6 Types of Rushers (2)

3. The Tag-along Friend 


This is the girl who is friends with the legacy or the rush crush but isn’t quite sure about recruitment. She doesn’t have any family connections to Greek life and hasn’t ever really considered herself as someone who could be a part of a sorority. She’s mostly just there for her friend who encouraged her to go. That said, her attitude after her initial unsure introduction to Greek life will really determine whether or not you should give her a bid. If she rolls her eyes at your questions and acts bored to be there you know she’s not the fit for you. However, if she accepts the process and opens up to taking part in recruitment conversations and activities then she could be a great new member for your sorority.

2. The Older PNM 

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For some reason or another this girl didn’t get the chance to go Greek her Freshman or Sophomore year. She may be a transfer student, a military member, or may have previously had financial or other difficulties in her life that prevented her from rushing. Whatever the case this potential new member isn’t your average rusher. She may already know many of the girls in the houses. She has already joined other campus organizations and she is confident in herself and her abilities. Don’t avoid giving this girl a bid simply because she will be on campus for a shorter amount of time. This girl may be here for less time but she will hit the ground running! She will want to be involved and will be just as excited if not more so than her younger pledge class counterparts.

1. The Shy Girl 

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Never underestimate the shy potential new member. Though she is quiet and may not warm up to the other sisters quite as quickly, once she does bond with them she will love them absolutely and always remain loyal to her sisterhood. She may be nervous and unsure socially but could excel academically or in philanthropy event planning. This girl is not to be passed over. She is not your typical bubbly sorority girl but really isn’t it better to have a diverse sisterhood open to all types of  women? Isn’t that what really makes a sisterhood flourish?

Good luck at Recruitment Sorority Lyfers! 

Madeline Frisk

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