A Goodbye to My Past Self

Dear Past Self,
Thank you for everything.  You have given me many wonderful memories and carried me through a lot of rough times.  You have been with me for many years now but unfortunately it is now time to say goodbye to you and everything that you represent to me.
For a while you were all that I had.  Growing up I relied on you for everything and you were always there.  I counted on you to bring me up when I was sad and to encourage me to reach further than I thought that I could.  And that was good enough for then but now it is time to move on.
You stayed strong for a long time through all of the stress I put you through but over this past year I have felt you breaking down.  I know I didn’t make it easy.  I had many negative thoughts, I brought people into our life that brought us down and I severely overworked us.  I am sorry for that and I thank you for staying with me.  But I know you are tired of struggling through.
However, even more important, you kept me positive and strong enough to create this new person for myself.  You brought me to this place where I can finally let you go.  I can say goodbye to you and goodbye to all of my old insecurities.  I can leave behind my doubts about myself and forget the mistakes that I have made.  I can take down the limits and the barriers that I have set for myself and develop as a person.
So I say goodbye to you, my past self.  I thank you for bringing me to this new chapter in my life but its time that I move past the person that I once was and become someone new.  I hope to become a more confident and happy version of you.  I want to learn to relax and not take everything so seriously.  By letting you go, I will finally be able to grow.
You will always remain with me but its time for me to move on without you.
Madison Norwich

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