5 Ways to Win Rush

Social media can be your secret weapon to Rush success, but if not done right, you can really blow it. Rather than impose a ban on your sisters, here are 5 ways to win Rush and the whole year with the use of Postly.

If you haven’t heard of Postly, you’re about to. It’s the best kept secret in social media. Private and exclusive, Postly is not for the masses–no “followers” or “likes” needed. It’s a network designed just for you, by you. Add the people who really matter in your life– your best friends and groups like your Greek sisters, (even add your family without giving them access to the rest of your network).

Postly is the best place to share dynamic content (music, location, videos, photos etc…) in a way that’s more manageable than text-messaging, but safer and more private than the big networks. Best of all– it’s so simple. Sure Facebook and Instagram are great for mass broadcasting, but not for everything.


Here are 5 things you should do on Postly that you shouldn’t do on Facebook, or any other network for that matter:


5) Plan all the Rush events and share the details with everyone who needs to know without revealing the surprises.

Share music, venue locations, theme ideas, Legacy names etc… Do it on Postly and don’t worry about blowing the big reveal.

4) Share a secret.

You know that rush vote that is coming-up? Postly is perfect for sharing everything you need in the groups you easily set-up. Add or delete people with ease. No harm, no foul.

3) Post your real thoughts; bitch about your roommate; profess your undying love.

Don’t worry about fall-out–these are the people who’ve got your back.

2) Post pictures and videos from last Friday night.

You’ve heard the saying–what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well the same is true of Postly. Postly is private, it stays only with the groups within Postly, with whom you choose to share it. No worry about anyone (be it school, Nationals or your future employer) looking at all the fun you’re having.

1) Be Yourself!

You don’t have to compete for likes or comments anymore.

Best of all, Postly won’t robotically read your messages and feed you ad content based on buzz-words you’ve used.  Postly is a new network designed to eliminate the possibility of profile creeping, public embarrassment, viral sharing and social “clutter”.  Only people you know can add you.  And only people you approve can see what you post.  Because Postly is truly private, dare I say that this might possibly be the first safe place to be yourself online?… Imagine that.

Download Postly today and start using your private network.



Jessica Rodriguez

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