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It’s almost beach season! I can never stress how every body is a bikini body, but I also want to encourage all you ladies to treat your bodies right! You can do so with these fun, ass-kicking, heart-racing workout programs.

Of course, the way to get results with any of these programs is to stick to them and the eat healthily (it’s okay if you still have your favorite junk food, just stress moderation!) So check out which work out you think would work best for you

5.) Blogilates

NZ Girl

Social media fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho has got personality, a sweet smile and a rocking body. Watch her videos on YouTube or download her app and start working your way to a firm, healthy bod! Cassey’s motivational personality is very likable and while her routines look easy, they will leave you sore the next day.

4.) Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide


God bless Kayla. With her workout guide, you will not only mix up your routine every week, but you will learn how to target your muscles and control your body. Again, the circuits she provide look easy, but you will feel the burn. What I like about Kayla’s program is that she mixes it up so that you are not doing the same old boring cardio every day. While her guides are not free, you can split the cost with your friends and do the workouts together! Keeping each other accountable will make it much easier to stay on track.

3.) Nike Training

A free app that has programs for getting lean, gaining muscle or toning your body. Don’t have a lot of time to workout today? That’s okay! The Nike Training app has some 15 minute power workouts that will give you a good dose of exercise in the allotted time.

2.) Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred


Need some tough love? Jillian is your girl to go to. She is intimidating, but if you like that aggressive push then you will gain a lot from her programs. Stay dedicated, stay tough and get fit with Jill! You can also find her videos on YouTube, but you can also buy the DVD for less than $10.00. Not a bad deal, but I’d go with the free videos.

1.) Lacey Stone Fitness


Lacey Stone is not just about physical health, but mental health as well. She’s been featured in People magazine, so you know she is legit. With her app you can download her high intensity cardio workouts that will leave you out of breath and inspired to work hard.


Good luck with whichever plan you choose, ladies!

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