7 Detox Water Recipes For Spring

Bikini season is coming in hot and it’s time we make sure we are too. The health fad that never goes out of style is flavored/infused water. We have all heard it a thousand times: “drink plenty of water”, but we all know h2o gets more boring than a Friday afternoon History lecture. So to combat the water blahs, here are a couple yummy recipes to spice up your water while doing your body good! Drop any of these ingredients to your water bottle or pitcher, let sit for a bit, and enjoy.

1. Lemon, Cucumber, Mint

detox water

This one is probably the most tried and true detox water concoction out there…which just proves how amazing it really is. The lemon juice is the main detoxifying ingredient, it alkalizes your insides, helps digestion and regularity, and revitalizes your immune system. The mint addition helps to settle your stomach while also boosting the sweetness of your water, making it much easier to chug. Just like using cucumbers on your under-eye-bags to reduce puffiness, adding a couple slices to your water also helps with de-swelling, from the inside out.

2. Apple and Cinnamon

detox water

This recipe has been raved about by Dr. Oz himself. Cinnamon is a huge health food fad right now for its amazing abilities to kick all of your internal organs into high gear. It also is LOADED with antioxidants and lowers blood sugar, two properties your body will definitely thank you for later. As for the apples, besides providing a dessert like taste to good old water, when you infuse them into water they release all the vitamins and minerals they naturally have, think Vitamin Water, but natural and so much better.

3. Strawberry and Watermelon

detox water

If that doesn’t scream Spring and Summertime, I don’t know what does. Infusing your water with both of these red fruits will not only trick your body into thinking you’re drinking something much yummier, you will also be consuming loads of vitamins and natural sweetness that these fruits provide. Also, watermelon has amazing hydrating qualities on its own, so hydration+hydration= a very happy body.

4. Blueberry and Orange

detox water

Once again, another amazingly bright springtime burst to your water. Just like lemons, oranges (being in the same citrus family) have amazing detoxifying qualities as well as loads of Vitamin C so support healthy immune function. As for the blueberries, they are antioxidant central. A match made in heaven.

5. Mango and Ginger

detox water

This recipe comes straight out of a day spa, and every time you take a sip you’ll feel like you’re being transferred to one. Ginger is amazing for you, it is a natural detoxifier, a natural pain reliever, and known to curb nausea. Mango provides the tropical flavors while also adding tons of vitamins and aiding in digestion. Tip: down lots of this one the morning after drinking, ginger does wonders for hangovers.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

detox water

This one may sound a little weird, why would you ever add vinegar to water?! But trust here, the benefits of apple cider vinegar are endless. Among the many benefits, it can lower blood sugar and…wait for it…actually increase levels of satiety! Which is a fancy word for “feeling more full/satisfied” meaning it could actually help you eat smaller portions. It’s a win win.

7. Grapefruit and Cranberry

detox water

Now we are catching a pattern here: citrus. Once again citrus is loaded with vitamin C that will naturally detoxify and flush your body. To counteract the tendency of grapefruits to be bitter, add some crushed up cranberries to your water. TBT to Regina George’s failed “cranberry fat flush”, which failed because she was using un-natural fruit cocktail juice, but her intentions were right! Cranberries are a natural fat flusher, so use the real ones in your water for the real results!


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