35 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Victoria’s Secret (Con’t) Is The Premier Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

12. Great! The line isn’t as long….ok it is just as long but I have no choice.

11. *Tries on lingerie and bras and pants* I definitely need to do sit ups…and probably run…and get a boob job.

10. There is no way those VS Angels can have those bellies with those tatas. Nope. No way.

9. Ok, I’ll just get the panties. Yay! Short register line! MOVE MOVE MOVE.

8. Oooh..these sample sized perfumes are nice…and only $5! Totally getting 2. One for me and a match for my big.

7. Boys won’t be able to resist.

6. Oh, it’s my turn.

5. “Did you find everything you need?” *thinks to self* No, I need a sexy belly, bigger boobs, more money, and 10 panties for $27 THX.

4. “Yes, I did! Thanks!” *It’s not her fault I like cheesecake and wasting my money on craft supplies.

3. “Your total is $42.86″ How could I let this happen…again. “Make that credit please” “Thanks, have a good day!” “You too!”

2. It’s been an hour and 15 minutes. Ugh, finally leaving.

1. When do the bathing suits come out?

-As told by any and every woman ever

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