35 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Victoria’s Secret (Con’t)

23. *Sees price tag* No, I won’t. No no no.

22. I should do a few crunches…

21. *Walks past lingerie clan of mannequins* There is no way anyone can look like that.

20. *Sees poster of VS Angel* Damn it, they can.

19. I’ll try on this lingerie… I hope the line isn’t too long.

18. Crap, it’s super long. I’ll get more stuff and come back.

17. It’s already been 45 minutes? I haven’t even tried anything on.

16. Oh! Yoga pants…and leggings… yeah I’ll get those.

15. Ok, with these 5 panties, 2 bras, leggings, yoga pants, and this unnecessarily expensive and soft robe┬ámy total is….. $194….and tax.

14. Ok, do I really need the robe? Probably not. Great! Total is down to $144.

13. I’ll try the dressing room again.


Jessica Rodriguez

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