A letter to my Big

Dear Big,

I’m going to try so hard not to make this sound like a love letter. But let’s face it, you’re my big and there’s a whole lot of love in this sisterhood! Normally, I am not great with expressing my feelings in any way, shape, or form, so with that being said, please bear with me on this letter.

For starters, before you became my big, I was terrified of who was soon to become mine. Although I absolutely loved the idea, it was hard to imagine having someone there to help me with things that I didn’t even know I needed help with. When I was asked who I wanted my Big to be, I honestly had no idea who I wanted. In all honesty, I was secretly hoping it would be someone who had some of the same interests as I did. She had to understand how much I love my family, and that right after them comes school. She had to understand that I will choose staying at home and watching Netflix and (or?) doing homework instead of going out. That I would much rather go out to eat than go to the gym. And most importantly that I value friendship more than anything else. I know that’s a lot to ask, but considering majority of the girls I had talked to had similar values, I wasn’t too worried. However, in a situation where there are just so many girls to choose from I truly had no idea who I wanted.

I will admit the first time I met you, I was hesitant about the situation. I wasn’t 100% sure if you and I would end up getting along in the long run, and that scared me. I had heard stories of sisters claiming that even to this day they don’t have a close bond with their Big and I felt bad for them because that honestly sucks. As the oldest in my family, I wanted to know what it was like to have a big sister, and being a sorority was going to help with that. So, yes, I did have very high expectations!

On the night of Big/Little reveal, I was honestly SUPER excited to find out that were officially mine!! Even though I had suspicions before that you were in fact my Big, I wasn’t entirely sure. I couldn’t have been any happier because I knew who you were and all that there was about you. I love the fact that you enjoy nerdy action movies just as much as I do. We both have crazy hectic studying schedules and somehow we still make time for each other. You feel my pain when I say that I want to do things but I am too lazy to do them. Last but certainly not least, you make an effort.

On that note, comes my next point. You are the greatest Big than anyone could ask for. You spoil me rotten with crafts and gifts, you come to me with any sort of crazy, exciting, or random news. We laugh, we probably will cry, gossip, and strive to succeed in our futures. Somehow you managed to check off every item on my crazy “Dream Big” checklist. I’m truly thankful for you, and I just wanted you to know that. We’re closer than I could have ever imagined and I truly look to you as the big sister I’ve always wanted! I will always support you in everything you do, and I will always be the person you can rely on. I love the bond we have and hope it stays that way forever!

With so so so much love,

Your Little <3

Marissa Ramirez

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