chai Latte between College Algebra and Gen Psych. Sure, this seems unnecessary now but you’ll thank me later when your brain is on low battery due to lack of caffeine.


1. Bond with your sisters


As if you won’t be hanging with them anyway prepping for recruitment, spend some more quality time with your sissy’s! Have a dinner night with some girls or tweak some last minute things for Bid Day. Nothing will get you more excited for another year of school than bonding with a hundred of the girls who mean the most to you!


Although the all night study sessions and early morning classes may get the best of you, just remember college just four years and not for life. Yes, it is stressful, expensive, and makes you want to drop out and be a stripper every once in a while but college is some of the best years of your life. It’s our last “hoorah” before adulthood, the last Saturday night before a week full of Monday’s, the last slice of pizza…okay I bet you get my metaphor by now. So make the most of it before we are all real adults with bills wishing we were back in college. Weird, huh?


Study hard and party harder, my friends and make this semester the best one yet.

– K


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