7 Thoughts You Have In Zumba Class (2)

4. Front Row Status

So you made it to the second or third week of your Zumba class and you’re feeling like a rebel. So you decide to take a shot at dancing in the front row. *Cue oooo’s and ahhh’s* Then you take a little scoot forward next to the front row diva that is front and center every class. yet she gives you the Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us” look except in this situation it’s you can’t dance with us. Now you slowly retreat to your regular spot in the third row two spots to the left.

are you lost

3. I Need A Breather 

So the instructor finally pulls out the merengue on the class and it is kicking your butt. You don’t understand how the Latina culture does this dance for fun I mean come on you can barely catch your breath. So you step to the side and act like you are tying your shoe for longer than usual just to fill your lungs one last time.


2. The End Is Near

Here we go. You recognize this song, this is the final song. you have finally made it to the last leg of the class and it feel great. Because now you get to go home and lay on the floor of your shower and just let the water hit you while you take a brief nap.

the end

1. Yonce`

Once you leave the class your head is being a little bit higher and you have a nice little swing in your hips. This must be how Beyoncé feels when she finishes a song and the crowd is just screaming and admiring her. instead of the fans screaming it’s your legs that are screaming and instead of the fans admiring you you’re admiring the door that is getting closer and closer.


Angie Carmouche

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