5 Facts Fraternity Guys Must Know About Sorority Girls

Written By: Valerie Garate


1.      It’s called being social

When dating a sorority girl, you must know that just because she is dating you, doesn’t mean she can’t talk to other fraternity men. Being social is a part of the Greek life experience.



2.      Nobody likes a blabber mouth.

It’s cute when you brag to your brothers about us, but don’t tell them EVERY detail of the relationship. Know the limit.



3.       “Bro’s before…”

Yes, we know you are crazy about your brothers, and if you could, you would be with them 24/7, but don’t forget to make some time for us, even if it’s for a little bit.



4.       We are dating you, not your fraternity.

You and your sorority girl break up. It happens. Always remember, just because things didn’t work out between you TWO, doesn’t mean your fraternity has to break ties with her as well or get in on the drama.



5.       Don’t hate, appreciate.

As sorority girls, we bust our butts to try to have the highest Greek GPA, throw the best formal, have the most community service hours, to always look our best, etc.  Appreciate our efforts. A little complimenting goes a long way.


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