30 Things Girls With Curly Hair Will Only Understand (Con’t) Is The Premier Channel For All Sorority News Around The Globe.

20. When you meet another curly haired girl, you spend hours crying about the problems you have with curly hair.

19. “Wait so you go how long without brushing your hair?”

18. Brazilian blowouts would be the perfect gift for someone to give you.

17. Or a personal hairstylist who can straighten your hair in less than an hour every day.

16. Don’t you EVER fall asleep with wet hair.

15. Who blow dries their hair?

14. Your hair takes all day to dry and there’s nothing you can do about it.

13. We hate when guys “play with our hair” It’s not hot, sexy, or anything like that. DO NOT TOUCH MY HAIR.

12. “Wait, so your hair isn’t really this curly because you use moose and other hair products…”

11. No, it’s actually curlier and poofier, but I decided to save you from seeing the horrors behind my natural hair. Therefore, I use things like moose and anti-frizz to keep it from looking out of control.


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