5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

We have all had that experience where we have a blast one night, wake up the next morning feeling like a piece of poo because you drank too much, and swear you’ll never again. Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you too many times my friend. Drinking too much can be hell on your body. Unless six months of recuperation from a liver transplant sounds like the ultimate turn up then bottoms up. Just to make sure all is informed here is how you can tell you’ve seen the bottom of the bottle too many times.

5. Alcohol Is Where The Heart Is

Yes the original quote is “Home is where the heart is”. Yet home is where all of your alcohol is. I mean yea we all have our bad days where we are sitting in class or at work and we think to ourselves, “That bottle of wine in the fridge is calling my name!” This is understandable since adulting is harder than we thought. You’re drinking to make yourself feel better after a rough day is also known as self-medication and that means you are abusing alcohol. So instead of getting tipsy right at 5 o’clock, try something else like karaoke or working out.

work drink

4. All By My Self

Netflix and chilling by yourself is one thing, but Netlfix, chilling, and drinking by yourself is a totally different thing. Not saying that having a glass a wine, Scotch, or whatever you prefer, when you get home after a long day is okay; you’re simply unwinding and that is understandable. Yet if you find yourself killing multiple bottles during the week by yourself you should probably ask yourself what is cause of this unhealthy habit.

drink for 1

3. Get On My Level

When you first started drinking, let’s say freshman year of college, you noticed that it took you next to nothing to make you hit the floor. Now that you have been in the game for a while, it seems that it takes a little more to make you stumble. If you and your friends drink the same number of drinks and they leave stumbling and giggling and you are walking straight full of awareness then this is a sign that your tolerance has grown. This can happen to people that tend to drink more regularly than others. You might want to take this a s a subtle hint.

high tolerance


2. Pregame At My House

In college it’s a ritual to go over someone’s house to listen to good music and get a little buzz going before we all head to the party, this is better known as pregaming. Like I said this is acceptable in college, in real life if your security blanket is a shot of whiskey before you head out before socializing it could be that you have social anxiety. This is actually a more common thing than people thought. Might want to look into a new blanket before this goes down hill.


1.”Remember When….” “Nope, Not A Chance.”

Do most social event s you’re at have alcohol at them? Probably so, You’d think that it is a regular thing for people to haul a 24-pack of Coronas into a house party, but mmmm maybe not so much. Social drinkers have been found to develop some not so fun health conditions so to the fact that they were drinking on the regular. If you are at social events more than most people and you are drinking at every event; you have become a regular congratulations! You can choose your prize, we have long-term health problems, heart attacks, or strokes. So take a break on the cranberry martinis and save your life. Hopefully you and the people you surround yourself with can now be well aware of drinking too much. You might not think that something couldn’t happen to you or your friends until it really does. Take responsibility, drink responsibly.

cant remember


Angie Carmouche

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