25 Things All Sorority Girls Want For Christmas

Written by: Anna Damschroder, Katheryn Sullivan, Maria Thompson, Rachael Chapiewski, Shayna Butera, Carrie Taylor, and Nicole Hardwick

It’s that special time of year for everyone to get together and give hugs and kisses!! Wait, besides the hugs and kisses, what about the gifts? We all know that you want gifts and presents for Christmas, but the question is what kind of gifts and presents do you want? Sorority girls have many ideas in mind, what exactly do they want for Christmas? Check out the list below and find out!! Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

25. A check for spring semester’s dues

24. Bean/Hunter rain boots

23. Fitbit and the Tory Burch bracelet to go with it


22. Car decals of our letters

21. Monogrammed flask/monogrammed anything!


20. New Nikes

19. Teavana tea


18. Spirit jersey with letters of course


17. Alex and Ani bracelet



Andrea Sarkini

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