20 Words That Only Sorority Girls Would Understand (2)

15. Pref Night

This is the last night of formal recruitment (see #2). Pref night is normally the night that is a bit more serious than the other nights, and it gives the PNMs (see #12) a glimpse into the rituals of the sorority. It’s the last night that you are able to know more about the PNM and make sure they are a right suit for your sorority; this coincides with it being the last night before PNM’s and chapters make their final decisions.


14. Bid

This is the official invitation from a specific chapter to become a new member.


13. “Bumping”

This is part of the recruitment process. Bumping is when you swoop into a conversation that another sister is having with a PNM and then you pick up where your sister left off.


12. PNM

PNM stands for Potential New Member. These are the girls you talk to during recruitment.


11. Sister

Pretty much every girl in your sorority is considered to be your “sister,” and majority of the time, it is not an actual blood-related sister. However, considering how close we all are, we might as well be.



Marissa Ramirez

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