35 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Victoria’s Secret

Awh, Vikkies Secret…the haven for girls who long to seduce their men with bombshell bras and 5 for $27 panties. Well, there are a few thoughts that will occur in every girls mind as they walk the white sparkly tiled floors of Victoria’s Secret.

35. Oh! Victoria’s Secret, I’ll just run in for a little bit.

34. Wow, this store is really crowded.

33. Is there a sale?

32. God, I hope so.

31. Why are there so many men in here?

30. Must be shopping for their wives…

29. What if they wear it…

28. No. Totes for their wives…or mistresses… XOXO Gossip Girl

27. I could use some panties….

26. Oh LAWD, 5 FOR $27 SALE, HOLLA

25. What discounts could I get if I work here?

24. *Sees new “right off the runway bra”* I’ll look good in this!

Victoria's Secret


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