7 Thoughts You Have In Zumba Class

Zumba has to be one of the interactive fitness class that I have been a part of. I use to take it while I was at home at my local LA Fitness or during drill team practice when we were off for the week. I love dancing and being fit yet there are a couple thoughts going through my head that others share as well

7. I’m Proud

When you finally make it to this Zumba class that you’ve been talking about going to for the past three weeks you feel some kind of way about yourself. That feeling is that you’re freaking proud of yourself for actually making it to class and getting off that thing of fluff that we like to call the couch.


6. Nailed It

So you made it to the second song and you haven’t died yet, but you are sweating like a sinner in church. Oh wait, what is this? You finally caught on to the dance move and even more, you got the moves on the second time around. You are killing this this class.

nailed it

5. The Steps

Ok your streak of hitting these dance moves ended sooner than you expected. The only thing that is keeping you from ultimately embarrassing yourself is saying the steps in your head. The only thing in your head right now is, “Single, single, double”.




Angie Carmouche

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