5 Adventures To Go On With Your Sisters

5 Adventures to Take With Your Sisters There's no better group of people than your sorority sisters to make lasting college memories with. From road trips, bar hopping, and exploring new places, adventure is always out there.

Your sorority sisters are the best friends of college life. You laugh together, you cry together; you pull all-night study sessions, 3 AM top-secret Taco Bell runs, and post-break up wine fests together. They are your backbone and your Achilles heel- your fun night out and the occasional mess you’re cleaning up.

With time, money, youth and love on your side, who better to take an adventure with?


Five Adventures to Take with Your Sisters:

5. Bar Hopping in Your College Town

Maybe you’re lucky and went to school in a town that is 100% college centered- plenty of bars and fun places to choose from! For those who aren’t as fortunate, there are still bound to be smaller dive bars and featured karaoke nights somewhere in that little town of yours- find it, grab a handful of your favorite drinking buddies and own it. The liquor will be cheap and your bed will only be 5 minutes away.




4, Road Trips

Road Trips create the kind of memories you hear about whenever the alums come to reminisce about their college days. Your best friends, a mix of road tunes you can vibe to, and the promise of a small vacation- nothing bonds people like the freedom of open highway and hours of hilarious, sentimental conversation.


3. Beach Bound

Whether it’s a Spring Break throwdown with 800 of your fellow Greeks or an intimate summer vacation with a few of your sisters, sun, sand, and a drink in your hand makes for a relaxing getaway you’ll want to repeat year after year.

Spring Break2

2. Festivals

Fall, fairs, and three-day concerts- festivals come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing bonds you quite like camping and dancing the weekend away with your best friends. Or if carnival rides and apple picking are more your style, find some local events and go for a fun photo-op in the great outdoors!



1. Cultural Vacation

Some times getting the Hell out of Dodge is exactly what you need to keep your sanity. Take a week (or Hell, two if you can spare it), find a city you’ve never explored- at home, abroad, or otherwise – and grab yourself a little bit of culture. It’ll forever solidify that place as an experience you had with your sisters during a time when you could afford to go a little wild.


Jena Stephens

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