30 Slangs Drunk Girls Always Say (2)

20.) I just opened a tab- who wants shots?


19.) Okay ew, lemon drops

lemon drops

18.) insert sorority sisters name here – didn’t get into the bar what do we do?

  what the hell do we do

17.) OMG LITTLE! YOU LOOK SO CUTE, lets funnel.

    brides maids 3

16.) I lost my ID and left my tab open at the bar

losing your id

15.) I just love you, you totally get me *telling some girl in the bathroom line*

girls room

14.) This guy seems alright, lets talk to him and have him buy us drinks

       minions 2

13.) I hate him, give me my phone *while one of your sisters drunk calls her ex-boyfriend*

i thought he loved me too

12.) Oh, no I’m deff going to throw up after this 7th Tequila shot, which is totally weird, I like just love Tekillya.

cant say no to tequila

11.) Can you take a picture of us? Make sure the angle and lighting is up to par *Thanks random dude who I used to just buy me a drink*




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