5 Reasons Why Girls Say Yes To Tequila (As Told By “Bridesmaids”) Is The Premier Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with tequila. Ok, maybe not everyone but there’s no denying when you’re offered a shot of Jose Cuervo or Patron, you’re throwing it back. Whether you have your best nights or your worst nights drunk on Tequila you can never not say no. And thanks to Bridesmaids, I can now easily explain why this is:

5. Tequila makes us feel like free spirits. Theres no judgement passed when you have tequila in your system. Jose just says screw it to all social norms. Want to wear your birthday suit to the bar? Jose will always say yes to that idea, (however the cops in your area may not so I don’t suggest doing it).

4. We magically get this boost of confidence when we’re drinking Patron. You wanna dance on the bar with the random girl you just met in the bathroom? Here, take a body shot you two, now go rock it. You’ve never felt better about your dance moves!

I mean all eyes are on you right now sister.


3. More than likely you’ve had your crying heart-to-heart with your little while drinking a margarita. You can thank tequila for making you realize how much you love your little. All your big realizations about life and your love for your sorority are sponsored by Jose Cuervo himself.

2. It brings out our true emotions and feelings, which in the end we’re thankful for when we’re talking to our crush from Psychology class while at the bar. Believe me, tequila has started just as many relationships as it has ruined them.

If you haven’t had this thought once, are you doing college right?


And finally the big #1. Jose, Jose, what would we do without the courage you give us to call our ex at 2am begging for him to take us back? He has reunited many long lost exes and made their lives so much better by reuniting them and creating those sparks again. The honesty that just spills out of our mouths after a night full of body shots and margaritas is what makes waking the next day that much more enjoyable.

Oh word vomit, how make our lives easier each time.


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