A Letter to my Little Black Dress (2)

Thank you for never judging my freshmen 15 and supporting me every time I tried to lose it. College was rough at the beginning. There was free food everywhere, unlimited food for one meal swipe, late night snacks, pizza open ’till 4 am, and the list of excuses goes on. But, you were there for all of it. You hid it as best as you could, and every once in a while got a little tighter and gave me the motivation I needed to go to the gym and get my butt back in shape.

You are finally getting the recognition you deserve. It was really you who rocked that crazy updo I tried, and the one who at the end of the night always had my back, no matter what I put you through.

No closet is complete, no wardrobe perfected, no clothing style finished without the perfect Little Black Dress. Some may say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in reality it’s you, LBD.


Powerful ladies everywhere.


Kelley Slabinski

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