17 Weird Things We Wish We Could All Un-See In College

Attending a university for at least 4 years, with people from all different walks of life and all different personalities, you’re bound to see some weird shit. Some of those thing you just can’t forget.

17. That one girl viciously making out with a stranger at the bar… umm get a room would you?


16. when you’re riding the bus and the guy in front of you is watching some very questionable videos on his phone.. yes the people behind you can see your weird fetish interests.


15. Those odd characters larping on the green day in and day out.


14. Walking in on your roommate when they are partaking in some extracurricular activities with a total stranger they met at a bar. Ew.


13. Watching your best friend down 10+ shots in less than an hour…






Madison Cougill

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