6 Signs You Are Turning Into an Ex-Party Girl

There comes a time in every girls life where they just don’t feel it anymore. The feeling that I am talking about is the party girl feeling. The same old house parties start to get dull and staying out until 3 a.m riding around your college town takes more out of you than before. Then you start seeing the same faces at the same events and that is when you know you’ve made it to the regular crew. Here are six signs you are turning into an ex-party girl:

6. Dress it down

When you are first introduced to the college party scene, you are ready to leave your mark — so you had a dress for every occasion with the matching heels to go with it. On those nights out you were feeling yourself and your mark was left for quite a few people to appreciate. Now the tables have turned. You know before you go out who will be at what event that is happening that night. Now instead of pulling out your special dress, you turn to your most comfortable pair of jeans or yoga pants that you pair with your favorite comfort colors t-shirt. Yet you will find yourself staring at your lonely dresses and your neglected heels wishing you could put them on. It’s a sad day for your closet.


5. No Friends Zone

When you went out, you knew any and every person that was at that party, and you didn’t have to worry about who you were going to arrive with because you were always the one that people called when they wanted to head someplace. You always had that good friend that you would crash with after a memorable night of partying and then wake up and get breakfast with. Now that you’re hopping off the party bus, you start to ask yourself if you even have real friends. You scroll through your phone’s contact list and every person that you would call would rather be partying or drinking — they would never be up for Netflix, a bottle of wine, and a deep dish pizza. Crazy right? To add to that feeling of no friends, you find yourself hanging out with the same two people all the time.

no friends

4. Fear of Missing Out

When you’re a fresh party girl you feel like if you don’t go to every single party that is thrown then you will automatically miss out on something. Being an Ex-Party girl you’re not worried about missing out on something whatsoever. You’re at that stage of if it happens, then it happens or if I’m suppose to be there, then I’ll find a way to be there eventually. What we are concerned about missing now is time with bae and growing that relationship or whatever else has happened to catch your attention.



Angie Carmouche

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