6 Types of Rushers

If your sorority participates in continuous open bidding or informal recruitment in the coming months you’ll be meeting a whole new batch of potential new members. There are many different types of PNMs or rushers and I’m here to help you identify them to better know how to get to know them.

6. The Entitled Legacy 


This potential new member has a mom, sister, or other family member who was in your sorority and thinks she is therefore entitled to being a member. She has plans to “suicide” or write down only one house after the preference round and could be cheating herself out of finding the perfect fit with another sorority that could better fit her needs. This girl doesn’t trust the recruitment process and may not get into any sororities if she keeps up her bad behavior. Keep your eye out for this one!

5. The Rush Crush

bid day

This is the girl you know is absolutely perfect for your sorority. She has great conversations with all of your fellow members, has attended every pre-rush, information, tabling, and rush event, and her letters of recommendation are absolutely glowing.

4. The Party Girl 


This is the girl who immediately wants to know the amount of social functions your sorority attends. It’s only her first week on campus and she’s already been to parties at every frat house and live-out there is. She is a social butterfly but could easily pose a risk to the standards board if you give her a bid. She could also be the best social chair ever. So consider this girl but discuss any red flags that come up.


Madeline Frisk

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