30 Things Girls With Curly Hair Will Only Understand (Con’t) Is The Premier Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

10. You have loads of hair ties stocked in your room and everyone thinks you’re weird for it.

9. It’s basically on your list for every time you go grocery shopping.

8. You hesitate on telling people how long you go without washing your hair because you know you’ll instantly be dropped. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

7. There’s always something in your hair. ALWAYS.

6. You get ready two hours earlier before going out if you decided to shower that day.

5. Your hair dresser quitting is probably one of the saddest moments of your life.

4. You shed like crazy.

3. Always bring your own conditioner with you when you stay at a hotel.

2. Your hair looks amazing on day one, but will never look the same afterwards.

1. At least once in your life, you considered pulling a Britney Spears and going bald.

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